An employee write up form is most commonly used as a reference and as evidence for a workplace violation.

You can download a free employee write up form below, which is most commonly used to document specific workplace violations.

The form allows both the manager and the employee to acknowledge the violation and can serve as a warning due to the employee’s actions.

An employee write up form, or an employee discipline form, allows both the employee and the manager to describe the workplace violation or incident.

This acknowledgment will be recorded within the employees file, which can be held by the manager or by a member of the human resources department.

The written violation form is useful in the case that the working relationship between the employee and the employer must be terminated.

Utilizing an employee write up form is done at the sole discretion of the employees’ manager but should not be done too swiftly as to discourage an employee and reduce their overall morale.

While seemingly straightforward, the use of an employee write up form can cause feelings of resentment and dissatisfaction amongst the workforce.

A manager should use their discretion before using the form and should look to other forms of discipline and motivation first.

What is an Employee Write Up Form?

An employee write up form, or an employee discipline form, is a business form that outlines the offense or workplace violation the employee committed.

The form is used as an acknowledgement by both the employee and the manager of the violation.

The disciplinary form is used by a manager to acknowledge that a violation occurred.

As it is a business form, it will need to be signed-off by both the employee and the manager.

The manager should keep the form formal and professional.

The form should be direct and should outline what violation occurred.

When Should an Employee Write Up Form be Used?

Generally, an employee write up form should only be used as a last measure.

While a manager may want to formalize the discipline, they should be cautious to not do so too quickly or hastily.

Rather, utilize the form only as a last measure and/or when the violation has been egregious or reoccurring.

We recommend opting for other measures of discipline as an initial step.

Other forms can include a simple discussion with the employee or implementation of business rules.

These forms of discipline show the employee that the manager is willing to work with them and to provide them with additional chances to correct their errors.

Providing employees with additional warnings and different forms of discipline can help with employee retention.

Such methods are generally more successful than simply opting to formalize a disciplinary action.

As a manager, the onus is on you to work with your employees to ensure they are motivated and working towards a common goal.

Why Use an Employee Write Up Form?

Write up forms are generally used as a means to record workplace issues, errors, or violations.

Generally, verbal warnings are used before opting for a written one.

A manager may decide to use a written form when the violation is reoccurring or when an employee refuses to acknowledge previous verbal warnings.

Managers may use a written form as a means to record issues.

If further disciplinary actions need to be taken, including termination, than the written form can be used to help employers avoid termination accusations and lawsuits.

That is why they should be used as a form of warning and a means to record violations.

Common Reasons for Writing Up an Employee?

Employee write ups can vary from company-to-company and between different industries.

Generally, however, most write up forms are conducted due to repeated employee violations.

These violations can include, but are not limited to, tardiness, absenteeism, a company policy violation, substandard work output, a violation of safety rules, insubordination, or inappropriate behavior within the workplace.

A manager should use their best judgement when pursuing a written violation.

Consider the impact and occurrence of the violation.

Also consider any external factors which may be causing the violation.

A manager should ensure do their own due diligence of the violation and make a determination as to next best steps.

Employee Write Up Form

What Should be Included in the Form?

Generally, a written form should include the following eight sections:

Section 1 – Employee Information

  • Employee Name
  • Job Title
  • Employee’s Assigned Department
  • Supervisor Name
  • Date and Time of Occurrence
  • Location

Section 2 – Type of Offense

  • Select the offense for which the employee is being warned on

Section 3 – Facts of Incident

  • A written narrative of the incident that occurred and why a written notice was needed.

This should be written by the manager and should be direct and thorough, recounting the incident and the need for a written notice

Section 4 – Past Disciplinary Actions

Identify any previous disciplinary actions, including any verbal ones.

  • Date
  • Type of disciplinary action
  • Written details

Section 5 – Consequences and Warnings

The fifth section should include any consequences and warnings if the behavior continues.

  • Provide an explanation of the consequences that will occur if the violations continue.

This section should also be discussed directly with the employee.

Section 6 – Manager Sign-Off

The sixth section should be a completed by the manager, indicating that they are the ones who completed the form and signed-off on it being discussed with the employee.

Section 7 – Employee Statement

The seventh section should be used as space for the employee to discuss their own thoughts and understanding of the incident.

The employee should be given ample space to describe the incident in their own words and how they perceived the incident.

Section 8 – Employee Sign-Off

The eight section should be a space for an employee to sign-off on the form.

The employee should be given an opportunity to read the form before signing.

In addition, they should be given a copy of thee form once signed by all parties.

Lastly, if an employee refuses to sign the form, you can provide a separate section allowing the employee to acknowledge the form but not agree with its contents.


An employee write up form is a form used to acknowledge an offense, violation, or workplace incident.

It should be used as a last resort and should proceed any verbal warnings.

Written up forms are useful for employers as they create a paper trail and documentation of previous incidents.

They can also be used as justification for further disciplinary actions, including termination.

Written forms should be used judiciously, and managers should be careful to not jump to a written form immediately.

Rather, work with your employees to find a method to resolve the violations and to create a healthier and happier working atmosphere.

Download Your Employee Write Up Form Here

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