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Here is exactly what we’ll talk about:

  • An overview of Web Developer Salary
  • Web Developers’ salary by state, years of experience, education, and specialization
  • How a Web Developer’s salary compares to related careers
  • Web Developer job outlook

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An Overview of a Web Developer’s Salary

An Overview of a Web Developer's Salary

Web Development is growing at a staggering rate, as many companies, both big and small, require Web Developers to design websites, develop mobile apps, and so on.

Since their job is instrumental in a company’s growth, these professionals make a decent income.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Web Designers and Web Developers make $77,200 per year.

Other salary aggregate platforms like Payscale projects that Web Developers earn around $60,832, which translates to an hourly wage of $21.90.

ZipRecruiter, on the other hand, gives a higher estimate.

The platform projects that Web Developers’ salary ranges from $38,000 to $153,500.

Web Developer Salary may be higher where the cost of living is high

Their average annual income is $90,832, while the hourly rate is around $44.

On the flip side, Glassdoor estimates that the average base salary for Web Developers is $72,651.

It further reveals that Web Developers’ additional earnings, which may include bonuses, tips, or profit-sharing, are around $32,671, which brings the total income to $105,322.

Finally, we have Zippia, which projects an average of $80,834.

According to the platform, Web Developers in the 90th percentile earn around $108,000.

These are the top earners.

The majority, those in the 25th and 75th percentile make $69k and $94k, respectively.

The least paid Web Developers take home around $60k.

Here is a table highlighting the avg salary for Web Developers according to the different salary aggregate platforms:

Salary WebsitePayscaleIndeedGlassdoor$BLSZippiaZipRecruiter
Avg. Income$60,832$67,687$72,601$77,200$80,834$90,882

The average income differs because these are projections from a small sample of Web Developers.

The actual amount that a Web Developer earns is influenced by many factors, including their geographical location, years of experience, education, and specialization area.

Let’s now break down the average annual salary of Web Developers based on these factors:

Web Developer Salary by State

Web Developer Salary by State

How much a Web Developer makes depends to a huge extent on where they work.

Web Developers working in areas where the cost of living is high are most likely to earn more to compensate for the expensive lifestyle.

Those in areas where the cost of living is low earn a slightly lower income.

That said, let’s take a peek into the top-paying states in the U.S:

Highest Paying States

According to ZipRecruiter, Web Developers earn the most in New Jersey.

Their average income is around $96,926.

The second highest paying state is Tennessee, where Programmers earn around $93,307.

Hot in pursuit is Massachusetts at number three, with Web Developers taking home $93,071 annually.

Fourth in line is Hawaii.

In Hawaii, Developers earn $92,526.

Next is Nevada, where Web Developers’ salary is $92,004.

Connecticut is the sixth-highest paying state.

Web Developers in Connecticut earn an average annual income of $91,010. 

Minnesota ranks as the seventh-highest paying state.

Here, Developers take home roughly $90,123.

In the eighth position, we have Washington.

The average annual income for Developers working in Washington is roughly $90,007.

And finally, New York and Rhode Island are in the ninth and tenth positions.

Web Developers working in these states make roughly $89,576 and $89,221, respectively.

Here is a tabulation of the states where Web Developers are paid the highest:

StateAvg. Annual IncomeAvg. Hourly Rate
New Jersey$96,926$46.60
New York$89,576$43.07
Rhode Island$89,221$42.89

Lowest Paying States

ZipRecruiter further gives salary data for states that pay Developers the least.

According to the platform, the least paying state is Georgia, where Web Developers earn around $65,122.

North Carolina is the second-lowest paying state.

Developers working in North Carolina earn around $66,723.

The third lowest paying state is Florida.

Web Developer Salary varies by location

In Florida, Web Developers take home $68,081.

Alabama takes the fourth position for the lowest payers.

In this state, Developers earn $70,052.

Next, we have Texas, where Web Developers’ annual salary is $72,462.

Louisiana is the next on the list, with Developers earning almost the same as in Texas.

In Louisiana, Web Developers make around $72,787.

In the seventh position is Missouri, where Developers earn around $73,060.

Then, we have Pennsylvania.

Developers in Pennsylvania take home $74,151 per year.

Their counterparts in Illinois earn $74,586.

Finally, Kentucky closes the list of the lowest-paying states.

In Kentucky, Developers’ annual income is $75,801.

Here is a table presentation of the lowest paying states:

StateAvg. Annual IncomeAvg. Hourly Rate
North Carolina$68,081$32.08

Web Developer Salary by Years of Experience

Salary and Future Outlook 

Another key determinant of a Web Developer’s salary is the years they’ve been in the industry.

The more a Web Developer has been in the field, the higher their salary.

Recently hired Developers will definitely earn a modest salary, given that they are only getting their feet wet in the industry.

So, how much do Web Developers make depending on their years of experience?

We are about to find out.

According to Payscale, entry-level Web Developers earn approximately $58,844.

Mid-career Developers, those with 5-9 years of experience, earn around $67,855.

Those with 10-19 years take home roughly $72,689.

And lastly, we have senior Web Developers.

These are Developers with 20+ years of experience.

These highly experienced professionals make an average of $78,953.

CareerExplorer gives the salary estimate of Web Developers by years of experience as follows.

The platform estimates that junior-level Developers take home roughly $50,223, which translates to a $24.15 hourly rate.

Mid-level Web Developers earn $69.038.

That’s around $33.19 per hour.

Next, senior-level Web Developers take home around $94,903.

That’s $45.63 per hour.

The top earners, senior Web Developers, make $126,373, which is roughly $60.76 per hour.

Years of experienceSalary Platforms1-4 years(Early Career)5-9 years(Mid Career)10-19 years(Experience)20+ years(Late Career)

Web Developer Salary by Education

General Requirements - Education and Certification

Like experience, the level of education plays an instrumental role in how much Web Developers take home.

It’s obvious that those with higher education earn more than those with an undergraduate degree.

To give a clear picture of how education level influences a Web Developer’s salary, let’s look at the stats from Salary Explorer and

According to Salary Explorer, Web Developers with certificate or diploma education take home around $49,100.

Developers who have a bachelor’s degree earn $77,100.

Most Web Developer jobs require their applicants to have a Bachelor’s degree.

But still, some Developers advance their education beyond a degree.

Developers with a master’s degree make approximately $129,000.

In contrast, breaks down salary by education into three categories, high school or vocational training, Associate Degree, and Bachelor’s degree.

According to the platform, degree holders are the highest paid, with a medium income of 80,000.

Most Developers with a bachelor’s degree earn between $67k and $84k.

Web Developers with an Associate Degree take home around $72k, with the majority earning between $54k and $82k.

Developers with a high school diploma or vocational training earn the list.

Their average base salary is $67k.

For most of them, the salary ranges from $54k to $82k.

Average Web Developer Salary by Specialization

Full Stack Developer Average Salary

There are three types of Web Developers. 

The salary a Developer earns depends on their specialization area.

Average Web Developer Salary varies by Specialization

But generally, Full-Stack Web Developers are the highest paid, followed by the Back-End and then the Front-End Developers.

Here is a breakdown of Web Developers’ salaries, depending on their niche.

Front-End Web Developer Salary

Front-End Developers are the lowest-paid among the three.

The national average for these professionals is $76,929, with the majority earning between $48k and $131k.

Several salary aggregate platforms give an overview of how much Web Developers earn.

According to Payscale, they earn between $48k and $109k, with an average annual income of $72k.

Glassdoor projects an average salary of $77k.

The top earners, according to the platform, earn around $131k.

On the flip side, Indeed estimates that Front-End Developers take home around $107k.

Indeed projection is on the higher side.

From the statistics, we can deduce that Front-End Web Developers’ salary ranges from $48k to $131k.

Back-End Web Developer Salary

The national average salary for Back-End Developers is $106,619.

The lowest-paid Developers earn $81k, while the highest take home $124k.

Payscale gives an estimate of $71,600 per year, while Glassdoor gives a projection of $101,600

In contrast, Indeed approximates an annual income of $128k.

Full-Stack Web Developer Salary

The highest-paid niche is full-stack development.

Full-Stack Web Developers are proficient in both front-end and back-end.

The national average for Full-Stack Developers is $121k.

Most Developers in this niche earn between $80,312 and $106,358.

Let’s check other sources to have a clear picture of their income.

ZipRecruiter estimates that Full-Stack Developers earn around $102,400.

At the same time, gives a projection of $94,000, while Indeed estimates a $113,500 annual income.

From the stats, it’s clear that a Web Developer’s niche affects their income to a considerable extent.

Thus, when choosing a web development career path, it’s worth considering the niche.

Web Developer Salary by Languages

How to Earn More as a Web Designer

Apart from the specialization areas, Web Developer Salaries also differ depending on the programming language they’ve mastered.

Kinsta breaks down Web Developers’ salaries by programming languages as follows:

Programming LanguageAv. Annual Salary

Scala, Go, and Kotlin tops the list of the highest-paying programming languages.

The lowest paying coding languages include CSS, HTML, and PHP.

How a Web Developer’s Salary Compares to Related Careers

How a Web Developer's Salary Compares to Related Careers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Web Developers earn $77,200.

From the sources covered so far, it’s fair to say that most Web Developers earn between $70k and $78k.

So, how does that compare to other careers related to Web Development?

Let’s find out:

Software Engineer

Software Engineers develop web applications and digital products.

These professionals earn more than Website Developers.

Their average annual income is around $89k per year.

Web Developer Salary is different from other related careers

Most of them earn between $63k and $115k.

According to ZipRecruiter, Software Developers earn $88,597, while Payscale gives an estimate of $73,896, with the majority making between $53k and $108k.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Developers develop mobile apps that run on iOS and Android.

The national average salary for Mobile App Developers is $96,016.

The lowest-paid Mobile App Developers earn $64k, and the top earners make 140k.

Glassdoor projects that these professionals make $108,821.

Indeed gives an estimate of $93,478.

System Administrator

System Administrators help ensure the organization’s computer systems are functioning at optimum levels.

They earn between $63k and $85k.

Their annual average income is $63k, which is lower than Web Developers’ income.

Game Developer

Game Developers, as the name suggests, develop games.

Their annual income is between $49k and $89k.

The average income for Game Developers is roughly $81k.

Game Developers, Mobile App Developers, and Software Developers earn more than Web Developers.

However, Web Developers are ahead of System Administrators.

Web Developer Job Outlook

Future Prospects of Jquery

If statistics are anything to go by, Web Development is a promising career.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the profession will grow by 13% from 2020 to 2030.

This is faster than the average job growth rate of 7.7%.

The bureau further states that this growth rate translates to 17,900 job openings in the industry annually over that period.

The growth rate of the Web Development industry can be linked to the growth of the global web and the increasing number of mobile users.

Micro-businesses and big companies rely heavily on the world wide web to reach out to consumers and sell their products.

Therefore, the demand for Web Developers will still be on the rise as more and more businesses transition to the online marketplace.

If you are interested in launching a career in web development, you are on the right track.

Tips to Earn More as a Web Developer

Tips to Earn More as a Web Developer

Now that we’ve given you a clear picture of how much Web Developers earn.

You might wonder what a Web Developer can do to earn more.

Well, we’ve got you covered.

Here are five strategies that can help you increase your income:

Choose a Profitable Niche

Almost every industry needs Web Developers because websites and digital products are increasingly becoming popular.

For that reason, it will be best to choose a specific industry to work in.

This way, you can build your expertise in an ‌area.

It will also be easier to build a network and get referrals.

The highest paying industries include technology, e-commerce, and banking and finance.

Further expertise in niche areas like mobile development, user interface, SQL, user experience, and WordPress is a sure way to earn more since these are the most profitable niches in the industry.

Keep Learning to Grow

Web development is ever-evolving, and you must be up-to-date with the new developments.

That means you have to constantly seek new knowledge, whether you are a Freelancer or employed.

 By learning new skills, you build authority as an expert.

To increase your Web Developer Salary, you need to keep learning to grow

A Front-End or Back-End Web Developer can advance their knowledge and become a Full-Stack Web Developer.

Showing the additional education qualification in your resume gives you an edge when seeking employment.

Raise Your Rates

Suppose you are working as a Freelancer.

You should raise your rates regularly, depending on the services you offer.

The best time to raise rates is when you’ve become an expert in your niche.

You can also increase your rates when you’ve added a new skill or learned a new language.

Further, if you are getting more work, it means you are proficient at what you do, which is a good reason to raise your rates.

Other occasions, like a new year, can be a good time to increase your charges.

Increasing charges is not only for Freelance Web Developers.

Even employed Web Developers can seek salary increment when they’ve gained experienced or learned a new skill.

Another strategy is to get a better-paying job.

Market Yourself Online

Apart from working with regular companies, you can increase your earnings by marketing your expertise online.

Many freelance websites can help you reach out to prospective clients.

All you need to do is have a portfolio highlighting your previous work, and you are good to go.

You can also build themes and templates and sell them online.

Listing your expertise online expands your horizon.

You can reach out to clients worldwide, which translates to more money.

Ask for Referrals

Getting referrals can’t be a headache if you are doing a great job.

In fact, your clients will refer others without you asking.

But there’s no harm in requesting them to refer their circle to you for all their web development work.

Using a referral is the best marketing strategy because it’s easier to close a deal with a referred client, as they already trust your needs.

Another important strategy is to request feedback.

A five-star rating is an excellent way to convince potential clients online that you deliver what you promise.


Full Stack Developer Salary by State

Web Developers earn a decent salary no matter the specialization.

Again, the demand for these professionals keeps rising, given that we live in a digital world.

Web Developers must be up-to-date with the new development in the industry to keep up with the demand.

Hence, if you are interested in a career change, the time is ripe to transition into web development.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Web Developers Make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average for Web Developers is $77,200.

Other sources like Payscale projects an annual income of $60,832.

Indeed estimates that Web Developers earn $67,687.

Generally, the actual income of a Web Developer depends on several factors, including education, experience, and specialization area.

How much do Web Developers make per hour?

According to BLS, Web Developers earn $37.12 per hour.

Payscale estimates that their hourly rate is $21.90, while Indeed projects $27.45 as the hourly rate.

These are projections to give you a rough idea.

However, the hourly rate fluctuates depending on the experience, education level, and specialization.

How much does a Software Developer make?

According to Zippia, Software Developers earn around $94k annually, with the majority earning between $73k and $122k.

On the other hand, Indeed estimates an annual income of $94,014.

In contrast, Payscale projects an annual salary of $73,967.

According to the platform, most Software Developers’ salaries range from $52k to $108k.

What is the starting salary for a Web Developer?

Web Developers’ starting salary ranges between $50k and $60k, depending on the location, education level, and employer.

Sources like Payscale estimate that the entry-level salary for Web Developers is $58,844.

CareerExplorer average income for entry-level Developers is $50,223.

Years of experience translate to a higher salary.

Does a Web Developer make good money?


Web Developers make good money as the national average, according to BLS, is $77,200.

Their salary is higher than the national average for most occupations.

Further, these professionals earn more as they gain more experience in the industry, learn new skills, or venture into freelancing.

Is Web Development a good career?


Web Development is a good career.

Entry-level Web Developers earn around $50k.

Their salary has the potential to grow to up to $126k and above.

Further, the profession has a positive job outlook.

BLS projects a 13% increase in job openings between 2020 and 2030.

Is being a Web Developer hard?


Learning Web Development is challenging because it’s an ongoing learning process that never ends.

You can learn the basics of programming in a few months, but mastering the concepts will take your entire career life.

Programming requires persistence and practice to excel.

How long does it take to become a Web Developer?

How long it takes depends on your experience level, the type of web development, and the learning route.

It can take three months to two years to wrap your head around web dev.

Suppose you choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

It will take four years.

What are the requirements to be a Web Developer?

The requirements vary from one employer to the next.

Generally, here are the most common requirements:

– Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

– Knowledge in bootstrap and jQuery

– Experience using Git and GitHub

Some employers may require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a certificate in Web Development.














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