Does Amazon Hire Felons?

Amazon is one of the largest employers in the United States with nearly 650,000 employees.

Their reach spreads from corporate offices in Seattle to Virginia to warehouse workers all over the country.

They are most well-known for their online marketplace, but offer additional services such-as the Amazon Web Services, their ownership of Whole Foods, Ring home automation services, and Twitch a live streaming platform.

With so many different verticals, it is a common question to ask, does Amazon hire felons?

Amazon is a multinational organization with sprawling reach.

As one of the largest employers in the United States, Amazon does hire felons.

However, this employment is conditioned on the type of felony and the time since the felony charge was sentenced.

Lastly, employment at Amazon with a felony charge depends on whether you are a direct hire or are going through a staffing agency.

Amazon utilizes a number of staffing agencies to fill open positions and roles.

Each one of these staffing agencies has their own rules and policies regarding felons.

You can see a list of the staffing agencies below:

To apply directly for an open position or role at Amazon, you can utilize one of the links below:

Due to Amazon’s higher than average hourly wage, there are typically a good number of applicants per role posted.

On average, warehouse employees were paid just over $31,000 with full-time benefits similar to their corporate counterparts.

To increase your chances at landing a position or role at Amazon, the best route is to be honest on your felony conviction and to speak to how you have learnt from it.

Do not attempt to lie to the recruiter or hiring manager as your previous conviction will come-up via a background check.

However, if you are honest and discuss how you are looking to move forward and are willing to work hard, show-up every day, and be a dependable, reliable employee, then you increase your chances significantly.

We’ve also previously discussed companies and employers that hire felons and the Fair Chance Pledge.

While Amazon is a large, well-recognized and regarded employer, they are not the only company that hires felons.

I would highly suggest and urge you to research employers in your area who have signed the Fair Chance Pledge and apply to those companies.

Always be honest and upfront with the employer, but speak to how you are looking to “turn a new leaf” and be a hardworking, reliable employee.

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