Top Resume Questions

We all understand the importance of a resume.

Not only can a solid resume help you to land an interview at your dream company, but it can also help to differentiate yourself from the competition and other applicants.

With nearly 52 applicants applying to an open position, it is more important than ever to ensure that you have a solid, well written resume to apply with.

However, with a great resume comes some serious questions regarding your previous experience and accomplishments.

We are going to review some top resume questions and help you to understand how to answer them professionally and gracefully.

Top 6 Top Resume Questions

Below, you’ll find a list of the top resume questions which an interviewer may ask.

These questions are typically based on the content of your resume and will require that you have a deep, intimate understanding of the details of your resume.

Don’t forget, although your resume may be top-notch and perfect, the interviewer will be looking to you for answers on the experiences and accomplishments you listed.

Tell Me About Yourself

Now, the interviewer can simply read your resume to get an understanding of the applicant.

However, they want to hear it from you, the applicant.

Rather than simply listing out your work and personal experience, you should describe how you alone are an excellent candidate for the role.

You can start answering this question by sharing a little information about yourself.

Where you were born and raised, what motivates you, and what your educational history is.

From there, you can weave in your work experience and discuss how that makes you an excellent candidate for the role you are applying for.

Why Should We Hire You?

As we previously discussed, nearly 52 applicants apply for any given open role.

With such stiff competition, the interviewer would like to know why you are the best candidate.

Rather than list off your previous professional accomplishments, it’s important to discuss how you will be able to handle the requirements of the open role.

When answering this question, feel free to discuss other situations where you were successful and accomplished the requirements of the job.

Speak to your initiative, motivation, and determination.

These factors and qualities will help differentiate yourself from other applicants.

Top Resume Questions

How Did You Get Started in the Industry?

Interviewers like to get a better sense of a candidate and understand how they entered into a given field.

While you can be honest in your answer to how you got started, you should try to sprinkle in your own desire and interests in the industry.

This will not only help to showcase your motivation but will also help to establish a permanency in the field.

When hiring, hiring managers and recruiters alike are wary of applicants who do not display a sense of interest and desire in a given field.

Too often, those applicants will resign their positions or will simply lack the motivation needed to accomplish the given job description.

By showcasing your given interest, you put the interviewer at ease that you have a deep desire to remain with the company for the long run.

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Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Position?

This is definitely one of the top resume questions you’ll be asked.

If you are currently employed, interviewers are often interested in understanding why you would like to leave that position.

While you want to be honest, you should never speak ill or poorly of your current position.

Rather, you can discuss promotional opportunities or an admiration you feel for the company you are currently interviewing with.

Such answers not only show your level of motivation, but also help to showcase your interest in the industry and the company.

Can You Discuss a Difficult Work Situation You’ve Had?

Conflict, and disagreement, is a part of life.

However, how you handle those situations is equally as important as the outcome.

Interviewers like to get a sense of the applicant by not only their accomplishments, but also by how they handle difficult or challenging situations.

When asked this question, you should be specific in your answer.

Discuss the company you were with and what your role was.

You should frame the narrative on what was occurring and what needed to be done and why that was challenging.

From there, you should discuss how you overcame those challenges and what actions you, specifically, took to accomplish the needs.

However, you should also be careful when answering this question.

You don’t want to blame others or show fault of your own.

Try to pick a situation which wasn’t overly aggressive and one that showcases your resiliency and determination to get the job done.

What Accomplishment Are You Most Proud of?

Again, another great and top resume question.

While the interviewer can simply peruse through your resume and get a sense of your accomplishments, they want to hear from you on what you consider to be your greatest accomplishment.

This accomplishment should be work related and should show the interviewer how your involvement had a noticeable and direct impact on the work completed.

This accomplishment should be larger in scope and you should also discuss the road bumps and difficulties that were presented to get to the finish line.


When it comes to some top resume questions, it is important to understand that the interviewer is looking to you to provide a better, more in-depth understanding of your resume.

While your resume can be used as an initial entryway to an interview, it is ultimately up to you and the answers you provide which will land you the position.

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