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How do you become an AAA agent?

To work as an insurance agent with AAA, you must meet basic requirements and become licensed before applying for a job. 

The basic requirements

Thinking about what requirements to meet up with? Relax, they are not unattainable.

You should have one or two years of experience in the following work niches:

  • Insurance sales
  • Communication skills
  • Lead conversion

You must also have obtained a college degree and you must have had some employment history in any profession.

It is an added advantage if you are interested in customer service or customer support. You must be interested in having a knowledge of insurance rating systems.

In terms of administrative tasks, you must be skilled at using Microsoft Office, Powerpoint, and the Microsoft Excel sheet.

Finally, you must be licensed in the state you will be working from. 

This is a requirement before you are considered for some openings.

Licensing procedure and meeting the requirements

In order to qualify for being considered as a candidate for the licensing exam, you must be either 18 years and older.

It doesn’t matter if you are a U.S. citizen or if you are an alien resident. What matters is that you are a resident of the State where you want to work.

You will be scheduled to take some classes and spend a set number of hours studying before you are allowed to write the exam.

This requirement differs from state to state.

For instance, to qualify for the exam in Florida, you just devote at least 200 hours to the insurance classes.

You must also have completed a 40-hour customer service course in insurance. 

Your background will be checked, criminal records will be checked, and fingerprints must be submitted.

In Nevada on the other hand, interested applicants can choose to sell property, health, life, or casualty insurance. 

But, the applicant is required to take 20 hours of classes for the insurance type they intend to start selling.

The licensing exam

Overall, the exam is made up of 100 questions.

The exam will test your general knowledge about the industry you are planning to go into in the insurance industry.

The exam will also test your knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the profession in your state of residence.

Passing the exam qualifies you for a license as a certified AAA insurance agent and your license is valid for 3 years.

To renew your license, some states require that you keep taking license classes and devoting a specified number of hours to the classes.

How much do AAA insurance agents make?

In the United States, the average annual salary of an AAA insurance agent is approximately $48,000. 

That’s a lot of money if you pick up a calculator to calculate how much that means monthly, daily, and hourly.

The calculations go thus: $4,000 a month or $1,000 per week, or $41.67 per hour.

The pay hasn’t been this great, but as job applicants add more skills and education, as the job requires expands, there is a significant growth in terms of the pay.

This only suggests one thing: there is a potential for increment in commissions and bonuses.

Independent AAA insurance agents are not tied to any company, so they have as many direct clients as possible. 

This means more money and more freedom from being tied to a company.

Captive AAA insurance agents on the other hand are fully employed by AAA to sell insurance products and services. 

They are entitled to salary from the company and they are not entitled to as much commission as independent agents are.

Bottom line is that either you are an independent AAA insurance agent or a captive insurance agent, your pay is above the national average in the United States.

Benefits of working as an AAA travel agent

Flexible work environment: Many people feel restricted by the current trend of working from 9 am to 5 pm. 

However, with a job as a AAA insurance agent, you are not tied to any specific work time. 

The only thing you must ensure is to always be on time when called on to fulfill a specific company’s need.

You must also be available if your direct client needs clarifications on something, or if they need you to escalate a query.

Commissions and bonuses: The cost of living is rising in many places around the world. 

Many are looking for additional sources of income. 

A job as an AAA insurance agent opens up ways of filling this need. As long as you do a good job, you are entitled to receiving commissions and bonuses.

The more direct clients you have, the more your commission should be.

Opportunity to own a business: Wouldn’t it be nice to start a company of your own? 

Being an AAA insurance agent helps you see first-hand what clients need and how to satisfy those needs.

As time goes on, agents can start insurance firms of their own because they are now equipped to cater to the actual needs of clients.


AAA has been around for a while and being an insurance agent with them is not just a big opportunity but a privilege.

If you have been wondering how to start a career, now you know where to begin.

Remember, no new career is easy, so do not be discouraged if you do not get a hang of it right away.

Another thing you should keep in mind is to consult with people who have been in the business for a while to put you through.

But if you can pay attention to the information in this article, you should have no problem with starting up.

If this is your first time trying to take a crack at this new career path, we hope this article has really imparted some valuable information.

And if you already know about AAA insurance agents, we are sure your knowledge of what to do and how to do it has been improved.



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