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Full Stack Developer Average Salary

Full Stack Developer Average Salary

Posers such as “What is the average salary of a Full Stack Developer?” and “How much does a Full Stack Web Developer make?” occupy the minds of brilliant minds aiming for a profession in Full-Stack development.

They want to know how financially bright the future is before throwing their weight into this profession.

If you’re one of such curious minds, read further to unravel the answers to your questions.

Payscale states that the average base salary of Full Stack Developers is $79,870, while ZipRecruiter puts its figures at $111,519.  

Full Stack Developer’s hourly rate is $54.

They also get a cash bonus of $1,000 to $12,000 annually and enjoy profit sharing between $965 and $10,000.

However, their salary range is between $53,000 and $174,000 per annum.

The Full Stack Developer Salary hourly wage is up to $54.

The average pay range differs by as much as $40,000.

There are numerous opportunities for increased earnings and career advancement based on geographical location, years of experience, and skill level.

Those with additional certifications earn more than their peers.

The 25th percentile averages $87,000, while the 75th percentile goes home with $128,000.

However, the top earners make an average of $154,000.

The table below surmises Full Stack Developer’s annual salary:

PercentileAnnual Salary
25th Percentile$87,500
50th Percentile$111,519
75th Percentile$128,000
90th Percentile$154,000

To be among the top earners, master the use of python, SQL, Node.js, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at an advanced level.

Having a Bachelor’s degree in programming or computer science is not enough without acquiring specialized certifications to stand out from the crowd.

You’ve earned an entry-level salary over the years because you’ve refused to improve your skills.

It’s time to learn new programming languages!

How Much Full Stack Developer Makes by Experience Level

How Much Full Stack Developer Makes by Experience Level

Apart from certifications, experience also affects Full Stack Developers’ earnings.

For instance, entry-level Full Stack Developers earn an average of $65,637 per annum, while those with 1-4 years of experience (early career) earn $75,874.

Mid-career Software Developers (5-9 years of practice) make $93,626, while experienced Full Stack Developers (with 10-19 years of practice) make an average total compensation of $105,310.

Those in their late career (over 20 years of practice) make $104,666 per annum.

The professional level (10 to 19 years) is the point of equilibrium; they’re the highest earners because people assume that those in their late careers aren’t very agile and in tune with industry trends.

This table surmises the impact of experience on Full Stack Software Developers’ earnings:

Experience LevelYears of PracticeAverage Earning% Difference
Entry LevelLess than a year$65,637-18%
Early Career1-4 years$75,874-5%
Mid-Career5-9 years$93,626+17%
Experienced10-19 years$105,310+32%
Late CareerOver 20 years$104,666+31%

Junior Full Stack Developer Salary shows an individual is still new to the field.

You can see that the Jr Full Stack Developer Salary improves with time; after one year, the salary moves from $65,637 to $75,874.

Experience comes with time; hence, enjoy the entry-level Full Stack Developer Salary you earn now while working hard to master more skills like PHP, SQL, and Node.js to earn more.

You’ll earn a senior Full Stack Engineer Salary when you begin to undertake specialized job roles.

Full Stack Developer Salary by State

Full Stack Developer Salary by State

Before you decide to practice in a state, consider their paying strength; how much does a typical Full Stack Developer earn in that jurisdiction?

The Full Stack Developer Salary differs by state

Below is the answer to this question.

We arrange them to reflect their strength of remuneration:

StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
New Jersey$58.21$121,074
Rhode Island$53.20$110,664
New York$53.02$110,282
North Dakota$51.84$107,821
New Mexico$49.94$103,885
New Hampshire$49.86$103,719
South Dakota$49.14$102,203
South Carolina$47.21$98,189
West Virginia$44.88$93,360
North Carolina$39.65$82,475

From the table, it’s evident that the Full Stack Developer Salary Texas pays is one of the lowest, while the Full Stack Developer Salary Florida offers is also part of the least three.

It means you must work harder to make a substantial amount in those two states.

The $101,899 Full Stack Developer Salary California pays is at par with the national average.

Hence, it’s a good place to start your profession.

Highest Paying Cities for Full Stack Developers

Highest Paying Cities for Full Stack Developers

When deciding the practice location, don’t consider the state alone; give preference to specific cities to help you make the most informed decision.

We’ve helped you collate the top-paying cities you can explore as a Full Stack Developer:

According to Indeed, New York is the highest paying city with an annual average of $117,854, followed by Austin in Texas, where Developers earn $116,915.

Full Stack Developers in Denver, CO, earn an average total compensation of $112,888, while their counterparts in Atlanta, GA make $110,821 per annum.

Below is a table of the highest paying cities:

CityAverage Earning
New York, NY$117,854
Austin, TX$116,915
Denver, CO$112,888
Atlanta, GA$110,821
Seattle, WA$109,225
Chicago, IL$108,378
Brooklyn, NY$108,037
Los Angeles, CA$106,856
Dallas, TX$99,466

You can see that most of these cities pay above the national average.

Being a renowned metropolitan city, the Full Stack Developer Salary New York offers matches its status.

The Full Stack Developer Salary Los Angeles pays puts California on the list of the highest paying cities.

However, the Full Stack Developer Salary NYC pays is the best and shouldn’t make you ignore other high-paying locations within the state.

For instance, Brooklyn also pays mouthwatering salaries to Full Stack Developers.

The Full Stack Developer Salary Seattle offers is also worth referencing.

It confirms the city as one of the highest paying jurisdictions for most professions.

It’s almost at par with the Full Stack Developer Salary Atlanta is paying.

From our conversation thus far, you can see that there’s no straightforward answer to “How much do Full Stack Developers make?” or “What is a Full Stack Developer Salary?”

One must consider many factors or indices before arriving at an answer.

Career Paths for Full Stack Software Developers

Career Paths for Full Stack Software Developers

Some jobs related to Full Stack Development pay higher than the conventional Full Stack JavaScript Developer Salary.

Prominent examples include Full Stack Developer Architect, Senior Lead Software Engineer, Principal Full Stack Engineer, and Senior Full Stack Engineer.

These jobs pay at least $22,574 more than the conventional Full Stack Java Developer Salary of $111,519.

If you want to increase your Full Stack Developer Salary you should consider the Engineering aspect

Thus, you’ll earn more if you’re qualified for these related jobs.

See the table below to have more insight into Full Stack Engineer Salary:

Job TitleHourly WageMonthly PayAnnual Pay
Senior Full Stack Software Engineer$64.47$11,174$134,093
Stack Infrastructure$64.93$11,254$135,054
Senior Lead Software Engineer$69.83$12,104$145,250
Full Stack Developer Architect$74.42$12,899$154,785
Principal Full Stack Engineer$77.04$13,354$160,249

Perhaps, you’re already dreaming of becoming a Full Stack Software Engineer because of the Software Engineer salaries posted above.

If you want to increase your Full Stack Salary, it’s worth exploring the engineering aspect.

From the table, you can see that the least Full Stack Software Engineer Salary is higher than the highest traditional Full Stack Cloud Developer Salary.

Full Stack Software Engineer salaries are higher because they engage in more technical tasks.

If you have a flair for computer engineering, you can throw your hat into the ring.

Or don’t you want to earn a mouthwatering Full Stack Software Engineer Salary?

Glassdoor gives a total pay trajectory for Full Stack Engineers, and all the figures are high!

It confirms the consistency of Full Stack Software Engineers’ earnings.

How to Search for Full Stack Developer Jobs

How to Search for Full Stack Developer Jobs

Before searching for Full Stack Developer Jobs, ensure you’re qualified.

Education and training precede the quest for money.

No recruiter will hire an unskilled Developer because the job is skills-based.

To get your dream Full Stack Developer Job, take the following steps:

Join Relevant Communities on LinkedIn

There are numerous job opportunities on LinkedIn.

Ensure you join the right community to get job updates.

Follow industry experts and showcase your expertise on the platform.

There are numerous testimonies of connection through LinkedIn.

You can also search for Full-Stack Development roles within your neighborhood.

For instance, you can search for “Full Stack Developer Jobs in San Francisco” and apply for the relevant ones.

Seek Internship Opportunities

Most times, an internship is the easiest route to a job in Full-Stack Development; recruiters retain high performers after their internship.

An internship allows you to prove your worth; you can showcase your standard and convince the management to hire you.

Apply other ethical techniques to help secure a job in the field.


Conclusion on Full Stack Developer Salary

This article has exposed you to factors affecting a Full Stack Developer’s salary.

We discussed the impact of education, geographical location, expertise, and experience on Full Stack Software Developer Salary.

If you want to earn a Full Stack Developer Salary no experience can override, be committed to constantly learning new skills in the discipline.

If you only know how to design web applications, you can’t go far because you’re no different from a Back-End Developer.

Your ability to properly execute the roles of a Back-end or Front-end Developer and coordinate a team will make you a cynosure to recruiters.

Instead of being obsessed with salary estimates, focus on becoming the best at what you do; understand the functionality of the software you interact with and how to advance its features.

You may also explore related careers, as discussed in this piece.

If you’re interested in Full Stack Engineer Jobs, you can pursue certification programs along this route.

As discussed, a Full Stack Software Engineer earns more than a Developer.

Imagine becoming a Senior Software Engineer!

The opportunities in this discipline are limitless.

Your ultimate aim is to earn a Senior Full Stack Developer Salary.


FAQs on Full Stack Developer Course

What is an entry-level Full Stack Web Developer’s salary?

The annual average pay of an entry-level Full Stack Developer is $65,637.

It’s the lowest in the industry, and the 25th percentile falls under this category.

Those at this level are less than a year on the job and still have many things to learn.

What is the salary of a mid-level Full Stack Developer?

According to Payscale, mid-career Full Stack Web Developers receive an average of $93,626 per annum.

They have 5 to 9 years of experience in the industry.

The mid-career level is the third transition stage for Full Stack Developers; hence, they’ve understood what the industry entails.

How much can you make as a Full Stack Developer?

It depends on your expertise, geographical location, education, and the firm you work with.

Generally, Full Stack Developers make between $56,000 and $174,000.

You raise your ability to earn high wages when you enroll in certification programs and relocate to high-paying regions.

Which Full Stack Developer has the highest salary?

A Principal Full Stack Engineer is the highest-paid professional in the field with an average hourly rate of $77.04 and $160,249 per annum.

Principal Full Stack Engineers understand the technical and administrative aspects of the field.

They’re the rallying point for every project.

How do I get my first Full Stack Developer Job?

You must first understand the essential front-end and back-end programming languages.

You should also master coding in web applications to ensure versatility.

Apply to relevant jobs or intern with a fast-growing firm.

Build your portfolio to ease the job search.








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