How Much Does A CV Cost?

A curriculum vitae, or CV, is Latin for “course of life” and is meant to describe your full list of academic and professional accomplishments.

When wondering, “how much does a CV cost?” it is useful to break it down by experience level.

Generally, for more entry-level curriculum vitae, you’ll look to pay between $60-120.

For a more seasoned and professional curriculum vitae, costs will range between $150-300.

Costs also vary greatly for career change curriculum vitae.

These packages will be on the higher end of $200-400.

If you’re an executive or at an executive level and need a curriculum vitae completed, expect to pay $400-2,000.

While these costs vary widely, it is generally dependent on your career position and current career goals.

Generally, with both resumes, cover letters, and curriculum vitae, costs will be higher for more seasoned and professional executives.

As curriculum vitae are meant to be an in-depth view of both your academic and professional career, total work history is important.

Do You Need A Curriculum Vitae?

Curriculum vitae are especially important for academic professionals and career executives.

Particularly for career executives which are on a chief officer or C-suite track.

For those individuals, a curriculum vitae provides a comprehensive and full list of all accomplishments they’ve made in their academic and professional careers.

This comprehensive list can be a valuable document which can assist them on their career trajectory.

Generally, for most entry and mid-level career professionals, a curriculum vitae is not needed and oftentimes unnecessary.

Most job applications only require a resume, with a cover letter being optional.

Your resume and cover letter should be sufficient enough to apply to most industry positions and should suffice.

Benefits of A Curriculum Vitae

Although most careers, industries, and career professionals do not need a curriculum vitae, it can be especially helpful for academics and executives.

A curriculum vitae is a thorough and in-depth document which can provide specific details on career and academic accomplishments.

Typically, a curriculum vitae will go in-depth on accomplishments per work history.

It will also leave sufficient room and space to discuss any publications and written works a professional may have completed.

Lastly, many curriculum vitae provide a dedicated section to review qualifications of the candidate.


A curriculum vitae is a more comprehensive and cohesive document than either a resume or a cover letter.

It provides a full, in-depth document, recounting an individual’s professional and academic career.

Generally, curriculum vitae are reserved for executives or academic professionals and professors.

A curriculum vitae can cost anywhere from $60 to $2000, dependent on the nature and need of the candidate.

More experienced and seasoned candidates will pay extra and may opt for a more boutique experience to receive customized and individual attention.

As curriculum vitae are generally used for career executives and professorships, the costs are typically worth it.

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