Best Zoom and Video Interviewing Tips

With the recent coronavirus pandemic, many interviews and meetings are being held via Zoom or other video conferencing tools.

These tools, while useful, still require a certain amount of practice and technical expertise to ensure proper usage.

We are going to review the best Zoom and video interviewing tips and will provide practical tips and tricks to ensure you look as buttoned-up and professional as possible.

While prepping for a traditional interview is pretty simple and straightforward, interviews can be a little more complex when held on a Zoom or video conferencing call.

Typically, in a traditional interview, to be a great interviewee you should conduct some basic research on the company before the day of the interview.

In addition, you should dress to impress, bring multiple copies of your resume, and practice the route you will take to arrive at the interview location on time.

While some of these steps are important for Zoom and other video conferencing interviews, they may not be necessary.

Remember, a Zoom or video conferencing interview is held digitally, and you will not need to go into the actual, physical location.

Therefore, the rules and etiquette are slightly different.

What is a Zoom or Video Conference Interview?

Zoom is currently one of the most popular video conferencing solutions.

Other video conferencing solutions include Cisco’s Webex, Google Hangout’s, and BlueJeans.

Zoom and these other video conferencing solutions allow for you to connect remotely and digitally for both a video and voice call meeting.

Both Zoom and these other video conferencing solutions allow you to turn on or off the camera and the sound.

However, as this will be a virtual interview, it is highly recommended, if not mandatory, to keep both your video screen and sound on throughout the duration of the interview.

This doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to pause the sound if you need to, but it should only be done momentarily.

Lastly, if you do not have a dedicated laptop, desktop, or workstation to conduct the Zoom or video conference interview, these companies offer mobile applications.

These mobile applications are available for both Apple’s iPhone and Android phones.

If you do take the Zoom interview via your smartphone, be sure that you have adequate mobile signal and place the device in a position that shows your face.

What Should You Wear to a Zoom Interview?

While you may not consider a Zoom or video conferencing interview as a true interview, it actually is.

As-such, you should continue to act and dress in a professional and mature manner.

When it comes to dress for a Zoom interview, you should continue to dress in business professional wear.

For men, you can continue to wear a suit and a buttoned-down shirt, ideally with a tie.

For women, you’ll want to dress in business professional attire.

A button-down shirt and business professional pants are a perfect fit.

While the interview will be held virtually, you will still want to make a great first impression and present yourself in a professional manner.

With that in mind, you will still want to avoid any clothing or accessories which can be distracting and present yourself as unprofessional.

You won’t want to wear anything that is too bright, and you should avoid wearing too many pieces of jewelry or an excess of makeup.

Preparing for a Zoom or Video Conference Interview

When it comes to the best Zoom and video interviewing tips, our best tip and piece of advice is to familiarize yourself with the technology.

Each platform is slightly different than the other and you do not want to run into technical difficulties during the interview.

Rather, run a quick practice with the Zoom or video conference platform before the day of the interview to help you feel more comfortable with it.

Best Zoom and Video Interviewing Tips

Ensure You Have Adequate Bandwidth or Signal

In addition to familiarizing yourself with the Zoom or video conference platform, you’ll also want to ensure that you’re able to handle the bandwidth needs of the platform.

Most of these platforms will need a good internet connection to work properly and to appear crisp.

If you have shoddy or intermittent connection, you may consider taking the video interview at a friend or family-members house.

Remove Distractions from Your Background

As the Zoom or video conference interview will be held digitally, you will want to ensure there are no distractions or embarrassing items behind your field of view.

Don’t forget, the interviewer will not only be able to see you but will also be able to see everything behind you.

Ideally, you will want to find a room within your house where you can be alone and where there is no additional noise.

In addition, you should have yourself seated directly in front of a wall, where the interviewer will be forced to focus on you and your answers.

Conduct Your Adequate Due Diligence

As with any interview, you will want to conduct your due diligence before the start of the interview.

This includes researching the company and the position that you are applying for.

In addition, you will want to review a list of commonly asked interview questions and prepare for them.

While this may be a Zoom interview, you will still want to be as prepared as possible.

Best Zoom and Video Interviewing Tips

Work on Your Body Language and Speech

One of the best Zoom and video interviewing tips is simply this, work and concentrate on your body language and speech.

It may feel odd to conduct an interview digitally, but you don’t want that feeling to distract you from presenting yourself in the best manner.

As-such be sure that your body language is subdued and professional.

In addition, speak clearly and enunciate your words.

The interviewer may have some internet lag on their end and will appreciate your enunciation.

Be on Time, But Don’t Be Early

Contrary to a traditional, in-person interview, you will want to show up for the video interview on time, but not early.

The reason?

Many interviewers utilize the same Zoom code or ID for different meetings.

You don’t want to hop on the video call too early and interrupt another meeting.

Rather, try to video into the interview at the time of the interview.

We also highly recommend double-checking the date and time of the meeting and ensuring that the meeting time zone is being held at your time zone.

These simple steps will help you to avoid any confusion and bee on-time for the Zoom interview.


We live in changing and evolving times.

As-such, we need to work diligently to ensure that we are appropriately prepared.

When it comes to the best Zoom and video interviewing tips, be sure to always appear professional and mature in your speech and demonstration.

In addition, be sure to practice and troubleshoot on the specific platform where the video interview will occur.

This will help you to avoid any embarrassments and allow you to be more confident throughout the interview.

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