A plethora of companies utilize an employee of the month system to reward exceptional employees.

These employee of the month awards can be given out to employees who meet high levels of customer service, collaboration, total sales, or team-building skills, to name a few.

Employee of the month recognition and awards have been utilized by companies to encourage staff to both work harder and more productively.

Employee of the month awards are generally based on two criteria, the first being overall quality of work.

Generally, an employer wants to see an employee produce good, high-quality work in their designated role.

This includes completing the work quickly, efficiently, and with little to no oversight.

The second criteria is based on employee attitude.

An employee who can both generate high-quality work while maintaining an optimistic, positive attitude, is more likely to receive the award than an employee who is lacking in either.

This is because employers are looking for someone who can uplift the team and remain jovial, in the face of work pressures.

Receiving an employee of the month award is a huge recognition and should be actively sought after.

It is an internal award that can further open new opportunities and promotions.

Receiving consecutive employee of the month awards signals both hard work and a positive attitude and can help with promotion expectations, bonuses, and performance compensation.

If you’ve received an employee of the month award, you should absolutely indicate so on your resume.

Doing so signals to future employers your hard-working abilities, knowledge skills, and ability to handle pressure.

In addition, it signals your ability to maintain positivity and a forward outlook.

Lastly, receiving an employee of the month award shows future employers that, amongst your peers and colleagues, you were singled out as the best, most reliable employee.

When you add the employee of the month award to your resume, you should do so prominently.

It should be listed directly beneath the employer, as the first bulleted point.

You should indicate that you were both nominated and received the award and indicate both the month and year it was given.

In addition, when listing the employee of the month award, you should look to be as descriptive as possible.

Don’t just stat, “Employee of the Month – June, 2019”, rather indicate what the exact recognition and purpose of the award was.

So, you will want to state instead, “Employee of the Month, Excellent Customer Service Skills – June 2019.”

How to List Employee of the Month on Resume

This additional description and indication will help cement your skills and abilities.

By letting a future employer know that you were not only recognized, but also rewarded, with an employee of the month award for a specific skill, they will be more likely to take it seriously.

In addition, listing the specifics on why you received the employee of the month award will help a future employer make a more informed decision as to why they should hire you.

These awards for work related activities can be a boost to morale and can help you add additional skills and qualifications to your resume.

You should not discount their importance and do not know how they may be able to further your career.

In addition, by receiving these awards, you show current and future employers that you are an employee who is dedicated, hard-working, and takes their job seriously.

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