Benefits of Being on LinkedIn 2023


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    Benefits Of Being On LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has a plethora of features and uses that make it an essential social media player for any business and business professional.  It boasts over 575 million users, with nearly half of them being active monthly users.  With so many features, clearly the benefits of being on LinkedIn outweigh not being on it.

    It was created for both businesses and business professionals in mind.  It looks to connect users in a more professional setting, without the personal details and diatribes often found on other social media sites.

    LinkedIn offers a ton of reasons to join, some of which may not be immediately obvious.  As you begin to use LinkedIn more-and-more, these benefits become obvious and you’ll wonder why you didn’t make an account earlier.


    You meet a ton of people in the business world.  From colleagues to vendors to customers, these are all connections that you’ve made.  By joining LinkedIn, you can connect with these connections to maintain a growing relationship.

    By continuing to foster your relationships and connections, you may be able to open up future opportunities that you may otherwise not known of.

    Job Listings

    LinkedIn is one of the premier sites for companies looking to list open opportunities and jobs.  By being on and active on LinkedIn, you’ll get personalized recommendations on job openings that may fit your experience.

    Testimonials and Endorsements

    LinkedIn is very big on community engagement and verification.  By connecting with individuals who are experts in your industry, you can receive endorsements and testimonials from them on your skills.

    Recruiters and Hiring Managers

    Recruiters and hiring managers have flocked to LinkedIn as an essential resource and tool for hiring new talent.  By being on and active on LinkedIn, you allow for recruiters to find and reach out to you directly.

    Join Professional Networks

    With over 575 million users and nearly just as many communities and networks, you have a wealth of resources.  You can join industry groups and networks and learn something new.

    Establish Yourself As An Expert

    Once you’ve built up a good amount of connections, you can start to establish yourself as an expert in your field.  Posting news, advice, and opinions can help you to further connect with more professionals in your industry.

    Soon, people will be reaching out to you for comments and to come to industry panels.


    There are a plethora of benefits of being on LinkedIn and on having a LinkedIn profile.  You can upload your resume directly to LinkedIn, connect with current and former colleagues and coworkers, remain abreast on the state of your industry, and follow industry experts to get the inside scoop.  We highly recommend LinkedIn to everyone.

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