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    Why You Need a Great Interview Folder

    We’ve previously discussed a list of items you should be bringing with you to an interview.  This list of 16-items included multiple copies of your resume, professional looking pens to take down notes, and breath mints or gum to ensure you have a clean, fresh smelling breath before the interview.  However, perhaps more importantly than any of the other items, is the need to bring an interview folder with you to the interview.

    Interview folders are the best and most professional way to present yourself as a candidate whom is prepared and orderly.  This is why you need a great interview folder.  Interview folders help you to keep track of your documents, including your resume, a list of your references, and business cards.  It is also the one item that will help you to carry all of the other items and ensure that you don’t leave anything behind.

    Different Types of Interview Folders

    Generally speaking, interview folders can come in a couple of styles.  The most common is a leather padding on the outside, providing a sleek, modern take to the folder.  These leather interview folders generally come in either black or brown. 

    Other than leather, interview folders can come in either plastic or felt padding.  These generally look a bit less professional and we don’t recommend their use.  On the inside, you will generally find sheets of paper to the right-hand side of the folder.  To the left-hand side, you’ll find additional folder space to hold documents.

    Interview folders generally range in price.  On the low-end, expect to spend $10.  On the high-end, expect to spend over $150.  The high-end interview folders are made of genuine leather and are typically handmade.  These interview folders can be used for other uses, including as a daily folder to hold your documents.

    The high-end interview folders also have additional storage space and are made to fit a slew of documents, pens, business cards, and even a laptop.  Although interview folders are marketed as unisex, there are a few that are marketed to either men or women.  We recommend opting for the one that reflects your personality and how you perceive yourself.

    When it comes to deciding on the right interview folder, you should consider the company where you are interviewing.  For more well-established, traditional brands, it is best to go with an inconspicuous folder and one that doesn’t call too much attention.  However, if you are interviewing at a startup or a creative company, feel free to utilize a folder that more closely mirrors your personality.

    This is another reason why you need a great interview folder.  Not only will it help you to carry your items and documents, but it is an expression of your self and your personality.  It can also be used as a daily folder, so you should purchase one that you will be satisfied to use day-in and day-out.


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