Hello Readers! Welcome to another educational article that will help you start your career in Web Development with a professional degree.

This article is a stepwise guide that will enable you to explore different programs and find the best fit for you. 

By the end of this article, you will know everything about the different types of Web Development Degrees and the best programs to earn them.

Here is an overview of what we will cover in this article:

  • Requirements to Become a Web Developer
  • Types of Web Development Degree
  • 7 Best Web Development Programs
  • Salary and Future Outlook as a Web Developer

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Web Development Degree – Why Do You Need It?

Web Development Degree - Why Do You Need It

Since we live in the most digitally advanced era humankind has ever witnessed, the ever-growing demand and need for Web Development are inevitable.

Everything is available online, from buying a hairpin to a real estate property.

And what makes them available online to users worldwide is creative web applications and websites.

Web Development is associated with designing, building, maintaining, and executing fully-functional websites.

Therefore, it requires basic computer literacy and knowledge about programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python. 

As reported by BLS or the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career opportunities for qualified Web Developers in the job market are likely to increase by a whopping 13% in the next five years.

Getting a Web Development Degree is required to be a Developer.

To become a full-time expert in Web Development and Programming- you must enroll in a degree program.

By enrolling in a proper, accredited program, you get a myriad of endless career opportunities- you can become a Front-end Web Developer, Full-stack Developer, UX Designer, or an E-commerce Analyst, Software Developer, or anything in the dynamic Information Technology IT industry.

So yes, Web Development is a professional career with a great salary and future outlook. 

Employers are always looking for competitive Web Developers with ever-surprising and unpredictable technological innovations.

Requirements to Become a Web Developer 

Requirements to Become a Web Developer 

While some companies can hire high school graduates with good computer science and programming knowledge, other job positions recruit only qualified Web Developers.

A Web Development Degree would help in climbing the Web Development career ladder faster.

You have to fulfill a certain criterion to land a high-paying job:

  • Earn a certification, or a degree, or complete boot camps to learn Programming and Web Development 
  • Gain experience with hands-on projects to build a strong portfolio 
  • Take on internships- the more you practice and learn, the more you earn
  • Pick your “niche” or specialization in Web Development 
  • Time to find a job!
  • Enroll in Web Development Certifications and continue learning 

Therefore to “become a Web Developer,” the most important thing is to get past the first step- you need to have a legitimate qualification by your name. 

What do the Web Development Courses/Degrees teach?

What do the Web Development Courses Degrees teach

No matter the type and duration of the degree, all Web Development Courses essentially teach the following:

  • Basics of Web Development (fundamental coding with HTML, CSS)
  • JavaScript (design, syntax, semantics, coding, and more)
  • The architecture of Internet systems (web building tools, cloud computing, application development  data transfer, and more)
  • Usability and interfaces
  • Web technologies 
  • Build responsive web designs with version control 
  • Use and testing of browser development tools
  • Web accessibility- for people with disabilities, the elderly, or those in rural areas
  • And much more

Along with these, there will be much more to learn and practice according to your chosen program.

So, you will know what you must look into when choosing a Web Development Degree program. 

Types of Web Development Degree

Types of Web Development Degree

People have different preferences- insufficient financial aid or accessibility to enroll in a four-year degree.

However, that does not mean the tech-savvy geeks must bury their passions.

There are different Web Development Programs that can help you become the next big name in the world of Information Systems, including:

  • Certifications or Coding Bootcamps
  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctorate

Certifications or Bootcamps for Web Development 

A certificate or a coding Bootcamp is a “shortcut” to your Web Development career path.

However, many online programs are available that fit the budget and cover the fundamentals yet practice knowledge about Web Development in a short period.

In the end, you get a professional certificate to your name and help you explore your interests.

However, a certificate cannot compete with the worth of a degree and may become the stepping stone for your enrollment in an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree.

You can take up as many certificate programs as you want, and your degree programs- add skills and experience to your portfolio. 

What do you learn?

  • Introduction to coding fundamentals and website design 
  • Programming basics and programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS Python
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Mobile or web programming
  • Information security and debugging 
  • Interface design, Graphic design, and Digital media
  • Development of gaming applications and software
  • Social media
  • Data structures, variables, syntax, semantics, user-interface principles 
  • Website construction- Build, maintain and upgrade website applications
  • The methodologies  to embed hardware requirements 
  • Problem-solving 
  • And more

The duration of a Web Development Certification depends on the program.

It can last from three to nine months and costs approximately $1000 to $15,000. 

It is important to note that certificate programs or boot camps usually cover one or a few areas of Web Development, unlike a degree that teaches you everything.

Therefore, you will have to take on multiple certifications to learn different things. 

Associate Degree in Web Development 

Whether you have a prior certification and experience, an Associate Degree in Web Development can pave a successful career path for you. 

With comprehensive and practical knowledge, the candidate has to attend general classes to earn the accreditation.

Therefore, when you opt for community college, you must know that an Associate Degree only fulfills the entry-level educational criteria. 

What do you learn?

  • Fundamentals of graphic design for websites- creation, compatibility, and manipulation of graphic formats with web browsers 
  • Multimedia for web page (different types of multimedia, their uses, and manipulation)
  • E-commerce analysis for businesses  (principles and techniques of web page formation and customer service for marketing)
  • Management of database (basics of SQL, principles, scripting, identification, and use of computer science databases)

The Associate Degree is a level up from Web Development Certifications and a level down from Bachelor’s degree.

It lasts for two years and costs approximately $7000 to $16,000.

If you choose a certificate program (or not) and then transition to an Associate Degree, you can later transfer credits to a Bachelor’s degree by completing another two years with general education, electives, and advanced level course frameworks.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Web Development 

If you want to take up a well-rounded educational program, then enroll in a four-year-long Bachelor’s degree- Bachelor’s in Computer Science. 

 It provides comprehensive general education in all Web Development and design aspects, along with hands-on projects that enable you to execute your skills in the real world. 

It is a full-time study program that requires dedication and determination- and, of course, passion.

What do you learn? 

  • You master website creation and usability from the basics to advanced topics by learning coding, user interface, debugging, and more
  • Web-based interaction with social media management and collaboration )enhance user experience)
  • Techniques for website optimization (to generate organic traffic and revenue)
  • Web development and design on an advanced level 

This is just an overview, every subject and every topic is taught in detail to turn you into a competitive Web Developer.

It costs approximately $35,000-$60,000. 

Master’s Degree (MSc) in Web Development 

There is no limit to learning.

Web Developers who want to up their game and stay ahead of their competitors often pursue higher education with a master’s degree. 

This is a perfect way for tech-savvy geeks to specialize in a particular area of Web Development, such as Full-Stack Web Development, Back-End Development, Front-end Development, Software Development, and others.

What do you learn?

  • Management of database and content systems  (principles, techniques, applications)
  • Application of communication theories to the internet and the digital age
  • Server-side Web Development (use of SQL and PHP, methods to build security, server principles)
  • Capstone project- the biggest milestone; the candidate has to complete this to earn their master’s degree

It takes about two years to complete the degree and become a master-level Web Developer and Programmer. 

And the degree costs approximately $15,000 to $55,000. 

Doctorate in Web Development 

Most Web Developers believe that a Master’s is the highest degree they can earn in their field- while it is not.

If you want to break all the barriers and become the ultimate guru in Web Development, then you must go for the terminal degree program- A doctorate.

This degree takes your technical and research skills to an unbeatable level and prepares you upfront for the leadership role.

What do you learn? 

  • Complete Web Development and design coursework
  • Learn the technical skills in-depth from the start of Web Development until the end
  • Research for dissertation and thesis 

The Doctoral degree can last from three to five years and costs around $30,000 to $65,000.

However, only a handful of universities in the US offer a Doctorate in Web Development

 7 Best Web Development Degree Programs for Each Level 

Best Full Stack Developer Certificate Programs

Many colleges and universities offer both on-campus and online programs- so you can enroll in part-time or full-time study coursework.

(Web Development Certification programs have been covered in the previous article, link here).

Associate’s Degree

1. Associate of Applied Science in Applied Technology

Brigham Young University- Idaho 

BYU- Idaho offers a two-year online degree in Web Development.

After completing this program, the students are eligible to get an entry-level job position in IT or enroll in a Bachelor’s program.

This Associate Degree costs around $7555.

The applicant must have an adequate SAT score and a minimum of 2.0 GPA.

Summary of the program

This program requires the completion of 78 credit hours: 

  • General education and coursework- 60 credit hours
  • Electives in areas like front-end and back-end development- 18 credit hours
  • Essays and assignments 

2. Associate Degree in Web Development and Design

Champlain College,  Burlington, YT

This is a two-year online degree in Web Development.

It teaches the fundamentals of web design, Python. PHP, JavaScript, project management, database management, and much more.

This Associate Degree costs around $38577 but offers financial aid through state and federal grants. 

The applicant must have an adequate SAT score and a minimum of 2.5GPA.

Summary of the program

This program requires the completion of 78  credit hours: 

  • General education and coursework- 60 credit hours
  • Electives in areas like front-end and back-end development- 18 credit hours
  • Essays and assignments 

Bachelor’s Degree

3. Bachelors in Web and Mobile Application Development

Fort Hays State University, Kansas

It is an online Bachelor of Science or Arts in Information Networking and Telecommunications, Concentration, with a well-rounded Web and Mobile Application Development education. 

The applicant must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA and a required SAT or ACT score- as required by the institute.

Summary of the program

Bachelor of Arts – Total required hours are 120:

  • General Education Coursework- 65 credit hours 
  • Cross and Core Concentration- 39 credit hours
  • Emphasis or Free Electives- 16 credit hours

Bachelor of Science – Total required hours are 120:

  • General Education Coursework- 55 credit hours
  • Cross and Core Concentration – 39 credit hours
  • Emphasis or Free Electives- 26 credit hours 

This program encompasses all the major Web Development topics, including web design (front-end, back-end, full-stack, and mobile applications), cybersecurity, digital media, journalism, information systems, and more. 

4. Bachelor’s Degree in Internet and Web Development 

Arizona State University- Scottsdale, Arizona

It is a four-year online degree program that teaches everything about multimedia design and web technologies. 

The applicants must have a good ACT or SAT score, a minimum 2.0 GPA for Arizona residents, and a 2.5 GPA for out-of-the-state applicants.  

Summary of the program

  • Total required credit hours- 120
  • Total classes- 20
  • duration – 15 weeks 

Master’s Degree

5. MS in Information Technology – Web Design 

Southern New Hampshire University- New Hampshire

It is a comprehensive master’s degree with 24/7 accessibility online.

You will learn advanced level web design and construction, and Information Technology.

Moreover, this degree program offers specialization in e-commerce, information systems, technical communication, website optimization, and more.

It offers 30+ credit hours and is a two-year full-time study program.

However, if candidates want to study part-time, the degree is spread over three years. 

The applicant must have a GPA of 2.5 or more with a prior accredited Bachelor’s degree.

6. MSc in Applied Computer Science 

George Washington University

It is a two-year-long, full-time degree or a three-year part-time program that offers a rigorous and culminating higher education in computer science.

You will learn about networking, database, content management, web development, software development, security, hands-on projects (capstone project), and more. 

You must have a prior four-year Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field with a 3.0 or more GPA. 

Doctorate Degree- PhD

7. Doctorate Degree in Web Development

Henderson State University (HSU)-  California 

This is a terminal degree in Web Development, and only a few universities in the United States offer it.

This Doctorate program holds accreditation from the United States Accreditation Council (USAC), and after completion, you can land the highest-paying jobs, especially leadership roles.

You can enroll in a Ph.D. only after you have completed your master’s and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The program fee is $18,900, and the duration is two to four years, depending on your pace of completing the research, dissertation, and thesis. 

Salary and Future Outlook 

Salary and Future Outlook 

Web Developers and Programmers are highly in-demand, with 17,000+ job market openings yearly in the US- the average rate is double that of all other occupations.

Moreover, you can enter diverse professions such as Software Developer, Application Developer, Full-stack Web Developer, and others.

With a Web Development degree, the opportunities are endless.

The choices and opportunities are endless. 

The best part is even with an entry-level position in Web Development.

You can earn an average salary of $77,200 annually.

So, instead of entering mainstream, saturated fields, it is high time to step into a progressive yet lucrative career.  



What is the education needed to be a Web Developer?

To become a Web Developer, you can enroll in different types of United States Accreditation Council (USAC) accredited programs, such as:

– Certifications or Coding Bootcamps

– Associate Degree

– Bachelor’s Degree

– Master’s Degree

– Doctorate

How many years of college to be a Web Developer? 

The duration of the educational program depends on the type of Web Development Degree you are an option for.

– Coding Bootcamps: 7-14 weeks

– Certifications: 3-9 months

– Associate Degree: 2 years

– Bachelor’s Degree: 4 years

– Master’s Degree: 2-3 years

– Doctorate: 2-4 years

How much does a Web Developer earn?

According to BLS, Bureau of Labor Statistics US, even with an entry-level position in web development, you can earn an average salary of $77,200 annually.

Is Web Development in demand?

As reported by BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the career opportunities for qualified Web Developers in the job market will likely increase by a whopping 13% in the next five years.

Web Developers and Programmers are highly in-demand with 17,000+ openings in the job market every year in the US.




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