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What you should know before sitting for an insurance license exam
How Should You Study for the Insurance License Exam?
Is the Insurance Licensing Exam Challenging to Pass?

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What you should know before sitting for an insurance license exam

Choose the type of insurance you would want to market

The first step is to determine the sort of insurance you wish to specialize in.

In the corporate world, these are referred to as lines of authority.

The following is a list of the most common:

Life insurance involves selling insurance policies and annuities to provide for beneficiaries in the event of the insured’s demise.

Health insurance: involves selling health insurance products such as medical policies, disability policies, Medicare supplements policies, and long-term care policies.

Property insurance: involves selling homeowners, industrial properties, and inland marine insurance coverage.

And many other insurances.

Another alternative is to work as an adjuster responsible for evaluating and modifying insurance claims.

Insurance adjusters are also in the business of soliciting business.

Recognize the Basic Requirements

After you’ve selected what type of insurance agent you would like to be, the next step is to learn the fundamentals:

  •  You must be eighteen years old to take a job as an insurance agent
  •  Pre-licensing education is required for your personal lines, specified by each state

The number of hours you’ll need to finish and the examination fee varies by state.

You must pass the state exam for your line or lines of jurisdiction.

Using a study kit to prepare for the pre-licensing exam can help.

  • You must undergo a background check

The method varies from state to state, and fingerprinting may be required in some cases.

  • For you to preserve or renew your license, one of the education requirements is to complete continuing education

Pre-Licensing Standards

To be qualified for a license, the license applicant must meet the following pre-licensing specifications:

  • Complete a department of insurance pre-licensing course with a total of at least 40 hours of instruction for the life, accident, and health authority, or at least 20 hours for either the life alone or accident & health only authority

Provider contact information may be found on the portal’s Pre-licensing Course List.

  • Within two years after registering for the license, ensure that you pass the licensing examination provided by the PSI Services

Registration and scheduling information may be found on the Exam Vendor Information page.

  • Applicants seeking variable life/variable annuities authorization must deliver documentation of passing FINRA series 6, 7, or 63.

Choose a state and learn about its requirements

Now that you know what you need to do, you must determine whether you want to sell insurance in your local state or a different form.

You can sell in several states, but you must follow the restrictions in each one.

Each state administers its insurance procedure, and each state’s regulations or guidelines vary differently, which is why picking where to do business is so critical.

After you have made your decision, verify with your state’s insurance department to see what limits apply.

Because the state bodies of Gov that regulate insurance have various names, going to the state’s online webpage and searching for the insurance licensing regulations is an excellent approach.

Most state insurance websites are pretty informative.

Many of them offer handbooks that you can download and learn about the content outlines and identify all you need to know about how to become an insurance agent in that state.

You will find out how many hours of training you will need and how to register for the insurance test, test center, obtain your passing score, and acquire your agent license if you qualify.

How Should You Study for the Insurance Agent Test?

A separate exam provider is used in each state.

Study guides and preparation tools, both printed and online, are available from those test providers to assist you in preparing for your licensure examinations hence meeting licensing requirements.

Ensure that you are using exam prep tools that are relevant to your subject for the best results.

Concentrate on the Content Outlines.

You should obtain the State Exam Outline for General Lines Property and Casualty insurance agent, so you know what information will be examined within each of these subjects and how the insurance exam will be graded.

The State Exam Outline specifies the number of questions in each area of the insurance exam.

Invest your time Preparing

Many jurisdictions require that you finish a pre-licensing education course, which may last anywhere from 20 to 40 hours.

It’s ideal for spreading out your education modules so that you have enough time to grasp the topic and practice for the exam.

You should set aside one month to study for the insurance licensing examination.

Utilize Practice Exam

Use Property and Casualty practice examinations to supplement your learning.

These will allow you to determine how effectively you’ve digested the material you’ve studied and which areas still require your attention.

It is recommended that you take at least one practice exam under testing settings.

Consider taking an exam prep course

Because the insurance licensing examination is state-specific, it’s critical to enroll in a pre-licensing education course that covers the areas covered on your state’s test.

As part of your course enrollment, test prep providers will question you on what state licensing you to want to test in.

Self-directed study, online courses, or in-person courses are all possible in case you are trying it for the first time.

To choose which insurance exam prep course is ideal for you, think about your study style and other obligations.

Visit Pearson Vue to get your insurance licensing exam. 

It delivers license examinations that certify individuals.  

Is the Insurance Licensing Exam Challenging to Pass?

The key to passing the insurance licensing examination is proper preparation.

A scaled rating of at least 70% is required to excel in the insurance license exam.

Each state examines the complexity of the exam’s questions, equating and scaling raw results to account for variances in the version.

Equating: If one form of the state exams is more complex than the other, the more challenging version will need fewer real questions to indicate the same degree of knowledge.

Scaling: The scores obtained are assigned a value using a standard scale.

A passing score of 70% indicates that you have satisfied the minimal knowledge requirements, not that you answered 70 questions correctly or adequately responded to 70% of the questions.

You will obtain a Fail or Pass mark at your examination station after taking the insurance licensure test at one of the authorized testing facilities. 

You will only be awarded a numerical grade in your state if you perform poorly in the exam.

Before enrolling to retake the test, this might assist you in figuring out where you should focus your preparation.

Passing Rate

The overall pass rate for all insurance examinations is 60% in the states that provide these statistics.

The best way to become a certified insurance agent is to take a study course and prepare.

Taking a study course and preparing it is the most effective approach to becoming a licensed insurance agent.

The following are the score reports for the various exams from the NAIC:

  • Casualty Insurance: 62%
  • Health Insurance: 60.4%
  • Life & Health Insurance: 64.8%
  • Life Insurance: 62.9%
  • Personal Lines: 61.4%
  • Property & Casualty Insurance: 54.9%
  • Property Insurance: 53.6%

The exam you take will be determined by two factors: your state and the sort of insurance you intend to sell.

You may begin working toward becoming a life insurance agent in that industry once you’ve determined what type of professional path you want to pursue.

When you participate in a Life Insurance exam, you will sell and advertise your life insurance policy after becoming a life insurance agent.

Many states provide life insurance and health insurance individually or as part of a combined test.

You must choose between being a life insurance agent, a health insurance agent, or both.

Because many individuals want to get health and life insurance licenses at the same time, being able to manage both types of policies might be beneficial to you.


If you want to work as a licensed insurance agent, you’ll need to complete your coursework and study for and complete your state’s insurance agent license test.

All of your hard work will pay off when you succeed in your licensing examination if you pay close attention to your coursework, have a good attitude, and prepare enough.



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