Hey, and welcome to our SIE study material guide.

In this article, we’ll highlight our top picks in SIE exam prep courses.

After reading this article, you’ll be able to choose the right prep course to help you ace the SIE exam.

Our top picks include:

  • Knopmanmarks Financial Training
  • ExamFX
  • Securities Institute of America
  • Securities Training Corporation
  • Kaplan

Let’s get started with Knopmanmarks Financial Training.

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Knopmanmarks Financial Training

knopmanmarks has the highest pass rate among the SIE prep courses we’ll review today.

According to the website, test-takers who score 99% in their benchmark SIE exam pass the actual exam on the first trial.

Further, 99% of those who score between 65 and 70 in the diagnostic exam also pass the SIE exam on the first attempt.

Knopmanmarks has the most comprehensive study materials for the SIE exam.

Exam takers can choose a self-study package or add-ons for an additional cost.

Here are the materials in the self-study package.

  • Physical and digital textbook
  • Online question bank
  • 14 hours of video lectures
  • iOS mobile app for offline studies
  • Access to the training center
  • Benchmark and diagnostic exam
  • downloadable supplements
  • Digital flashcards

This plan costs $250

Students can opt for the premium plan, which adds more materials to the self-study package.

The add-ons include:

  • Live traditional faculty-led classes that run for 2-3 days
  • Group onboarding call to help students get started with the SIE course
  • Ongoing review sessions to answer challenging questions in the study material
  • Blended classes that comprise review sessions and recorded lectures.

This option increases the cost by $225.

Although the Knopmanmarks’ study package is comprehensive, it’s expensive compared with other SIE study programs that equally offer great resources.

Learners can spend less and still find a good course, although they’ll miss a few features.

Knopmanmarks delivery is outstanding.

Its SIE textbook is quite detailed, and the chapter content is well organized.

Further, the online training center is a hub of resources.

With a friendly user interface, candidates can easily navigate the flashcards, videos, and practice tests.

The provider offers ongoing check-ins and email updates on study and exam tips.

That’s not all.

Test takers have access to the prep course for a year.

We particularly like the fact that Knopmanmarks bundle the SIE exam prep course with other FINRA exam materials at a subsidized rate.

Test-takers can take the SIE course individually or combine it with Series 7, 57, or 99 materials.

The main downside of this prep course is the practice questions, which are long and quite complicated.

While tricky questions are good as they simulate the main exam, it’s even better to strike a balance so that the exam-takers don’t get even more confused.

The goal of practice questions is to test learners’ understanding.

Perhaps a change in the question style will serve learners better.

We also find the 30-day return policy biased, as the refund is subject to administrative fees.

Knopmanmarks ranks top of our list as the most comprehensive option for the SIE exam prep course.

Overall, we give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

It has excellent study material.

The only drawback is the price points.


According to the website, ExamFX offers three study packages: self-study, video study, and live online.

The self-study prep course costs $99.95 and gives students access to an interactive online learning portal, readiness exam, simulated online exams, and a guaranteed assessment.

Although it’s a self-study, learners also have access to instructor support.

The next plan, the video study plan, has all the materials in the self-study package, plus digital flashcards and on-demand video lectures.

This package goes for $139.95.

The last plan, the live online package, is $209.95.

Here, learners have access to live online training bundled with all the study tools in the first two packages.

We can say, ExamFX has broken down the study packages to suit the different learning styles of their students.

Apart from that, the prices are quite affordable.

Now, this is important.

The pass guarantee is only acknowledged if one gets 80% in the ExamFX guarantee exam and takes the SIE exam three days after the test.

If a candidate meets these requirements and fails the actual exam, they are eligible for a refund.

This SIE online course is perfect for people with exam anxiety.

Apart from the guarantee exam that assures exam takers of their preparedness, there is also the readiness exam.

With the readiness exam, test-takers can identify loopholes and further reinforce the knowledge gaps before taking the guarantee exam.

One of the areas EXamFX needs to improve is the practice questions.

The SIE study materials have practice tests at the end of each lesson, which is excellent.

But there are no full SIE practice exams at the end of the course to test the whole course content.

When it comes to the study materials, they can be accessed through a mobile device.

That means learners can review the course content on the go.

Even more important, the system synchronizes progress on users’ devices.

Furthermore, the live online instruction is an excellent offer, though it will require candidates to dig deeper into their pockets.

 It allows learners to interact with instructors who are expert broker-dealers in the industry.

They can ask questions and get guidance on the SIE exam and careers in the financial service industry.

We also noticed that, while digital flashcards are a great resource, they can only be accessed online.

What a letdown!

With a pass rate of 93% on the first trial, we give ExamFX 4.5 out of 5 stars.

In our opinion, it’s the best option overall because of the modest price range and the array of study materials at each level.

Securities Institute of America (SIA)

Securities Institute of America is yet another giant in the SIE test prep course market worth your attention.

It not only offers the SIE exam but also 21 other courses, including but not limited to Series 6 and Series 7 exams.

Securities Institute of America ranks as the most affordable SIE practice exam prep course.

The study materials are developed in collaboration with John Wiley & Sons.

According to the website, there are three packages to choose from.

The most comprehensive training package costs $109.

This plan offers an ebook and physical textbook, 12-14 hours of video, 1,000 SIE test questions, green light money back pass guarantee exam, and phone, email, or live chat support.

The second plans cost $79.00, while the third is $49.95.

The common study material among these two includes 1,000 test questions, a green light guarantee exam, a checkpoint exam, and 15 ways to customize the exam questions.

Of course, the second plan has more study tools than the basic one.

So, what makes this FINRA SIE prep course great?

The video lectures offer in-depth information on the SIE content outline.

In addition, learners can customize the practice exam in 15 different ways.

One can choose to create test questions per topic or a random test that covers all the topics.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There are thirteen more ways.

This trick makes it possible to test different angles of the course content.

Another impressive aspect of SIA is the physical textbook that is shipped free of charge if you purchase the premium or essential packages.

The pass rate for this prep course is 90%.

The number of practice questions in the prep course is impressive.

But given that the SIE exam is only 75 multiple-choice questions, the 1,000 practice questions are excessive.

So, perhaps preparing with all the practice questions is unnecessary.

And finally, online support is a great resource when you need help.

SIA SIE prep course is the best fit for self-study option.

SIA gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Securities Training Corporation (STC)

The Securities Training Corporation is based in Newyork.

Apart from the SIE exam preparation course, it also offers courses for FINRA top-off exams.

STC is the only organization with an in-person securities industry essential exam prep among the prep courses we’ve reviewed.

Its packages come in three tiers.

The top tier, premier plus, goes for $260.21.

In this plan, test-takers have access to live virtual or in-person classes, printed study material, online study manual, SIE Q & A session, progress exams, 24/7 tech support, crunch time facts, flashcards, green light exam, and STC pass guarantee.

The next plan has all the study tools in the premier plus plan except the STC pass guarantee, live virtual/in-person class, and SIE recorded live virtual class.

Additionally, it has on-demand flashcards.

This tier costs $124.36.

The third tier, the SIE digital e-course, is $113.91.

Apart from all the tools the premier plan lacks, the SIE digital e-course package also doesn’t have flashcards.

STC offers a great option for exam-takers because of its print material.

Some study tools like flashcards come in print, making offline learning a breeze.

Towards the end of the coursework, learners get to crutch time facts, which is a great way to recall key information.

Candidates are guaranteed to pass the SIE exam if they score 75% on the green light exam.

If they don’t pass the actual exam, they get a refund or help from STC to retake it.

Another great aspect of this course is that if you don’t need the bundled courses, you can buy single study materials like the textbook, practice exam, virtual webinars, etc., which are cheaper.

The one area they need to improve is the video lectures.

The videos are long, and the delivery is dull, making information retention challenging.

Again, the study material is dry, making it hard to follow.

If STC can improve in these two areas, this prep course will be the best, as the study materials are already comprehensive.

According to the website, the pass rate for first-time test takers is 95%.

STC SIE exam course is great for individuals who prefer traditional classes.

That means they have to purchase the premier plus plan.

We give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Kaplan Financial Education

Kaplan Financial Education offers a wide range of study resources for different certifications.

Currently, it has released the 2nd edition of the SIE exam preparation.

Kaplan study package is divided into three plans, basic, essential, and premium package.

The offerings for each plan differ, and so does the cost.

All three plans have License Exam Manual (LEM), study calendar, performance tracker, securities pro QBank, practice exam, and exam tip and content updates.

These materials make up the basic plan, which costs $99.

The second plan is the Essential Study Package for $149.

This is a self-study plan with eight study tools.

Besides the basic plan items, learners also have access to the midterm exam, video library, and checkpoint exam.

And finally, the premium package.

Kaplan Premium Instruction Package is loaded with great resources to help exam takers adequately prepare for the securities industry essentials exam.

This package comes with class notes, a mastery exam, and an instructor link on top of what the first two packages have.

With the Premium Instruction package, students can choose one with a live-online package, which is $229, or an on-demand class that costs $199.

In our opinion, the live and on-demand classes make the premium package an excellent option.

But generally, the first two packages have little to offer.

For example, the basic plan only has one practice exam.

The checkpoint exam that helps test-takers review their retention capacity at the end of each section is only in the essential and premium package.

With all three plans, candidates have five months’ access to the study materials.

If this period elapses and one hasn’t passed the exam, they can purchase an additional five months extension.

Kaplan LEM covers the SIE exam content in great length.

The topics are broken down into easy-to-digest concepts using exercises, graphics, discussion questions, and quizzes.

Further, the securities pro-QBank is updated regularly.

You can create exams on the different topics to grasp the course work better.

If a learner doesn’t have enough for the premium plan, they can purchase the pre-recorded video lectures separately, which is a great option for visual learners.

On the flip side, we didn’t like that the License Exam Manual has an audio version sold separately.

It should be part of the bundled study packages.

Further, Kaplan doesn’t reveal its pass rate.

Kaplan SIE exam prep course is excellent for in-person live classes.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


We reviewed several SIE prep courses based on the study materials and resources provided, prices, the course access duration, and pass rate.

Our top selections are SIE exam prep courses that offer competitive prices, great study tools, and diverse study options for different learning styles.

They also have an above-average pass rate and excellent online user reviews.


There are many SIE study materials you can leverage to prepare for the FINRA securities industry essentials exam.

Our top picks are Knopmanmarks, ExamFX, Securities Institute of America, Securities Training Corporation, and Kaplan.

These study programs have some of the best materials to prepare for the SIE exam.

Their prices are equally competitive.

So, take your time to review them before choosing the one that best suits your revision needs.

We wish you the best of luck as you prepare for the SIE exam.


What is the best way to study for the SIE exam?

– Gather the right study materials. You can purchase a prep course.
– Dedicate time to studying for the exam, depending on your availability and exam date.
– Once you are done with the material, take several practice tests to gauge your understanding.
– When you consistently get 75%, you are ready.

What if I fail the SIE exam?

If you fail the SIE exam, you can retake it until you pass. The number of retakes is not limited. However, there’s a 30-day waiting period for the second and the third attempt. The fourth and subsequent attempts have 180 waiting days.

What is the best study material for the SIE exam?

What is the best way to study for the SIE exam?
– Gather the right study materials. You can purchase a prep course.
– Dedicate time to studying for the exam, depending on your availability and exam date.
– Once you are done with the material, take several practice tests to gauge your understanding.
– When you consistently get 75%, you are ready.

What material is on the SIE exam?

The SIE exam is broken into four sections:

– Knowledge of Capital Markets- 12 questions
– Understanding Products and Their Risks- 33 questions
– Understanding Trading, Customer Accounts, and Prohibited Activities -23 questions
– Overview of Regulatory Framework -7 questions

How hard is the FINRA SIE exam?

The SIE exam has a pass rate of 74% for first-time test takers. That means it’s challenging. Using the test prep questions helps, but you must understand the concept. The exam wording may confuse you if you don’t have comprehensive knowledge of the SIE content.

How much time do you need to study for the SIE?

You need around two months if you don’t have any experience or background education in finance. The study time reduces by half if you have a background in finance. But generally, the more time you commit to studying, the sooner you’ll be able to take the exam.

What is the pass rate for the SIE?

The overall pass rate is 82%. First-time test takers’ pass rate is 74%. It’s easy to pass the exam if you put in the effort from the onset. Get the right study materials and dedicate considerable time to study. You’ll increase your chances of passing.

What is the SIE?

SIE is an entry-level qualification exam offered by FINRA. The exam is for professionals who want to enter the financial service industry. It tests basic knowledge of regulatory agencies, structure, the function of the security industry, prohibited practices, etc.

What is required for the SIE exam?

Apart from being 18 years of age, there are no other requirements. Exam-takers can be students in college or professionals seeking to transition into the financial service industry. Test-takers don’t need to be sponsored or affiliated with FINRA member firms to take the exam.




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Securities Training Corporation

The Balance Career


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