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Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary – An Overview

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary - An Overview

An Emergency Nurse Practitioner is a Healthcare Provider who performs services in the emergency room to patients from all walks of life and all age groups.

Although they treat all types of diseases ranging from acute to chronic diseases, they are also trained to care for people who have faced accidents or mishaps.

Emergency Nurse Practitioners are in demand and are trained to perform well under overwhelming and stressful situations.

Being a service provider in the emergency department of a clinic or a healthcare institute calls for pressure on the Nurse or Doctor.

Therefore, primary care is provided in the urgent care department to comfort the patient there, and then later, the patient can be transferred to respective Specialists if needed.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary - An Overview

In the US, the annual salary of an Emergency Nurse Practitioner is almost $134,000. It is $65 per hour or $12,000 per month to break it down.

The BLS has stated that Emergency Care Providers are well-paid in most states in the US.

Many Emergency Nurse Practitioners are on duty mostly full-time as they give emergency care to the patients who come to the ER or the urgent care facility.

They also are not able to take many holidays or vacations.

Due to the workload, their base salary is attractive.

They are inspired to perform well by giving financial perks.

Family Nurse Practitioners or FNPs are usually performing a similar job.

However, they also take care of patients of different age groups ranging from pediatrics to adult patient care.

An ENP’s salary is not only dependent on their job description.

It depends on many other factors, including; the state they are working in in the US, the national average for the ENP Salary, licensure, years of experience, etc.

We will further discuss these common factors in detail.

The factors on which the annual salary and the base salary depend are:

Job Description

As in any job, the base salary depends on the tasks assigned to the person, as ENP is a job that requires the person to be present for long hours and their tasks are also physically and mentally exhausting, this makes their job a well-paid one.

National Average

The national average by the US is not set to a certain amount – It differs from state to state.

The average also depends on the demand for Emergency Care Providers.

Job Alerts and Availability:

As a basic rule, it is said that the place where there are more jobs available and fewer people to fill in the jobs, the pay is higher.

The places where there are more qualified people and fewer jobs available, the pay is comparatively lower.


This is one of the most important factors.

In the healthcare industry, education and licensure matter a lot.

One can not perform services if the right boards do not license them.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary by State

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary by State

The US is based on state-wise medical healthcare professional details.

As there are a lot of medical professionals belonging to specific fields, it is important to understand how the state decides the average salary of a certain Care Provider.

A Registered Nurse is a Nurse who is commonly available in most medical clinics have a lower average salary than a Pediatric Nurse who has specialized training.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary by State

A specialized Nurse needs to study further and put in more time and effort to become a specialized professional in their field.

The pay rate differs from state to state, and some states pay a handsome amount to all professions.

But on the other hand, some states pay lower than the national average.


Topping the list of the highest-paid Emergency Nurse Practitioner state in the US is California.

Specifically, San Mateo is on top of the list.

The San Mateo market is the most active market for emergency care, as there are a lot of companies and agencies hiring for this post.

Other cities in the top 10 are Santa Monica, Berkeley, Daly City, and Richmond. Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are also well-known for their growing healthcare industry.

The demand for healthcare professionals, especially service providers for outpatients, is increasing demand.

ENPs are one such professional.

ER NP is a job that needs applicants to fill the place all the time.

The ER can never be short-staffed as emergency cases can come in within 24 hours.  


The second highest-paying state in the US is Alaska.

Quite a few cities in Alaska are high-paying and well-rewarding for Emergency Nurse Practitioners.

Cities like Juneau rate the first in this state.

This state also has a lot of cities that offer great opportunities for Nurses, especially Emergency Care Nurses.

This makes it an attractive location to shift to.  

New York

Nurse Practitioner jobs, especially Emergency Nurse Practitioner jobs, are well paid in other states of the US, namely New York.

New York is a famous state and also the capital of America.

It is an ever-growing economy that presents benefits to people belonging to all walks and professions of life.

Similarly, medicine and related professions earn well here.

Comprising mostly cosmopolitan cities, the state of New York has a high demand for emergency medicine and FNP and ENP.


Another state of the US famous for good pay scales for Nurses, in general, is Massachusetts.

In this state, it is said that Nurse Practitioner makes around $157,000 per year.

The most paying city in this state is Boston second in line is Lowell.


This state is another state that favors good packages for Nurse Practitioners.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses here are said to make $154,000 annually.

The Emergency NP jobs in the state of Washington are ever-increasing.


This state has also made its name on the list of the top states regarding emergency medicine Nurse Practitioner salaries.

The city of Denver is the most well-known for facilitating the ENPs in terms of better salaries and other benefits.

It is an opportunity to change your location if you are in the related fields and if you want to improve the average pay rate.

This also proposes great job opportunities and skill development for Nurses and other medical professionals.

The income can vary as per the level of skill, the years of experience, and the locality.

All the mentioned factors impact the level of income tremendously.

Most of the states mentioned also have a high cost of living, so paying a handsome amount is only a good way to facilitate the living standards of Nurse Practitioners.

The salary range for part-time ENPs is different from that of full-time ENPs.

This also causes a deviation in the national average; otherwise, a full-time ENP may be earning more than what is stated above.

Bureau of labor statistics states that the annual salary range lies between $110,000 to $134,000.

The Nurses being paid less than this should reconsider their job.

Another thing brought to notice is moving to localities with a lower cost of living.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary by Qualification and Certification

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary by Qualification and Certification

As seen, the Emergency NP Salary varies from state to state.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary by Qualification and Certification

Other than being in different states, there are a few more reasons why ENPs might be getting different salaries even if they are in the same healthcare facility:


One of the main reasons for differences in income can be education.

One Nurse may have attended a Nursing program from a local Nursing School, while the other may have done BSN from a renowned school.

Other than that, one may have MSN, and the other may have done DNP.

All these are different levels of degrees.

A Master’s degree is compulsory in Nurse Practitioner Programs, but taking up further courses and certification programs is a personal choice; this choice greatly impacts the level of income of the ENP.

A Master of Science in Nursing has the knowledge and training to perform well in the critical care department and regular patient care.

The level of responsibility is huge.

Therefore, this is a great factor to consider when deciding on a certain Nurse’s salary.


Apart from qualification and degree, the next level is certification.

To become an ENP, the Nurse needs to take exams and get certified from either the 2 boards functioning in the US American Academy of Nurse Practitioners National Certification Board (AANPNCB) or the  American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

Upon receiving this certificate, the Nurse is now fully equipped to perform duties in Critical Care, in an emergency room, or as a Physician Assistant in Emergency Care.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary as per Experience

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary as per Experience

Being in the medical field, experience is the most important factor when deciding who to hire or even the applicant’s salary.

The same is the case with an Emergency Care Nurse Practitioner.

The ENP performs care of different types, including acute care or care for patients with chronic illnesses, but if they are new, their salary will be much less than the ENP who has years of experience.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary as per Experience

Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner Salary is not the same even if they perform in the same hospital or clinic.

Experience is one of the big reasons for a difference in pay.

Even the highest-paying states like California or New York don’t pay newcomers the same as those with years of experience.


Conclusion on Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary

It is now understood that the ENP salaries are based on many factors.

For example, different ENPs get paid different amounts due to differences in education, experience, living in a different state, etc.

Most states in the US support Emergency Nurse Practitioner jobs and want to promote growth in the output of Emergency Nurse Practitioners.

This is why ER NP Salary is given importance.

It is always advised to healthcare centers to provide benefits and good perks to the service providers to motivate them to perform better at their jobs.


FAQs on NICU nurses vs Nursery nurses

How much do Nurse Practitioners make?

As a national average, the BLS has stated that an ENP makes a maximum of $134,000 per year. The lowest is very low, going down to $90,000 per year.

Are there enough ER NP jobs?

There is always a demand for ENPs, which makes the job attractive for those entering the nursing field. The jobs are mostly well-paid. However, the demand also makes the healthcare system revise and makes the salary and other benefits even better to attract more medical students to join the field.

Do the salaries differ from state to state in the US?

Yes. Salaries do differ from state to state. There are various reasons for this, one of the major ones being the cost of living.

What are the other factors taken into consideration while deciding on salaries?

Other factors that are taken into consideration while deciding on the salary of an ENP are; education, certification, experience, and more.

Are there other benefits given to the ENPs?

The other benefits are usually similar to those given to people from all professions. Some of the benefits are waiving off school Nursing fees or education discounts, paid holidays, health insurance, etc.


Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary in California in 2022

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