You’ve spent weeks crafting the perfect resume, aligning the content, making sure you choose the right font, and keeping it under one-page in length.

Your resume is absolutely perfect, and you’re finally satisfied with your hard work.

But, when it comes to printing your resume, should you be using resume paper?

Resume paper is a typically thicker than regular paper.

It can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, linen, parchment, and bamboo.

Resume paper typically comes in two colors, white or off-white.

While resume paper isn’t absolutely necessary, we highly recommend utilizing it when going in for an in-person interview.

Typically, when going in for an interview, the recruiter or hiring manager will ask that you bring in copies of your resume.

By printing your resume on dedicated, professional resume paper you will immediately make a statement that you are taking the job interview seriously.

In an interview, impressions are everything.

You need to make sure that your wardrobe is professional and ironed.

That your shoes are clean and polished.

That your hair is cut and that you shave your beard.

You should walk in confidently and review common interview questions beforehand.

Since you’re already taking the necessary steps to put on a great first impression, shelling out the extra couple of dollars for the paper makes sense.

You can buy resume paper online at Amazon or at your local retailer, such-as Target or Walmart.

Typically, resume paper will cost between $7 to $14 for a stack of 100 pages.

This is clearly a good investment and one that will help you immensely to make a great first impression.

While the paper you print your resume on is useful and helpful in helping you nail the interview, you should focus more on the content of your resume.

No matter how great your resume paper is, it cannot make up for a poorly formatted resume.

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