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If you want to obtain a Texas insurance agent license, especially a Texas life insurance agent, the first step is to obtain your Texas Life Insurance License and pass your insurance exam in Texas.

We have written this guide on the Texas Life and Health Insurance License exam article to help.

It will address the following areas: 

Texas Life and Health insurance License
Texas Insurance Exam
Texas Life and Health Insurance Exam prep
How to get ready for a Texas Life Insurance Exam 
Fingerprint process for Background Check

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Texas Life and Health insurance License

The first step in becoming a Texas insurance agent and selling Texas life & health insurance is to acquire your life and health insurance license.

After passing your state test, you’ll be given an insurance license that permits you to sell and construct a portfolio of Texas health and life insurance carriers.

This implies that you may operate for an insurance firm and just sell their goods and services, or you could operate as a Texas independent insurance agent and sell a variety of policies.

Appraisers and other support staff at an agency are encouraged to get their Texas insurance licenses because they will be in command of much of the operational management of these rules.

Important licensing Requirements for Texas life & health insurance license 

State requirements for acquiring a life insurance license vary.

However, the following are the basic requirements in Texas:

  • You must be eighteen years old or older to participate.
  • Pass the Texas insurance license exam.
  • Have registration and application fees, Exam fee
  • Fingerprinting for background check
  • Complete continuing education 

Texas Life Insurance License

Texas life insurance license certifies you as a life insurance licensed agent with a specialty in market life insurance policies in Texas.

You’ll be allowed to negotiate, advertise, and establish several sorts of life insurance policies if you have life insurance concepts.

Sircon enables insurance businesses to interact with Texas insurance regulatory agencies.

Texas Health Insurance License

Texas health insurance licensing permits you to establish Texas health insurance policies.

If you hold a health insurance license, you are qualified to analyze, advertise, and construct Texas health insurance policies.

With a monthly or yearly cost, HMO covers health insurance coverage.

Is it required that you get the two Texas insurance licenses?

Texas health insurance licenses and Texas life insurance licenses can be earned separately.

Most new insurance agents, however, seek to get them concurrently during their first time since they have the ability to build two lines of business for a particular consumer.

In Texas, life and health lines can be integrated into one pre-license education course, including state exams.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to verify Texas Department of Insurance requirements to determine what each Texas insurance license enables you to sell.

Texas Insurance Exam

Texas requires that anybody selling, consulting, or advising customers on the purchase of Life and Health Insurance be licensed.

Although state-by-state licensing requirements vary, in Texas, a formal state test is used to ensure consistent proficiency across the insurance industry.

There are two portions to the Texas insurance licensing exam: general life and health insurance regulations, policies and procedures, and state laws.

Texas Life and Health Insurance Exam prep

Knowing that the insurance licensure test is a graded multiple-choice examination will assist you in preparing more successfully.

Furthermore, because this state license test is proctored, somebody will be there when you perform it, either physically in a testing center or online.

This ensures that no further help is required throughout the assessment.

Most of your study materials will help you prepare for a multiple-choice exam like the Texas life insurance exam.

Use a life and health study guide to fully grasp the content.

Studying the study materials is required to recognize the correct response in the setting of other variables.

All insurance adjusters must have a Texas life and health insurance license course.

It can help you develop in your career and improve your overall competence.

Attaining it, however, requires excelling in a challenging state test.

If you want to start working in Texas life insurance right immediately, you must pass the Texas Life and Health Insurance License Exam on your first attempt.

So, what’s the most straightforward way to go about it?

Should you take advantage of well-designed online life and health insurance test preparation courses?

Preparing for the Texas insurance licensure test will help you avoid wasting time.

Each one has a way of employing a unique and practical approach to preparing for a career in health and life insurance, such as practice exams and flashcards.

Texas pre-licensing Course as an education Requirement.

Individuals seeking an insurance license in Texas must complete a pre-licensing course before sitting for the Texas insurance licensing exam.

It is one of the prerequisites of education.

 Texas citizens do not require an insurance pre-licensing course unless the candidate desires a temporary Texas insurance license for three months.

The Texas insurance license can be obtained for General Lines—Life, Accident and Health, personal lines Property and Casualty and General Lines—Property and Casualty Insurance, allowing the candidate to be certified prior to finishing the exam and obtaining the permanent insurance license, which is distinct from limited lines.

Exam Prep for Insurance agents 

The most effective way for applicants to arrange for their tests is over the internet.

At www.pearsonvue.com/tx/insurance, individuals must schedule an online exam reservation.

The initial time a user visits the site, they must sign up to create an account and acquire a login.

Then, on the online application, the applicant must fill in all essential fields.

Then, step-by-step instructions will lead you through the remaining exam reservation process.

To make online registration, you must do it at least one day before the exam date.

To meet the booking procedure, the candidate should provide: 

Individual address

His or her official name 

A cell phone number that he or she can be reached on during the day

Social Security number

The location of the exam center and the exam date

The examination title

The year he or she was born 

To finish registration, applicants should arrive at the test center at least thirty minutes before the test starts.

When a candidate leaves the exam center, they will be given an official score report.

Identification is necessary for a Texas life Insurance License

Participants must be present at the test center at least thirty minutes prior to the commencement of the state exam to complete registration.

An official score report will be delivered to each participant as they depart the test location.

Two forms of valid signature identification must be shown by the candidate.

The names on the ID and the names on the registration need to match exactly.

The main identification should be issued by the government, be photo-enabled, and have a recognized signature, while the additional identification should have a clear signature as well.

All identification must be written in the English language.

Assume the identification card you’ve been given comprises an encoded signature that’s either cannot be seen or is impossible to decipher.

In this scenario, the candidate must present an alternate type of identification from the Main ID or Additional ID list that has a legible signature.

Pearson VUE allows you to access the candidate handbook.

The Texas Structure of Exam

Each major line test has two portions and is given in a multiple-choice format.

The principles of Texas insurance policies are covered in the general section.

Texas-specific insurance state laws, regulations, and procedures are covered under the state section.

The state exam mark is calculated entirely on the complete exam, not separately.

On some of the tests, there will be pretest tests.

Pretest tests are ones that collect statistical data that will be utilized to create future tests.

The reactions to the pretest tests have no influence on the participant’s passing score.

Pretest tests are blended in with graded texts and are unidentifiable.

Evaluation of the Exam

The Texas Department of Insurance, in partnership with Pearson VUE, will calculate the passing score once you have completed your content outline and taken your test.

Raw grades are converted into scaled grades that range from zero to a hundred.

You will not be awarded a scaled grade based on the number of points you correctly responded to or the percentage of questions you responded to correctly.

Any scoring below a passing mark of 70 represents how near the individual came to qualifying rather than the number of questions correctly responded to.

The exam score pass rate is calculated depending on the complete exam, not on every component.

When applicants depart the testing center, they will be issued their final exam results.

A failed candidate can schedule a new exam in one day, and the number of times a candidate can retake the exact examination is unlimited.

How to get ready for a Texas Life Insurance Exam

Now that you’ve decided to get your Texas life and health insurance license, you must do well on the examination.

STEP 1: Come up with a Self-study Timetable that you will use

When it comes to the Texas life and health insurance professional examination, the content you are studying must be taught and retained.

If you desire to improve your exam scores, it is advised that you spread your preparation out across some weeks rather than cramming for the examination.

In general, a life and health insurance exam candidate should prepare for 35 to 40 hours.

Insurance test pass rates vary greatly by state, according to analysts.

In addition, some jurisdictions publish their pass rates, while others do not, making a worldwide pass rate for any examination impossible to determine.

The passing score for all examinations, however, is 70%, and employing exam preparation tools can help you figure out if you’re on the path to qualify for the first time.

It is recommended that you plan your study out over a few weeks instead of cramming the weekend before or the afternoon before the examination day.

This might be made easier with the use of practice questions, flashcards, and study guides.

Taking a Texas insurance exam prep course will assist you in breaking down your method of studying into consumable portions by using designations and sticking to an effective study schedule.

Make a study schedule that includes your exam date, and devise a technique to assist you in prep more effectively.

STEP 2: Understand the Content Outline of the State of Texas Exam

For a Texas life and health insurance exam study guide for the Texas Life and Health insurance license agent exam, you should look up your state’s Exam Online Course Outline.

This is a great tool since it lays out what would be covered in each section, how the subjects will be assessed on the exam, and how many questions will be asked in each portion.

You can use this info to highlight your study topics.

In Texas life and health insurance tests, you will be tested on some topics such as

Annuities, Life insurance policies, and Annuities policy tax issues.

STEP 3: Studying with the assistance of Texas Practice exams 

 To help you prepare for your Texas insurance license tests, you may use practice questions.

Practice exams can help you figure out which elements you’ve mastered and which ones need more work.

Free insurance practice examinations can also help you prepare for the examination by putting you in the exam mood and familiarizing you with the examination format.

STEP 4: Texas Exam Prep Review Course: pre-licensing education course

Preparing for your Texas life and health insurance license exam with a pre-licensure course will help you understand the material and stick to your study schedule.

An assortment of state-mandated courses that a Texas insurance adjuster must focus on to retain an adequate awareness of essential insurance concerns is known as continuing education.

In these licensure classes, you may study new rules, recently established laws or legislation, ethics, and a range of other matters.

Life, Accident and health insurance continuing education, and property and casualty insurance continuing education are usually completed simultaneously and consist of similar courses.

STEP 5: Be Aware of the Texas Examination Process

When you don’t comprehend what to come across on assessment day at an assessment facility, it can be daunting and unanticipated.

However, you may easily prepare for the exam by learning what to expect on test day.

When you show up at your designated test center, personnel will clarify what is requested of you.

In addition, there will be more information regarding the Texas life and health insurance licensing test.

Fingerprint process for Background Check

Obtaining a Fingerprint is possible.

All Texas resident and nonresident life insurance agent applicants should send fingerprints as part of the license application unless they have already submitted fingerprints to the Texas Department of Insurance (https://www.tdi.texas.gov/).

Fingerprints submitted for an application will be used for background checks by the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as entailed by state law.

Electronic fingerprinting is rapid and accurate, and in most cases, it may enable you to reduce application processing waits.

The majority of people who apply for an insurance license must first have a fingerprint from IdentoGO, then present a copy of the IdentoGO fingerprinting receipt.


Candidates who completed a Texas Department of Insurance authorized course within the last 12 months and fulfilled the requirements for a Texas Insurance agent license must submit the licensing application along with the program completion certificate.

Pearson VUE provides the examinations.

Texas will begin administering proctored state exams through the internet.

You now have a new option while taking a licensure examination for the life and health insurance agent.




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