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Image of our free SIE cheat sheet to reduce your study time.

We’ll further walk you through the importance of using a cheat sheet when preparing for the SIE exam.

We’ll also give you pro tips on how you can make the most of the SIE cheat sheet.

That said, here is what we’ll cover.

  • Making the most of the SIE cheat sheet
  • Why use the SIE cheat sheet

Let’s get started right away.

Making the Most of SIE Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet is a reference tool.

It helps you retain challenging information.

But that magic doesn’t just happen.

You can only achieve a higher score if you use the SIE cheat sheet effectively.

How do you do that?

You can resort to writing one yourself or leveraging the many SIE cheat sheets online.

Whichever option you choose, they are usually written by chapter or topics.

This makes it easier to follow.

You can also retrieve information from different topics easily.

When writing it yourself, make your work easier by writing the chapter and topic on the top of the sheet.

Don’t write everything, only the concepts that are difficult to master, definitions and formulas.

Again, avoid full-length sentences, as they’ll take up too much space.

Instead, wrap sentences underneath each other.

Further, write in small handwriting to maximize space.

In the case of digital cheat sheets, you can download the PDF document and print it out for ease of use.

You can use different color codes to highlight different sections and make it easy to skim through the different topics.

You can also underline formulas and definitions using different pen colors.

All this is to make your work simple when using the sheet.

The SIE cheat sheet will produce better results when used with practice questions and a study guide.

Go through the textbook first before using a cheat sheet.

You’ll better contextualize the sheet’s content.

Next, take practice questions without referring back to the sheet.

Check your score and review the ones you’ve failed using the SIE study sheet.

This will reinforce the content better.

Before the securities industry essentials exam, go through the cheat sheet one last time to seal the information you’ve been studying in the last months.

And lastly, use an SIE dump sheet for the mathematical formulas you want to memorize during the exam.

Once you get into the exam, write the memorized information on the notepad before starting the exam.

Why Use SIE Cheat Sheet

The SIE cheat sheet is a great study tool when preparing for the SIE exam.

A cheat sheet gives you quick reference when you want to confirm concepts.

Instead of perusing the whole textbook, you can find the precise information you are looking for in a jiffy in the cheat sheet.

Since a cheat sheet requires you to first understand the SIE content in the text before condensing it, it boosts your understanding.

You read, understand, and then note down what you’ve learned on paper.

It jogs your memory and helps you retain more information.

A cheat sheet increases your productivity because it’s straightforward and only contains important information, unlike a textbook that mixes all the important and supporting content.

Further, a cheat sheet helps you to recall information quickly.

If you’ve reviewed your study sheet time and again, you can read a single line, and the whole information in that section floods into your memory.

It’s the best way to review the SIE test content and retain as much information as possible.


Whether you are a first-time test taker or doing the exam for the second time, the SIE cheat sheet is instrumental.

Once you’ve covered the SIE prep course textbook, the cheat sheet comes in handy to review key concepts in the different topics.

It can become your study guide as you draw closer to the actual exam.

You can also use it with practice exams and quizzes for better results.

Good luck as you prepare for the securities industry essentials exam.


Are there math questions on the SIE exam?

The securities industry essentials is a comprehension exam. Mathematical computations make up a small part of the test. Test-takers are expected to be familiar with the specialized language in finance and acronyms. At the beginning of your studies, review the FINRA content outline to find out the exam structure.

What score do you need to pass the SIE exam?

To pass the SIE exam, you must score 70%. You need to score 53 out of 75 questions. The SIE exam consists of 85 questions. Ten of these questions are not scored. FINRA check their testability for future exams. So, answer all the questions diligently.

Can I take the SIE exam online?

Yes. You’ll need to create your account. From there, enroll for the securities industry essentials exam on the FINRA website. And finally, schedule your exam online. You have 120 days to prepare for and take the exam. Leverage SIE study materials, such as study guides, flashcards, and practice tests.

Can I use a calculator on SIE?

A calculator is provided on the testing application. You’ll also get a physical notepad to write things on. If you take the exam online, you’ll get a virtual notepad. You are not allowed to bring your own materials to the exam.

Can you cheat on the SIE exam?

Cheating in the SIE exam is prohibited. Test-takers are not allowed to get into the exam room with a cell phone, paper, calculator, pencil, pen, or smartwatch, You may be barred from the broker-dealer industry if caught cheating on any FINRA qualification exam.

Is the SIE exam difficult?

No. It’s not. The SIE exam has 75 exam questions. The questions are weighted differently. You need to score 53 questions to reach the passing score, which is 70%. With an effective exam prep strategy, you can pass the exam on the first attempt.

How many hours should you study for the SIE exam?

How long you dedicate to studying SIE depends on your experience level. If you are well vast in the financial industry, you’ll spend a shorter period, say one month or even a few weeks. If you are green, the tentative study time is two months.

What is the SIE test format?

The SIE is a multiple-choice exam. It comprises 75 multiple-choice questions and an additional ten unscored questions. The exam takes 1hr 45 minutes to complete. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority weights the sections of the exam differently. That means some questions have more marks than others.

What is the cost of the SIE exam?

The SIE exam costs $80. If you fail the first attempt, you can take the exam many times until you pass. You’ll have a 30-day waiting period for the second and third attempts. The subsequent attempt will require you to wait for 180 days.

What should you study for the SIE?

There are several exam prep courses you can purchase to prepare for the SIE exam. These courses come with a study guide, textbook, practice questions, flashcards, etc. You can also delve into online practice as they are many free resources online.


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