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If you want to obtain an insurance agent license, especially a life insurance agent variant, the first step is to obtain your Life Insurance License when you pass your license exam.

We have written this guide on the Health and Life Insurance exam prep article to help achieve that aim.

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Life and Health insurance License
Life and Health Insurance Exam
Life and Health Insurance Exam prep
How to get ready for a Life Insurance Exam

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Life and Health insurance License

Obtaining your life and health insurance license is the first try to become an insurance agent in your area and sell life and health insurance.

Following the fruitful achievement of your state exam, you will be awarded a license that allows you to market and also build a portfolio of health and life insurance providers in a particular state.

This means you may perform for an insurance company and just offer their brand of products, or you could work as an independent insurance agent with exposure to a wide range of product lines.

Support workers at an agency, such as appraisers, are motivated to obtain their insurance licenses since they will be in charge of much of the administrative maintenance of these regulations.

Essential Requirements

The prerequisites for obtaining a life insurance license differ by state.

However, the following are the essential needs in general:

  • Eighteen years of age or older
  • Pass the state insurance licensing exam.
  • Charges and registration
  • Fingerprinting
  • Continuing education 

Life Insurance License

Acquiring a life insurance license qualifies you as an insurance producer authorized to sell life insurance in a particular state.

With a life insurance license, you’ll be able to discuss, market, and create different types of life insurance policies.

Health Insurance License

Licensure in health insurance allows you to create health insurance policies in a particular state.

You are competent to interpret, market, and develop health insurance policies if you have a health insurance license.

Is it necessary for you to obtain both licenses?

Health insurance licenses can be obtained independently of life insurance licenses and vice versa.

However, because they have the potential to create two lines of business for the same customer, most new insurance professionals choose to obtain them simultaneously during their first attempt.

Life and health lines can also be combined into a single pre-license education course and quizzes in several states.

It is a good idea to double-check with your state’s specifications to see what each license allows you to market.

Life and Health Insurance Exam

Anyone marketing, consulting, or counseling consumers on the acquisition of Life and Health Insurance must be licensed in every state.

State-by-state licensing regulations differ, but a formal test is utilized to assure a uniform competence across the insurance business.

The life and health exams are split up into two sections: generic life and health insurance rules, policies, and processes, and state-specific laws, policies, and protocols.

Health and Life Insurance Exam prep

Understanding that the insurance licensing exam is a multiple-choice, standardized test will help you study more effectively.

In addition, the fact that this state licensing exam is proctored implies that someone will be present when you take it, either physically or by internet.

This assures that no further assistance is utilized during the examination.

The majority of your study habits will aid you in preparing for a multiple-choice exam, such as the health insurance license exam.

Allow for the time you anticipate needing to thoroughly comprehend the topic.

Recognizing the right answer in the context of other facts necessitates some understanding of the study materials.

A life and health insurance license is a requirement for all insurance professionals.

It can help you advance in your work and make you more competent in general.

However, obtaining it necessitates passing a difficult state exam.

If you desire to get started in life insurance straight away, you’ll need to pass your Life and Health Insurance Licensing Exam on the first try.

So, what’s the simplest method to go about it?

Should you enroll in well-designed live online life and health insurance exam prep courses?

Insurance licensing exam prep courses may ensure that your time is not squandered.

Each takes a different and practical strategy to prepare you for a health and life insurance profession.

How to get ready for a Life Insurance Exam

You must excel at the test now that you have opted to earn your life and health insurance license.

Each state’s procedure for obtaining a life and health license may change significantly, but the content and structure of the state exam are quite similar.

This implies that test prep is the same in most states.

This post will lead you on how to pass your life and health insurance license exam the first time.

STEP 1: Create a Self-study Timetable and Follow it

The subject you are preparing for, the life and health insurance agent test must be learned and remembered.

Therefore, it is suggested that you stretch studying out over several weeks instead of cramming for the test if you want to boost your exam results.

A life and health insurance test applicant will study for 35 to 40 hours on average.

According to what experts know, insurance exam pass rates vary significantly by state.

Some states disclose their pass rates, and others do not, making an actual nationwide pass rate for any exam unattainable.

However, the passing mark for all tests is 70%, and using exam study tools can help you determine whether you’re on track to succeed on the first attempt.

Rather than cramming the week before or the evening before the test, it is advised that you extend your preparation over a couple of weeks.

A study package and flashcards might assist with this.

We advise studying for two to three days following your licensing course to retain the material fresh in your mind.

By designations and keeping to an efficient study regimen, taking an insurance test prep course with Kaplan will enable you to break down your learning style into digestible chunks.

Put your test date in your study timetable, and come up with a strategy to help you prepare more successfully.

STEP 2: Understand the Outline of the State Exam

It is essential that you research your state’s Exam Outline for a study guide on the Life and Health insurance agent test.

This is a useful tool since it outlines what will be included in each area, how the topics will be graded on the test, and the number of questions in each segment.

You may use this data to help you prioritize your research ideas.

You will be examined on the following topic areas in life and health insurance exams:

  • Annuities
  • Dental, individual, and group policies
  • Disability income
  • Health insurance general knowledge
  • Health insurance tax issues
  • Health Maintenance Organizations 
  • Life insurance general knowledge
  • Life insurance policies
  • Life insurance tax issues
  • Medical plans
  • Policy riders and options in life insurance coverage
  • Special needs individual insurance
  • Annuity policy tax issues

STEP 3: Study with the Aid of Practice exams

You may use practice questions to help you prepare for your health and life insurance exams.

Free insurance practice tests may be used to determine which aspects you have learned and which parts require further study time.

Free insurance practice tests can also assist you in getting into an exam mindset and being comfortable with the exam structure.

The following guidelines apply to all insurance tests in all states:

Proctored: You will complete the test at a professional testing facility under the supervision of a facilitator.

Timed: Each exam lasts around two hours.

Multiple-choice questions: These tests present you with a question and four different replies from which to choose.

Closed book: When taking a test, you will not carry any study materials into the facility.

STEP 4: Exam Prep Review Course: pre-licensing education course

 Preparing for your life and health insurance licensure test with a pre-licensing education course can aid you in grasping the content effectively and staying on track with your studying schedule.

You can choose from conventional live classes, live online classes, simulated exam online courses, or self-study published works when you utilize Kaplan to assist you in preparing for the life and health insurance license test.

In addition, you will get the License Exam Manual, State Law Supplement, a QBank with dozens of practice quizzes, and access to experienced teachers regardless of the study course you pick.

You may be needed to complete an insurance pre-license education course depending on your state.

This is an online course or in-person course that will prepare you to pass your insurance licensing test.

Even in jurisdictions where there is no pre-licensing requirement, most people prefer to attend a course to prepare for the exam.

This is prudent because these examinations can be difficult, especially if unprepared.

Continuing education is a set of state-mandated courses that an insurance agent must complete to maintain a sufficient understanding of critical insurance issues.

You may learn about new kinds of policies, newly enacted laws or legislation, ethics, and a variety of other topics in these courses.

In most situations, life insurance continuing education and property and casualty insurance continuing education is done at the same period and comprises comparable courses.

STEP 5: Be Informed of the Examination Process

It might be intimidating and unexpected when you don’t know what to anticipate on examination day at an examination center.

By researching what to expect on exam day, you may simply prepare for it.

The staff will explain what is expected of you once you arrive at your exam facility designations.

Make sure you follow all of the directives to the letter.

More information about the life and health insurance license exam will be provided.

The life and health insurance test prep is challenging, but you can succeed on your first try if you apply these tips.

Kaplan’s insurance has study materials for the life and health insurance licensing tests prep that will help you.


The scope of your test will be determined by the state’s particular requirements as well as the product line you want to market.

Exam material outlines are accessible per state, and while there will be some difference, there is a core structure that all states observe.

You must grasp the insurance’s concept, how it may be tailored with policy or tax concerns, and how it is delivered to the clients for long-term care.

A life and health insurance license allow you to start marketing and keeping life and health insurance policies in a specified state.

It certifies you as a life insurance agent, allowing you to lawfully explain, market, and handle that type of policy.



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