At the top of the page, you’ll discover a button that provides full access to the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) practice test. Just below, a meticulously designed practice test is available for your examination. By engaging with these tests, you have the opportunity to identify your strengths, recognize areas that need enhancement, and tailor your study strategy accordingly.

To elevate your preparation, particularly in topics that demand extra attention, we’ve developed specialized quizzes. These quizzes are tailored to address various aspects of the HiSET Reading exam, ensuring a focused and effective study process.

HiSET Reading Domain Exams

The HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) Reading exam evaluates your ability to understand, interpret, and analyze a wide range of texts. It’s a critical component of the HiSET suite of exams, allowing individuals to earn their high school equivalency credential. The Reading exam is structured around two primary domains: Literary Texts and Informational Texts. 

Here’s a breakdown of these domains.

Domain 1: Literary Texts

  • Percentage of the Exam: 50%
  • Content Covered: This domain focuses on your ability to analyze and interpret literary works. This includes understanding themes, character development, plot, setting, and the use of literary devices such as metaphor, simile, and symbolism. The texts encountered in this domain can range from classical to contemporary works and may include genres such as fiction, poetry, and drama.

Welcome to your HiSET Reading Domain 1: Literary Texts

Domain 2: Informational Texts

  • Percentage of the Exam: 50%
  • Content Covered: Informational texts comprise materials that inform or instruct the reader on various topics. This domain evaluates your ability to understand, interpret, and analyze non-fiction texts, such as essays, articles, and reports. You’ll be assessed on your ability to discern main ideas, supporting details, implications, and the text’s structure, as well as to evaluate an author’s purpose and point of view.

Welcome to your HiSET Reading Domain 2: Informational Texts

Exam Domain% of ExamContent Covered
Literary Texts50%Analysis and interpretation of literary works including themes, character development, and literary devices.
Informational Texts50%Understanding, interpreting, and analyzing non-fiction texts such as essays, articles, and reports.

Additional Insights

  • Exam Format: The HiSET Reading exam is primarily multiple-choice, testing your reading comprehension and analytical skills.
  • Strategies for Preparation: Familiarizing yourself with a wide range of texts, both literary and informational, can be beneficial. Practice summarizing texts, identifying main ideas and themes, and analyzing the use of language.
  • Time Management: The Reading exam allows you 65 minutes to complete all questions. Time management is crucial, so practice reading quickly and efficiently, allocating time to review your answers.
  • Practice Materials: Utilize practice exams and study guides specific to the HiSET to familiarize yourself with the exam format and types of questions you’ll encounter. Many educational resources offer practice materials tailored to the HiSET Reading exam.

HiSET Reading Exam Breakdown

The HiSET Reading Exam is one of the five subtests forming the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET), which provides individuals who did not complete high school the opportunity to earn a state-issued high school equivalency credential. This credential is recognized across the United States and is seen as equivalent to a high school diploma. The HiSET exam covers five core areas: Language Arts – Reading, Language Arts – Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

HiSET Reading Exam Overview

  • Content and Format: The Reading section focuses on measuring a test taker’s ability to understand, interpret, and analyze a range of texts. It includes literary texts (fiction, poetry, and drama) and informational texts (essays, biographies, and articles) across a variety of subject areas. The exam format consists of multiple-choice questions based on reading passages or statements.
  • Skills Assessed: The test assesses critical reading skills, including the ability to draw inferences, understand central themes and ideas, analyze the structure of texts, and interpret words and phrases in context.
  • Duration: The time allotted for the Reading exam is usually around 65 minutes.
  • Scoring: Scores are based on the number of correct answers, with no penalty for guessing. The score needed to pass varies by state.

Preparing for the HiSET Reading Exam requires dedication and practice. Utilizing the available resources, taking practice tests, and engaging with reading materials across a variety of genres and subjects can significantly improve your chances of success on the exam. Remember, earning a high school equivalency credential through the HiSET can open up new educational and career opportunities.

How to Become HiSET Reading Certified

To become HiSET Reading Certified, you will need to successfully pass the Reading section of the HiSET exam, which is a high school equivalency test. Here’s a general guide on how to prepare for the HiSET Reading certification, including accessing practice materials and understanding the test structure:

  • Understand the Test Structure: The Reading section is part of the Language Arts portion of the HiSET exam. It includes questions based on reading passages, which are both literary and informational texts.
  • Create Your HiSET Account: Begin by creating an account on the official HiSET website. This will allow you to access resources, register for the exam, and keep track of your progress.
  • Prepare for the Exam: Utilize the preparation materials available on the HiSET website. This includes practice tests, prep materials, and links to prep providers. Official HiSET practice tests give you a realistic sense of what the actual test will be like, including questions written by the test makers. All free practice tests come from the HiSET® Exam Free Practice Test (FPT) Series 6A, 7, and 8, which are downloadable in PDF format in both English and Spanish​.
  • Make a Study Plan: Assess which areas you feel most confident in and which areas you may need more focus on. Create a study plan that gives you ample time to prepare without needing to cram. The longer it has been since you were last in school, the more preparation you might need​​.
  • Access Free and Low-Cost Resources: The HiSET program offers a variety of resources to help you familiarize yourself with the exam questions and the computer-delivered testing experience. This includes free downloadable resources and low-cost practice tests available for purchase​​.
  • Find an Adult Education Center: If you need more structured preparation, consider enrolling in an Adult Education program that prepares students for the HiSET exam. These programs often offer little or no cost preparation courses.

Remember, the key to success on the HiSET Reading section is thorough preparation and familiarization with the types of questions you’ll encounter. Take advantage of the resources provided by the official HiSET program to maximize your chances of passing and achieving your HiSET Reading Certification.

Our Experience Teaching HiSET Reading Candidates To Pass The Exam

Developing the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) practice tests at Career Employer has been a thrilling journey, marked by significant accomplishments and insightful learnings. Our approach was tailored to address the extensive variety of topics included in the exam and to meet the distinct needs of our students.

We meticulously designed every facet of our strategy with the goal of setting each student up for success in the exam. Our dedication to offering an all-encompassing educational experience shines through in the breadth and depth of our practice materials. This reflects our unwavering commitment to facilitating every learner’s path to achievement.

Teaching the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) Reading certification involves guiding adult learners or high school students who did not complete a traditional high school program through the essentials of reading comprehension, critical thinking, and analytical skills needed to pass this section of the HiSET exam. From a lecturer’s perspective, the objective is not just to help students pass a test, but to equip them with reading skills that will serve them in their future academic endeavors, workplaces, and daily lives. Here are some insights into the process, challenges, and resources involved:

Understanding the HiSET Reading Test

The Reading test is part of the five-subject HiSET exam, which also includes Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Writing. The Reading section assesses a student’s ability to understand and interpret written passages. These can range from literary texts to documents and commentaries related to arts and sciences, making the scope quite broad.

Challenges Faced by Educators

  • Diverse Learning Backgrounds: Students come from varied educational backgrounds, and their reading levels can significantly differ. Tailoring instruction to meet everyone’s needs is a persistent challenge.
  • Engagement: Keeping students engaged with the material is essential, especially since adult learners may have other responsibilities and limited time for study.
  • Critical Thinking: Beyond just understanding the text, students must develop critical thinking skills to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information.

Strategies for Effective Teaching

  • Incorporate a Wide Range of Texts: Use diverse reading materials to cover the breadth of the reading test and to keep lessons engaging. This includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and practical documents.
  • Focus on Vocabulary: Building a strong vocabulary is crucial for reading comprehension. Incorporate vocabulary exercises that relate to the texts being studied.
  • Practice Critical Thinking: Engage students in discussions about the texts to develop their analytical skills. Ask open-ended questions that encourage them to think beyond the text.
  • Simulate Test Conditions: Regular practice tests under exam conditions can help students manage time effectively and become familiar with the test format.
  • Utilize Technology: Online resources, educational software, and mobile apps can provide additional practice opportunities and personalized learning experiences.

Essential Teaching Resources

  • ETS HiSET Official Website: ETS HiSET Website offers official practice tests, test-taking tips, and detailed information about the Reading test format.
  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy provides free resources on reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.
  • ReadTheory: ReadTheory offers personalized reading comprehension exercises for all levels.
  • Newsela: Newsela provides articles on a variety of topics at different reading levels, allowing for differentiated learning.
  • Local Libraries and Community Centers: Often overlooked, these can be valuable resources for finding reading materials and study groups.

The High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) certification practice test offered by Career Employer represents the pinnacle of our dedicated team’s efforts, comprising experts with extensive knowledge and experience in HiSET Reading exam preparation. Their expertise has been instrumental in guiding over 1000 high schoolers to success in the official HiSET Reading certification exam.

Our team features exceptionally skilled reading comprehension instructors, each boasting over ten years of specialized experience in general reading and comprehension. Their collective proficiency forms the cornerstone of our effective training program, ensuring comprehensive preparation for those aiming to excel in the HiSET Reading exam.

Effective Study Strategies and Methods

Preparing for the HiSET Reading exam involves understanding the structure of the exam, focusing on effective study strategies, and utilizing a variety of resources to enhance your comprehension and analysis skills. The HiSET Reading section tests your ability to read both literary and informational materials with understanding, including skills such as analysis, inference, and synthesis of information from texts​.

Effective Study Strategies

  • Develop a Study Plan: Start by assessing which areas you feel most confident in and which areas require more focus. Allocate your study time accordingly, ensuring you give yourself ample time to cover all necessary material without the need for last-minute cramming​​.
  • Utilize Official Resources: The HiSET website offers a range of free and low-cost prep materials designed to familiarize you with the exam format and types of questions you’ll encounter. This includes the Official Guide to the HiSET Exam, Khan Academy tutorial videos for fundamental skills, and sample questions for practice​.
  • Practice Reading Comprehension: Since the reading section comprises a mix of literary and informational texts, it’s crucial to practice reading a variety of genres. Focus on improving your ability to infer information, analyze text, and synthesize data from multiple passages​​.
  • Employ Critical Reading Skills: Pay close attention to what the text is saying, using context clues to understand unfamiliar words and focusing on the main idea rather than getting bogged down by complex vocabulary. This strategy can help improve your ability to answer questions accurately​.
  • Take Practice Tests: Utilize practice tests to familiarize yourself with the exam’s timing and question formats. This can also help identify areas where you may need additional study or practice. Union Test Prep offers free study guides and practice tests for this purpose​.
  • Review and Analyze Your Mistakes: After taking practice tests, spend time reviewing your answers, especially those you got wrong. Understanding why an answer was incorrect is key to improving your skills and avoiding similar mistakes in the future​​.
  • No Question Left Behind: Aim to answer every question, as there is no penalty for incorrect answers. If you’re unsure, eliminate as many wrong answers as possible and make an educated guess from the remaining options​.

Study Resources

  • HiSET Preparation Materials: Offers a comprehensive guide and tips directly from the HiSET program, including how to plan your study, manage time, and utilize calculators and scratch paper during the exam​.
  • Union Test Prep: Provides free study guides, practice lessons, flashcards, and more detailed advice on preparing for the reading section of the HiSET exam​​.


Successfully preparing for the HiSET Reading exam requires a blend of strategic study planning, utilization of both official and supplementary resources, and regular practice with a focus on comprehension, analysis, and critical thinking skills. By following these strategies and leveraging the available resources, you can enhance your reading skills and increase your chances of passing the HiSET Reading exam.


Online Exam Fee per ModuleUSD 28.25
Total Online Exam Fee (5 Modules)USD 141.25
Computer-based Test Fee per Subtest (CA)USD 12.75
Paper-based Test Fee per Subtest (CA)USD 17
State Administrative Fee (CA)USD 20
Preparation Course FeeTuition Free, Other fees apply

The cost of the HiSET Reading board certification exam and associated fees can vary depending on several factors such as the mode of the exam (online or paper-based), state administrative fees, and test center fees. Here’s a breakdown of the costs based on information gathered:

Registration and Exam Fees

  • Online-Proctored Exam: For the HiSET exam taken online, the fee is USD 28.25 per test module. Since there are a total of 5 test modules, the full exam costs USD 141.25 if taken entirely online​.
  • In-Person Exam (California Example): For a computer-based subtest, the fee is USD 12.75 per subtest, and for a paper-based subtest, it’s USD 17 per subtest. There are 5 subtests in total. Additionally, California imposes a state administrative fee of USD 20. Test center fees are not included in these amounts and can vary​​.

Study and Preparation Costs

  • Preparation classes, such as those offered by Fresno City College, do not have a tuition fee. However, students are responsible for a Campus Health Fee (USD 21 for hybrid/on campus or USD 13 for solely off campus), ASB (USD 2), and other materials. The actual costs for instructional materials, health fees, and books will vary depending on enrollment​​.

Additional Fees

  • Technology and Room Requirements for Online Exams: You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer with a microphone and a camera, a stable internet connection, certain operating systems (Windows 10, Windows 8, or Mac OS 10.5 or higher), and specific internet browsers (Chrome or Firefox). You may already have these, or there might be additional costs involved in meeting these requirements​.
  • Test Center Fees: These fees are not specified in the sources but are mentioned to vary by location. This means that on top of the state and exam fees, you may need to pay an additional amount to the test center where you take your exam​​.
  • Materials and Books: Specific costs for preparation materials, such as textbooks, are not provided but are essential to consider. For instance, the official guide to the HiSET exam costs about $18​.

It’s important to note that all these fees are subject to change and may vary by state. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, you should check the official HiSET website and contact local test centers directly. Additionally, the costs listed here do not include any potential fees for retaking parts of the exam, which would increase the overall cost.

Reliable Study Materials and Resources

To prepare for the HiSET Reading certification exam, there are several high-quality resources available online that cater to different aspects of studying, including practice tests, study guides, and comprehensive courses. Here’s a summary of the best resources you might find useful:

  • Official HiSET Website Resources:
    • The HiSET program offers a range of free and low-cost resources, including the Essential Education’s HiSET Academy® Online Study Tool, which provides access to over 200 hours of lessons across various subjects. Additionally, The Official Guide to the HiSET® Exam, 2nd Edition, is a crucial resource created by the test makers, offering an accurate depiction of the exam.
    • For practical exam preparation, they also offer a selection of free HiSET practice tests for the Language Arts – Reading section, downloadable in PDF format, available in both English and Spanish. These include the Free Practice Test FPT Series 6A, 7, and 8, which are perfect for self-assessment and practice​​.
  • Union Test Prep:
    • Union Test Prep provides free study guides and practice tests to help you prepare for the HiSET test. Their resources for the Language Arts: Reading section are designed to help you understand and analyze both literary and informational materials. The website also offers premium access for more in-depth materials and guides​.
  • Mometrix Test Preparation:
    • Mometrix offers an online HiSET prep course that includes review lessons covering every topic, over 1,400 practice questions, more than 1,200 electronic flashcards, and over 380 instructional videos. This comprehensive approach is designed to cater to a wide range of learning needs and styles, ensuring thorough preparation for the exam​​.
  • HiSET Academy by Essential Education:
    • HiSET Academy is touted as the only Certified HiSET Program, providing an online study course that includes practice tests and a personalized study plan. It is recognized for being 100% approved by the HiSET Exam, making it a reliable choice for those looking to ensure they pass the HiSET Exam the first time​.
  • Aztec Software’s HiSET Prep Series:
    • Aztec Software offers a range of educational resources, including a digital literacy series and a personal finance platform. While their primary focus isn’t solely on HiSET, their comprehensive educational tools, especially in financial wellness and digital literacy, can be incredibly beneficial as supplementary resources.

Each of these resources offers a unique approach to HiSET Reading exam preparation, from official practice tests to comprehensive study courses and supplementary educational materials. Depending on your personal learning style and the areas you need to focus on, you might find one or a combination of these resources particularly helpful in your preparation journey.

Tips for Exam Day

To excel on the HiSET Reading exam, there are several strategies and tips you can employ, derived from a variety of resources including Union Test Prep,, PrepScholar, and more. Here’s a consolidated guide to help you prepare and perform your best on exam day:

Understand the HiSET Reading Test Structure

  • The HiSET Reading test is comprised mostly of literary passages (40%) and informational texts (60%), with questions designed to assess your comprehension, analysis, and ability to apply critical thinking skills. You’ll encounter a mix of texts, including nonfiction, literary essays, and poetry​​.

Exam Day Tips

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Test Format: Knowing whether you’ll take the test on a computer or paper, understanding the types of questions (multiple-choice, essay questions), and being aware of the timing for each subtest can significantly reduce test day anxiety.
  • Practice Time Management: Since each section of the test is timed, practice working against the clock. For example, the Language Arts—Reading section requires you to answer 50 multiple-choice questions in 65 minutes. Practicing under timed conditions will help you get used to the pressure​​.
  • Content Review and Practice: Regularly review and practice the test content. Utilize online resources for practice questions, worksheets, and tutorials. This not only familiarizes you with the test material but also helps identify areas where you need more practice​.
  • Use Practice Tests Wisely: Start with general practice tests to assess your baseline skills. Then, focus your study on areas of weakness. Repeated practice tests can show improvement and highlight new areas to work on. Apps like Pocketprep offer convenient practice opportunities with explanations for correct answers​.
  • Develop a Study Habit: Consistency is key. Set aside a dedicated study time daily, and make studying a habit. This approach is far more effective than cramming and helps retain information over the long term​.
  • Read Questions Carefully: Pay close attention to the wording of questions and answers. Look out for modifiers like “not” or “except,” and understand that terms like “best” or “most” mean that while several answers could be correct, you need to choose the one that best fits the question’s criteria​.
  • Trust Your Instincts and Review: Trust your first answer unless you have a strong reason to change it. If time permits, review your answers, especially for questions you were uncertain about​​.
  • Aim to Answer All Questions: It’s better to make an educated guess than to leave a question unanswered. If stuck, move on and return if time allows​.
  • Stay Relaxed and Confident: Anxiety can impede performance, so try to remain calm and confident throughout the test. Practice relaxation techniques if necessary​​.

Post-Exam: Next Steps

After completing the HiSET Reading exam, it’s crucial to engage in post-exam strategies to ensure your readiness for future tests or academic pursuits. Here are several strategies, informed by expert advice and resources:

  • Evaluate Your Performance: Reflect on the exam to identify areas of strength and weakness. This introspection can guide your study plan for future tests or academic goals.
  • Access Study Guides: Union Test Prep offers free study guides for the HiSET, covering critical reading skills and other subjects on the test. These guides can help you understand the topics you’ll need to master and allow you to focus on areas that need improvement​​.
  • Utilize Official Tips and Strategies: The official HiSET website provides comprehensive preparation tips, including making a study plan, familiarizing yourself with calculator usage for the Math subtest, understanding the provision of scratch paper, and knowing the policy on breaks during the test. These strategies can significantly aid in better preparation for retakes or other standardized tests​.
  • Engage with Practice Materials: According to a post on Prepscholar, leveraging practice tests is a key strategy for improving your HiSET scores. Sites like, Mometrix, and offer free practice tests for each HiSET subtest. Additionally, the Pocketprep HiSET Study App provides a mobile option for test preparation with a wide range of sample questions. These resources are invaluable for honing your skills in specific areas​​.
  • Adopt Effective Study Habits: Begin your study preparation early and make studying a consistent habit. Allocating daily study time can significantly improve information retention and understanding. Moreover, maintaining a positive attitude towards your studies and future exams can be motivational and contribute to your success​.
  • Seek Feedback and Additional Resources: If available, review your exam results for specific feedback on areas to improve. You can also consider enrolling in adult education programs or seeking out tutors for personalized guidance.
  • Plan for Next Steps: Depending on your goals, consider whether you need to retake any parts of the HiSET or if you can move on to the next steps in your education or career path. Research and plan for any necessary steps, such as applying to colleges, seeking job opportunities, or improving your skills in specific areas.

For more detailed preparation tips and strategies directly from the source, the official HiSET website is an excellent place to start.


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