Cutest Computer Desk Accessories

Keeping up with our latest reviews on some of the best office accessories, we’d like to review some of the cutest computer desk accessories.

These are accessories that you can purchase and place on your computer desk, whether it is at your home or in your work office.

Similarly, you can also check-out our latest office accessories reviews, including the best engineering desk accessories, the best Disney desk accessories, and the best Lucite desk accessories.

When it comes to the cutest computer desk accessories, we admit that cute is highly subjective.

Whereas Lucite or Disney or engineering desk accessories are pretty cut-and-dry, cute can vary from one-person to another.

However, we’re going to review items and accessories which appear cute and overall pleasing.

These will be items and accessories which you can place on top of your desk and are sure to receive admiration and affection from your colleagues and coworkers.

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Post-It Cat Figure Pop-Up Note Dispenser

This Post-It Cat Figure Pop-Up Note Dispenser is undeniably cute.

Made by the Post-It company, it is durable and well-built.

It features a white cat, seated with its legs outstretched, allowing for a 3×3 inch Post-It note to be fitted in neatly.

A simple, no-frills, cute gift that is sure to delight any cat lover.

Elephant Pencil and Phone Holder

If we took a poll, I’d bet that elephants are one of the most loved and adored animals on the planet.

With their gentle nature and large tusks, elephants have been revered by humans for millennia.

Now, you can bring the love of elephants to your office desk with this Elephant Pencil and Phone Holder.

The tusks on this elephant are large enough to hold nearly any sized phone, with the back providing ample space to hold pens, pencils, and other office supplies.

The side of the elephant is multi-colored and exquisitely designed.

You’re sure to love this item, particularly if you are a fan of elephants.

Silicone Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

Okay, I think my love of cats is beginning to show.

But if you’re looking for the cutest computer desk accessories, then this Silicone Wrist Rest Mouse Pad is the ultimate in cute.

Made of environmentally friendly soft silicone, this mouse pad mimics the look of a cat’s paw.

Ergonomically designed, this mouse pad offers the support and comfort you need all day.

Cute Unicorn Cell Phone Holder Stand

“Cute”, “adorable”, “OMG I need that!”

Just some of the comments we received for this Cute Unicorn Cell Phone Holder Stand.

Featuring a seated unicorn with arms outstretched, this cell phone holder is the perfect office desk accessory.

You can also find other designs on Amazon by this company, including a bear, a polar bear, and a cat.

Gold Paper Clips in a Magnetic White Marble Holder

If you’re a fan of paperclips, then you understand the frustration that comes from losing your paperclips.

Worse yet, having your paperclips scattered across your desk and drawers.

Ease those problems with this Gold Papers Clips in a Magnetic White Marble Holder.

Featuring gorgeous gold paperclips and a white, marble top, this paperclip holder is sophisticated and chic.

Lap Desk with Phone Holder and Device Ledge by LapGear

If you have a home office or work at a more relaxed office with open spaces and bean bag chairs, then you may want to invest in a lap desk.

A lap desk is a cushioned desk which is portable and can be used to place your laptop on to complete work.

This Lap Desk with Phone Holder and Device Ledge by LapGear comes in a variety of cute and pretty designs.

The surface is wood-inspired and will complement your home or office décor.

There is space for a phone holder and a ledge to ensure your laptop or notebook remains in place.

Feng Shui Natural Rose-Pink Quartz Crystal Money Tree

The teachings of Feng Shui have remained popular since originally introduced thousands of years ago.

Now, you can bring that harmony and calm into your home or work office with the Feng Shui Natural Rose-Pink Quartz Crustal Money Tree.

Made of resin and crustal stone, this Feng Shui bonsai tree can be styled and decorated in an order that you find pleasing.

Multipurpose Bear Office Holder

Okay, you have your glasses, your keys, your phone, your pens and pencils, and other random objects and items with you.

How can you make sure that all of those items are stored properly and neatly?

Well, with the Multipurpose Bear Office Holder obviously!

This cute bear features enough space to hold your glasses, hang your keys, drop in the pens and pencils, and lift your phone.

It’s one of the cutest computer desk accessories and an absolute lifesaver to not lose anything.

Otter Tape Dispenser

Otters are some of the cutest animals, especially when they lay on their backs!

That’s why this Otter Tape Dispenser is such a great accessory to add to your desk.

Featuring a realistic looking, 6-inch otter on its back, you can place a roll of tape in-between its hands.

Retro Typewriter Pencil Holder

If you’re a fan of retro styles, or typewriters, then this Retro Typewriter Pencil Holder is the perfect accessory for you.

Large enough to fit a number of pens or pencils, this typewriter designed pen holder is a great accessory for the writer in you.

A true Hemingway replica, this pen holder is made of polyresin and is sized at 4×4 inches.


We’ll admit, generally, the cutest computer desk accessories are usually based around animals.

While we absolutely adored the otter tape dispenser, our top pick is definitely the elephant pencil and phone holder.

However, if you’re looking for a smaller item, we’d highly recommend the cat paw mouse pad.

Whichever one you decide, we’re confident you and your colleagues are going to love it.

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