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This article will enable you to explore various ways in which you can learn and capitalize on a lucrative skill in the development world.

By the end of this article, you will know how to learn TypeScript, the various aspects of TypeScript, the most common free and paid courses for TypeScript, their pros and cons, and more.

Here is a quick overview of what we will cover in this skill-oriented guide:

  • What is TypeScript
  • Top 8 Resources to Learn TypeScript in 2022 
  • Pros and Cons of Learning Resources
  • Future Outlook of TypeScript

So, let us start!

What is TypeScript?

How To Learn TypeScript

With programming languages, fun becomes as they advance.

When you started to believe that Java Script had it all, TypeScript superseded it.

TypeScript has everything that JavaScript has and more.

Developed and managed by Microsoft, TypeScript has two distinct advantages over JavaScript. 

The first is that it acts as a transpiler to make the advanced features of ECMAScript available to all web browsers using a polyfill, which was previously impossible.

With TypeScript, you have a strongly-typed code ready at design time that is free of any "type"

Secondly, it allows the software to utilize static typing and catch potential issues early in the development lifecycle. 

This helps to reduce the unit’s test time and efficiently increases the program’s run time. 

In simpler words, with TypeScript, you have a strongly-typed code ready at design time that is free of any “type.” 

TypeScript erases the interfaces, types, aliases, or pseudonyms at transpilation and simultaneously creates a common file with JavaScript with better compiler options. 

So yes, TypeScript is simply a superset of JavaScript that contains a syntax for types.

It provides more efficient tooling without additional code at every scale and runs everywhere – on the web browser or your apps.

Benefits of Using TypeScript

How To Learn TypeScript

There is always a reason to learn a new skill or programming language, and here is why you must learn to use TypeScript:

You Can Create ECMAScript by leveraging TypeScript

Enables you to use better tooling to generate codes that work on old apps or browsers, using specific versions of JavaScript.

Static Typing with TypeScript

Allows you to imply better programming languages and create object-oriented codes.

Static Typing is one of the benefits of using TypeScript

It also enables easy code for the refractor.

TypeScript Supports Diverse Software and Documents

Including API documentation, React, NodeJS, JS library, BootScrapJS, and others.

TypeScript Supports and Makes it Easy to Use Multiple Frameworks

Such as Angular, Vine, and React.

NPM is a Part of TypeScript

It allows you to acquire access to innumerable resourceful libraries, which also makes it easy for you to learn TypeScript.

TypeScript Compiler Warns You About Any Errors

Such as if you attach a numeric value to a string value at compile time.

Easy Maintenance

TypeScript makes it easy to read, access, and check the types and other things in your code.

TypeScript Contains Several Amazing OOP Features

Including Inheritance, Modules, and Classes that take the application development game to the next level. 

Types of TypeScript

How To Learn TypeScript

Before we tell you about the various resources that can make you a TypeScript pro, it is essential to learn about the different types. 

How To Learn TypeScript - TypeScript has eight principal types, including Number and String

If you are familiar with JavaScript, you would know it has eight principal types, including:

  • Number
  • String
  • Null
  • Undefined
  • Object
  • Symbol
  • Bigint
  • Boolean

However, all of these are “dynamic” types, and TypeScript comes with an additional set of “static” types, such as:

  • Assigning types
  • Array
  • Void
  • Enum
  • Tuple

All of these types in TypeScript are divided into three categories:

  1. Any it simply means a “variable of any and every type,” as it contains all data types in TypeScript
  2. Built-in – it uses specific data types such as string, number, boolean, null, void, and undefined
  3. User-defined – it includes an interface, array, enum, tuple, and class
How To Learn TypeScript - TypeScript comes with an additional set of “static” types, such as Assigning types and Array

If you are a beginner or experienced Programmer who wants to up their coding game with TypeScript but do not know how to, keep reading on.

Top 8 Resources to Learn TypeScript in 2022

How To Learn TypeScript

Free Courses to Learn TypeScript 

The enlisted courses are free; however, for advanced learning, you may have to switch to the paid version.

1. Introduction to TypeScript – [Udemy]

With Daniel Stern as the Instructor, this course has 3500+ four-star ratings and more than 30,000 students; this free course is one of the most popular amongst beginners.

In this free course, you get to learn about What is TypeScript and why you just learned it. 

By the end, of course, you become a pro at TypeScript and set up your own version on your PC while exploring various type-checking features. 

This course contains three separate sections:

  • In the first one, you learn about why and where you can use TypeScript, like on what large-scale projects (such as GitHub) for application development you need coding for
  • In the second section, you learn how to use Typescripts, such as installing it using NPM, understanding the compile error, ways to compile, TypeScript to JavaScript, and more
  • In the last section, the Instructor explains the useful features of TypeScript- what are they, which ones are available, how you can use them, and more – in this part, you learn about working with angular, interface, inheritance, react, and other frameworks

Hands down, this is the best free course to learn TypeScript in a fun way.

This course covers pretty much everything, given that it is free for now. 

2. Getting Started with TypeScript – [Udemy]

Another free, short, yet highly knowledgeable course for beginners to learn TypeScript is “Getting started with TypeScript by Udemy”.

This course covers all the fundamentals of TypeScript, including:

  • What is TypeScript
  • Benefits of TypeScript
  • Different types, iQuery, NPM
  • Differences and similarities between JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Ways to configure and install TypeScript
  • Compile and run its coding programs

And more.

All in all, this course seems like a good start to learning TypeScript. 

People with prior knowledge about HTML, Python, JSon, JavaScript, CSS, and similar coding programs can benefit most from this easy-to-learn free course on Udemy. 

3. TypeScript Fast Crash Course – [Udemy]

If you are short on time and need to learn the basics of TypeScript, TypeScript Fash Crash Course is for you.

In this course, you can learn all the essentials about the diverse concepts, including Classes, Interfaces, Modules, Types, and more, in a limited period. 

This course allows you to get the hang of how TypeScript works.

Then, to further enhance your knowledge, you can take a more comprehensive course or read a book. 

The best part is, instead of a mainstream teacher, the Instructor is fun and tries to make every part as easy to understand as possible. 

4. Typescript Fundamentals – [Udemy]

This course contains in-depth knowledge about TypeScripts and explains its uses and benefits.

The Instructor elaborates on how TypeScript is better than JavaScript, the various tools to leverage and write better OOP applications, and how it is easy to reduce and control errors during the development life cycle (debugging).

The Typescript Fundamentals course starts with an introduction to Typescript and is quite expansive and spread over 15 sections.

Each section explains and elaborates on a key concept of TypeScript.

It also helps the learner explore a FREE IDE tool in Visual Studio Code and install and configure TypeScript. 

5. The Complete TypeScript For Beginners 

You can find this course for free on Udemy by the name of the Instructor, Awais Jamil.

“The Complete TypeScript for Beginners” also covers all the basic concepts about TypeScript and enables the learners to explore and acknowledge the uses and implementations of this programming language. 

By the end of this course, you will be well-rehearsed to create a fun-to-use yet powerful programming language with minimal errors. 

You will learn to configure different TypeScripts projects and create your own.

For JavaScript Developers, this course is an easy way to upgrade their coding knowledge. 

Paid Courses to Learn TypeScript

When learning a new skill, we all look for easy-to-use and free resources.

So yes, amongst the high-end paid courses for TypeScript, there are the free ones too. 

However, the free ones are not as extensive as the paid versions; they are good enough, especially for beginners.

So to help you out, we have included both in this article. 

Even the paid courses are not too heavy on the pocket.

You can get most of them for under $10, especially if you buy them during flash sales offered by various resource locations such as Coursera and Udemy.

The best part is most of the paid versions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

6. Learn TypeScript: The Complete Course for Beginners – [Educative Course]

This is an interactive, text-based course developed by Patrick Desjardins, a Senior Netflix Engineer who also happens to be a former senior Microsoft Engineer.

It will allow you to learn everything about TypeScript.

It enables you to create a TypeScript code (with all the literal types) via your browser – there will be no need to download another type of system or software.

Learn TypeScript course helps you learn about all the basic and advanced concepts, including debugging, type checking, manipulation of object types, modifiers, iterators, and more. 

This comprehensive course offers a myriad of hands-on learning opportunities that will allow you to become a maestro of Web Development.  

You can get an Educative Subscription for $14.90 to get access to multiple relevant courses at a 50% discount going on right now.  

7. Understanding TypeScript – [2022 Edition]

If you want to learn TypeScript from scratch to the advanced levels, then “Understanding Transcript” must be your go-to.

It starts by explaining the basics and goes beyond Angular 2, leaning on TypeScript.

It explains every reason why one should start using TypeScript and the advantages it has over JavaScript.

This course is extensive and covers all generic types, allowing the learning to create work on diverse TypeScript projects while writing highly functional programming codes. 

This paid course includes:

  • 210 downloadable resources
  • 15 hours video
  • 22 articles
  • Access to mobile
  • And on completion, you get a certificate!

The great news is that you can get a subscription for $14.99 and explore your untapped potential for tech-savvy skills. 

8.  TypeScript Fundamentals – [Pluralsight]

TypeScript Fundamentals is one of the most practical courses to learn complete TypeScript. 

Along with an introduction and all the basics of TypeScript types (type annotation, namespaces, type inference), you learn about syntax, features, code hierarchy, and keywords. 

Moving forward, you learn about the Framework and TOOLING, IDE, Sublime Text, and so much more than JavaScript code that makes your frontend Web Development Program invaluable. 

To leverage this open-source knowledge, you can get this plan on Pluralsight just for $29 monthly, with a free 10-day trial!

Free VS Paid Resources

How To Learn TypeScript

There is always a battle between the mind and your pocket on whether to opt for a free resource or pay to acquire extensive knowledge on the subject. 

How To Learn TypeScript - You can either learn with free or paid resources

To help you get out of the free vs. paid version dilemma, here are some pros and cons for both that will enable you to make an informed decision. 

Free Resources


  • Easy access for beginners
  • Allows adequate knowledge about the basics and certain advanced stuff
  • Allows beginners to explore if they want to continue learning the skill
  • No money was spent
  • You can try multiple courses to develop an understanding and see what works for you
  • May or may not get the certificate on completion


  • No downloadable resources
  • Works only online
  • Often not reliable 
  • No long-term support or interaction with the Instructor 
  • To learn advanced skills, it will be important to take up a paid course

Paid resources


  • Comprehensive learning and hands-on training
  • Reliable and authentic 
  • Downloadable resources, tutorials, and articles
  • Long-term support from the instructions
  • Certificate on completion


  • Money spent
  • If you fail to learn from the course you buy, you will have to look into other resources

Future Outlook of Learning TypeScript

TypeScript has become the 7th most used programming language by Developers and continues to be the center of attention

Technology remains in an ever-changing and advancing loop; tech-savvy people have to constantly upgrade their skills to keep up with the change and produce better efficient results.

TypeScript has become the 7th most used programming language by Developers and continues to be the center of attention.

78% of the Programmers and Web Constructors have been using TypeScript, and it is indicated that it will increase to 93% by 2025.

So, it seems like a high in-demand skill; learn it while you still can.


One of the questions the Interviewers ask is 'Which sorting algorithm should you use and when'?

TypeScript provides Developers with the opportunity to write code that is more easily understood by the JavaScript uninitiated.

If you follow this guide, you’ll be on your way to becoming a TypeScript expert!

With the skills you learn, you’ll be in a great position to start writing more efficient web applications.



What is the best way to learn TypeScript?

The best way to learn TypeScript is to leverage free courses on Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight, and such resources. 

Get a recommended book, and look into reliable online tutorials to start practicing.

You can also look into paid courses for more advanced learning. 

Should I learn TypeScript?

Yes, you should, if you want to.

TypeScript has become the 7th most used programming language by Developers and continues to be the center of attention. 

78% of the Programmers and Web Constructors have been using TypeScript, and it is indicated that it will increase to 93% by 2025.

What is TypeScript?

Typescript is a programming language – a superset of JavaScript or its syntax with more types developed and managed by Microsoft. 

How to learn TypeScript fast?

You can take up the TypeScript crash courses offered by Udemy and other recourse locations to learn TypeScrit in a short time.


Easiest Way to Learn TypeScript

TypeScript Tutorial 

Best Way to Learn TypeScript

Top 5 Courses to Learn TypeScript

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