Let’s face it, your resume is the single most important piece of document in the application process.

Your application and career trajectory live and die dependent on how well-crafted your resume is and taking all necessary steps to not only stand out is a must.

You should absolutely hire a resume writer if you are looking to maintain that competitive edge and are pushing for that big career jump.

I’ve previously discussed here on the things that you should never, ever, put or include on your resume and I think that, that transitions nicely into some reasons why you would want to hire a resume writer.

Resume writers are trained professionals, with a multitude of years, experience, and industry know-how whom will be able to help you stand out and place your best foot forward.

Additionally, many resume writers have a deep understanding of the internal mechanics which go-on once an application is submitted.

Long gone are the days of every resume being read by an actual human being on the other end.

More and more employers are utilizing the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

The ATS is utilized to filter applications which don’t adhere or qualify to the minimum requirements.

In addition, ATS will look for certain keywords or phrases which they deem more beneficial for a new hire.

Many times, once an application is submitted, it will be immediately vetted by an ATS software and rejected.

Understanding the inner workings of this system and how to make your resume pass its requirements is essential in securing your next big move.

They Understand ATS

Resume writers understand the Applicant Tracking System software.

They understand its mechanics and what keywords, phrases, and qualifiers are being looked for.

Resume writers will gear your resume to pass these systems, as closely as possible.

Where many applicants have their applications rejected, resume writers will work directly with you and the roles you are applying for to ensure that your resume is written in a manner that ATS will approve to the next step.

The Applicant Tracking System is still in its infancy, however as adoption continues to grow throughout the business world, it would be best to have a trained professional on your side to assist you.

Every edge is an advantage.

They Understand Resumes

“Well, I would hope they understand resumes, they are resume writers after all” and that’s true, but resume writers are intimately aware of resume successes and failures.

They have worked on, written, and proofread thousands of resumes and can immediately pinpoint areas of weakness and areas that need improvement on a resume.

Resume writers are there to assist you and to be your advocate.

They will look at your current resume and provide helpful critiques and assist you with addressing certain points which can either be removed altogether or reworded for maximum effect.

Resume critiquing can be difficult for most as we are not usually privy to their access.

Where we may see or critique a couple of resumes a year for family and friends, resume writers deal with thousands and can quickly and efficiently help get your resume to a perfect place.

They Understand Human Resources and Hiring Managers

Not all, but many resume writers have professional experience and backgrounds in human resources and are typically familiar with the mechanics of the hiring process.

As-such, they are able to provide written resumes which are more likely to appeal to both the hiring manager and their human resources representative.

Being able to speak directly to the hiring manager via a resume and fully express your professional accomplishments and achievements will increase your chances of landing a face-to-face interview.

You simply want your resume to be a door-opener, a primer, an introductory meeting that will appeal to a potential employer and have them want to bring you in for a face-to-face interview.

What are your thoughts?

Have you ever utilized a resume writer?

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