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    Tips for Setting Up a Job Fair Booth

    Job fairs give students and recent graduates a great opportunity to meet with local businesses and employers.  These career fairs are also a great opportunity for employers and local businesses to meet with potential candidates and pre-screen applicants more efficiently than simply looking at a cover letter and resume submitted online.

    However, as more-and-more employers flock to career fairs to meet with potential candidates, it is more important than ever to setup a job fair booth that is eye-catching and appealing.  Below, we are going to discuss tips for setting up a job fair booth that is both eye-catching, appealing, and draws in potential candidates.

    As employers compete for limited talent, attending a job or career fair can be a great way to attract more candidates.  You’ll be given the opportunity to meet with students, recent graduates, and local talent, without the need to setup individual interviews and screenings. 

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    Bring Your Team

    A great way to attract more candidates to your job fair booth is to bring your team with you.  By bringing your team with you, you are able to accommodate multiple candidates at once, ensuring that each individual receives undivided attention and interest.

    Additionally, by bringing your team with you, you strengthen the bond that your team has with one-another.  They will be able to assist with the hiring process and will feel more connected to their work as an instrumental member of the team.

    Be Prepared and Exude Professionalism

    Many candidates whom attend career or job fairs are looking for their opportunity to enter the workforce and corporate career.  They will be basing their decisions on your professionalism and booth setup.  So, be sure to setup a booth that is attractive, clearly calls-out your company’s name, and showcases your company’s logo.

    In addition, be sure to display your promotional material on your table and don’t be afraid to add a splash of color.  While you may be tempted to stick with black and white text, a splash of color will help to showcase your more fun and creative side.

    Make it Easy to Apply

    All too often, a candidate will express interest in a company they meet at a career fair, only for them to forget to apply to the position once they return home.  To avoid such issues, be sure to bring tablets and laptops with you, allowing interested candidates to apply directly to open positions.

    Tips for Setting Up a Job Fair Booth

    Setup a Giveaway or Contest

    College students and recent graduates love getting free stuff.  Not only is it exciting, but it also generates buzz amongst candidates at the career fair.  So, be sure to offer a contest or giveaway that will attract additional applicants to your booth.

    Be sure to make the giveaway something attractive and don’t skimp out on going big.  In addition, be sure to require participants to provide their email address to enter the contest.  This will help you to create a mailing list that you can use to keep in-touch with the candidates you met.

    Bring Sweets

    What’s better than a giveaway or contest?  What about free food!  College students love sweets and will likely stop by your booth if they smell something sweet.  Bringing donuts or fresh baked cookies will help to attract candidates and ensure that your booth is teeming with activity.

    Invite Candidates to the Fair

    Want to ensure that your booth isn’t empty?  Simply invite previous applicants to the career fair to meet in person.  This will give you an opportunity to meet face-to-face and to determine their qualifications.  In addition, this will be seen as an act of good will and will likely help you to continue to attract candidates to apply to open roles and positions.

    Tips for Setting Up a Job Fair Booth

    Don’t Sit Behind the Booth

    Career and job fairs are nerve-wracking experiences for candidates.  In addition to meeting with dozens of potential employers, they will likely be nervous when it comes to approaching an employer they admire or feel won’t accept their application.

    To help them ease their nerves, be sure to remain present and active throughout the career fair.  Don’t sit behind the booth.  Rather, remain in front of the booth, engaged and initiating conversations with individuals as they pass by.


    When it comes to tips for setting up a job fair booth, it is important to remember that many individuals attending the career fair are both nervous and excited for the opportunity to meet with employers.  As-such, it is important to remain engaged, active, and present throughout the fair.

    You’ll likely want to attract as many individuals to your booth as possible.  This can be done by offering free sweets and gifts and holding a small contest or giveaway.  This will bring in more individuals, providing you with an opportunity to speak and engage with them.

    Lastly, be sure to make the process of applying to open roles and positions as easy and seamless as possible.  This means having tablets and laptops prepared for new applicants and encouraging individuals to apply to positions which interest them immediately.

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