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This comparison article will discuss the prep course providers’ study materials and what sets them apart.

We’ll wind up the discussion by highlighting the winner between the two and also give you insights on which NCLEX prep course among the two will work best for you, depending on your needs.

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  • Side-by-side comparison of UWorld vs Kaplan prep materials
  • UWorld vs Kaplan comparison table
  • The winner between Kaplan and UWorld

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Side-by-Side Comparison of UWorld vs Kaplan Prep Materials

Side-by-Side Comparison of UWorld vs Kaplan Prep Materials

Graduating nursing school is half the journey to becoming a registered nurse.

You’ll also need to pass the NCLEX exam for your dream to become a reality.

And, of course, there are high chances you are still struggling to find the right prep course provider to help you prepare for this high stake exam.

So, to help you make an informed choice, we’ll walk you through a side-by-side comparison of UWorld vs Kaplan, the two top NCLEX prep course companies.

Here is a breakdown of the prep material and how they differ.

Course Content

UWorld prep course materials include practice questions, flashcards, a performance graph, self-assessment exams, and a notebook.

The Qbank has over 2,350 questions.

You can choose to take the exam in timed or tutor mode.

The timed mode mimics the exam setting, where you select the number of questions and do them over a specific time.

Timed mode helps you challenge yourself.

Tutor mode comes with rationales.

As you take the exam, you can review the rationales to understand the reason behind the correct and incorrect answer choices.

UWorld rationales have a solid reputation.

The test prep company uses excellent illustrations, images, graphics, and diagrams.

Also, the number of practice questions allows learners to take as many practice exams in different categories without repeating questions.

The self-assessment tests help learners know how ready they are for the exam.

Test-takers also have access to a mobile app to study from wherever they are.

On the other hand, Kaplan offers a 500+ page prep book, video content, three full-length CAT exams, 2,000+ practice questions, 10 NCLEX content review sessions, an NCLEX channel, a decision tree method, and a content library.

The book goes over NCLEX core concepts.

The video walks learners through 300+ topics.

The NCLEX channel is accessible 24/7.

The CAT exams use the same algorithm as the real NCLEX.

So, it better prepares you for the actual exam.

The Kaplan NCLEX prep course has many review materials to help learners effectively prep for the exam.

The study materials go beyond the Qbank questions.

Verdict: Kaplan has done an excellent job when it comes to the course materials. It’s perfect for test-takers who want to wrap their head around the exam content and take practice exams to seal in that knowledge. Although UWorld Qbank is exceptional, the study resources are limited. For that reason, Kaplan wins!

Pricing and Study Packages

Let’s kick off the pricing and study packages with the UWorld NCLEX prep course.

The first plan is the Qbank 30-Day Access, which costs $139 and comes with 2,000+ questions.

The next plan has 60-Day Access at $169 and offers 2,000+ questions and one self-assessment test.

The third package, 90-Day Access, offers two self-assessment tests and 2,000+ practice questions.

The last plan is $329.

It gives you a 180-Day Access period, and you’ll have the Qbank, two self-assessments, one-time reset option, and next-generation NCLEX questions.

To sum up, the UWorld prep review prices range from $139 to $329.

There are a total of five study packages, and all of them focus on practice questions.

Let’s now shift gears and review Kaplan Qbank and study packages.

Kaplan study packages have 6 months of access, ranging from self-paced programs to live online courses.

The self-paced plan costs $425.

It has the following study materials:

  • 3 full-length computer adaptive tests
  • 2,100+ practice questions
  • 10 review sessions
  • 500-page book
  • NCLEX channel
  • 300+ topics covered in the content video
  • NCLEX-RN content review guide
  • Decision tree method

The next plan is Live Online, which costs $525.

Apart from the study materials in the self-paced package, Live Online offers live instruction in an online classroom.

The lessons are question-based, making it easy for learners to understand the key concepts they need to learn.

So far, we can say that Kaplan’s comprehensive study packages are expensive compared to UWorld’s.

While UWorld’s prices range from $139 to $329, Kaplan’s hovers around $425-$525.

Apart from the two study packages, Kaplan also has a combination of several study materials at a low cost.

You can get the Qbank at $159 or the CAT practice exams at $129 for 180-Day Access.

A combination of these two study resources is $229.

The test prep company also offers a Practice Pack with the Qbank, CAT exams, and 24/7 access to the nursing channel.

This combination is $279.

Verdict: UWorld takes the lead in affordable study materials. Kaplan is on top of the game regarding study package options. You can buy comprehensive study plans or resort to the specific study materials you need. Despite the cost, Kaplan’s review courses have many study materials which explain the price. For that reason, Kaplan wins.

Qbank and Practice Tests

UWorld Qbank has over 2,350 practice questions.

These questions come with in-depth rationales with excellent images, graphics, illustrations, graphs, and rich content.

The comprehensive rationales double as a content review since UWorld doesn’t have prep course materials that cover the NCLEX-RN exam content.

The explanations are top-notch, giving students the reason behind the correct and the incorrect answers.

When you know why an answer choice qualifies as correct and what disqualifies the others, you can better answer the same question if formatted differently.

You can better answer questions that touch on the concepts you’ve learned.

UWorld also offers alternate format questions.

In fact, 30% of the 2,350 questions are in an alternate format to prepare learners for the different question formats in the NCLEX exam.

In addition, depending on the study package, you get additional UWorld questions as a self-assessment.

You can get one or two self-assessment exams for 60-Day Access and 90-Day Access, respectively.

The exam has 100 timed questions designed to help you test your exam readiness.

Further, the performance metrics and progress tracker breaks down your performance to help you see your areas of strengths and weaknesses and make the necessary adjustments.

As for the Kaplan NCLEX prep course, the question bank has over 2,100 questions.

The practice questions are customizable.

It boils down to the areas the learner wants to test their knowledge.

The platform also takes learners through the Kaplan Decision Tree Method to help them approach the NCLEX questions methodically.

Besides the Qbank and how to answer the questions, Kaplan has three full-length CAT exams.

Now, the computer adaptive testing exams use the actual NCLEX algorithm.

The number of questions you’ll answer depends on your critical thinking skills.

The Kaplan CAT exam generates questions depending on how you answer them.

In essence, it gives you a feel of how the actual exam feels like.

Verdict: When it comes to UWorld vs Kaplan Qbank, it’s a tie. While UWorld gives a detailed explanation to help learners understand the reason behind the correct and incorrect answer choices, Kaplan gives test-takers a peek into the real NCLEX exam.

Video Lessons

Straight up, the UWorld review course doesn’t offer video lectures.

On the contrary, Kaplan study packages come with video lectures covering over 300 topics tested in NCLEX.

The videos go through the exam’s core concepts and test strategies.

You can review the topics in the video through live sessions or pre-recorded lectures if you can’t attend the live sessions.

The winner: Clearly, Kaplan tops when comparing UWorld vs Kaplan video lessons. This is because UWorld doesn’t offer this study mode.

Live Instruction Classes

Kaplan NCLEX prep course offers 18 hours of live sessions.

The hours are split into six sessions over several weeks, each running for 3 hours.

The sessions delve deep into the NCLEX exam topics.

And since the study hours are spread over time, the material is more digestible.

On the flip side, UWorld doesn’t have live sessions.

Verdict: Kaplan takes the day since UWorld doesn’t have live classes.

Geriatric Physical Therapist

Kaplan offers a pass guarantee for test-takers.

Learners who fail the NCLEX on the first attempt are eligible for a full refund or three months of access to the course free of charge.

The money-back-guarantee comes with terms and conditions that test-takers must meet to be eligible for the refund.

You must have completed at least 900 practice questions and all the coursework.

In contrast, UWorld doesn’t have a money-back guarantee.

Our verdict: Kaplan wins! If you fail the exam on the first trial, you won’t pay again to retake the prep course. You can also have your money back and purchase study materials from another provider.

Student Support

When it comes to student support, Kaplan offers a wide range of options to get in touch.

You can reach the Kaplan team through live chat on the website, phone, email, or social media handles, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

UWorld offers two options to contact them, email and a web contact form.

From the comparison, Kaplan gives you options to get help in real-time.

Our verdict: Kaplan takes the lead.

Geriatric Physical Therapist

As for the UWorld vs Kaplan platforms’ ease of use, both have a clear user interface.

Kaplan platform is well organized, with an array of tools and features that learners can leverage depending on their needs.

You can resort to adaptive tests, test-taking strategies, video content, and more.

The platform makes it easy to review specific content.

The UWorld NCLEX platform is easy to navigate because of its intuitive nature.

The self-assessment test dashboard replicates the actual NCLEX board.

Taking the tests allows you to be comfortable with the actual exam.

You’ll be more confident when taking the actual exam on the test day.

Verdict: UWorld takes the lead because it exposes nursing students to exactly what to expect in the exam. Further, navigating the website is easy.

 UWorld vs Kaplan Comparison Table

Practice exams1-2 depending on the study package3
Package prices$139-$329$129-$525
Money-back guaranteeNoYes
Student support YesYes
Live classes hoursNoneYes
Video lessonsNoneYes

UWorld vs Kaplan: Which Is the Best Choice

UWorld vs Kaplan: Which Is the Best Choice

Kaplan NCLEX prep course takes the lead in student support, video lessons, live classes, price and study packages, and a money-back guarantee.

UWorld stood out for the platform’s ease of use.

The two draw when it comes to Qbank and practice questions.

It’s clear that Kaplan wins hands down when it comes to the quality and quantity of NCLEX study materials.

You can settle for Kaplan if you are looking for a pass-guarantee course that will ensure you get your money back if you fail the exam.

You’ll also find Kaplan useful if you need comprehensive study tools and resources.

You’ll have access to Qbank, video lessons, a prep book, and so on.

Finally, it’s an excellent option if you want to have a feel of NCLEX before taking the actual exam.

UWorld, on the other hand, is perfect if you are on a tight budget and want to review NCLEX core content using practice questions that come with comprehensive rationales.

UWorld vs Kaplan FAQs

Does Kaplan really help pass NCLEX?

Yes. According to the website, test-takers who take the three CAT exams are seven times more likely to pass the NCLEX the first time. Kaplan offers an array of study materials, including video lessons, Qbank, and CAT exams designed to help you pass NCLEX.

Is Kaplan harder than NCLEX?

Yes. Most test-takers in forums like Reddit and all nurses have complained that the Kaplan practice questions are harder than NCLEX. While it may sound like a bad thing, it isn’t. If you train hard, you fight easy. The same goes for when preparing for the NCLEX.

Is Kaplan QBank harder than UWorld?

Kaplan Qbank is harder than UWorld. Kaplan has 2,100 questions in the Qbank that can be customized. These NCLEX-style questions are trickier, more detailed, and longer. You’ll find it difficult to wrap your head around what’s being asked. You’ll need more than an understanding of the course content.

Is UWorld worth it for NCLEX?

Yes. According to the website, test-takers who got 57% or higher in the UWorld question bank and scored high or very high in the self-assessment test report a pass rate of 98%. That means UWorld is worth it when preparing for NCLEX. The detailed rationales are the game changer.

What is the difference between Kaplan and UWorld?

Here is the difference between UWorld vs Kaplan:
– UWorld majorly offers practice questions, while Kaplan takes a more holistic approach and offers several study materials.
– Kaplan is more expensive than UWorld
– UWorld has 2,350 practice questions, while Kaplan has 2,100
– Kaplan has CAT exams. UWorld doesn’t.

Is Kaplan more expensive than UWorld?

Yes. Kaplan’s least-priced package is $425, while UWorld’s is $139. The most expensive plan is $525 for Kaplan and $329 for UWorld. Kaplan has an assortment of study materials that learners can buy individually or as a combination of two or three at affordable costs.

Which is better for NCLEX, Kaplan, or UWorld?

It depends. Go for the UWorld NCLEX review course if you have a solid foundation of the content tested in the NCLEX, and you only need to jog your memory using practice questions. Kaplan is perfect if you need comprehensive study materials that go deep into the exam content.

Is Kaplan a good study tool for NCLEX?

Yes. You’ll have access to video lessons that cover 300+ topics in detail. There’s also the prep book that gives an overview of the exam material. The practice question allows you to test your understanding of the different topics. The CAT exams help manage your expectation of the actual exam.

Is UWorld worth the money?

Yes. It’s worth the money. UWorld offers over 2,000 practice questions. The rationales are second to none. They go in-depth into why your answer is correct or incorrect. You can review all the answer choices’ rationales. The explanations are detailed with illustrations, vivid images, graphs, and diagrams.

What is the Kaplan vs UWorld cost?

Here is a breakdown of the costs. UWorld, 30, 60, 90, and 180-Day Access Qbank’ are $139, $169, $219, and $329, respectively. The price ranges from $139-$329. Kaplan’s self-paced study package is $425. The live online costs $525. You can also get individual study materials from $129 to $279.


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