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For more focused refinement, particularly in segments that require detailed attention, we’ve curated a series of specialized quizzes. These quizzes are specifically crafted to focus on distinct aspects of the PraxisEnglish Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 exam, ensuring a focused and productive study experience.

Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis Domain Exams

The Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 exam is structured into three domains, with a total of 132 questions. 

Here’s a breakdown of the exam’s content areas:

Domain 1: Reading

  • Percentage of Exam: 40%
  • Number of Questions: 49
  • Focus: Reading comprehension, analysis of literature and informational texts, understanding of text structures, and integration of knowledge and ideas.

Welcome to your Praxis English Language Arts (5039) Domain 1: Reading

Domain 2: Language Use and Vocabulary

  • Percentage of Exam: 19%
  • Number of Questions: 33
  • Focus: Standard English conventions, vocabulary usage, contextual understanding of words and phrases, and language and research skills for writing.

Welcome to your Praxis English Language Arts (5039) Domain 2: Language Use and Vocabulary

Domain 3: Writing, Speaking, and Listening

  • Percentage of Exam: 41%
  • Number of Questions: 50 
  • Focus: Essay writing, argumentative and informative/explanatory texts, usage of evidence to support claims, effective speaking and listening skills, and the use of multimedia and visual displays.

Welcome to your Praxis English Language Arts (5039) Domain 3: Writing, Speaking, and Listening

Exam Domain% of Exam# of QuestionsDescription
Reading40%49Reading comprehension, analysis of literature and informational texts, understanding of text structures, and integration of knowledge and ideas.
Language Use and Vocabulary19%33Standard English conventions, vocabulary usage, contextual understanding of words and phrases, and language and research skills for writing.
Writing, Speaking, and Listening41%50Essay writing, argumentative and informative/explanatory texts, usage of evidence to support claims, effective speaking and listening skills, and the use of multimedia and visual displays.

Additional Points:

  • The exam is usually divided into selected-response questions and constructed-response questions (such as essays).
  • The total number of questions and the exact percentage of each section can vary, so it’s crucial to check the latest test specifications.
  • The test is designed to assess both content knowledge and pedagogical skills in teaching English Language Arts.

Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 Exam Breakdown

The Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 exam is a standardized test that is part of the Praxis series, used primarily by various states and professional licensing agencies as a part of the certification process for educators. The test is designed to assess the knowledge and competencies necessary for a beginning teacher of secondary school English Language Arts.

Breakdown of the Exam:

  1. Test Format and Structure:
    • The test consists of selected-response and constructed-response (essay) questions.
    • The exam duration is 2 hours and 30 minutes.
    • There are approximately 130 questions in total.
  2. Content Categories: The test is divided into several content categories, each reflecting an important aspect of English Language Arts education:
    • Reading: Tests understanding and analysis of multiple types of textual content.
    • Language Use and Vocabulary: Assesses knowledge of language structure, language conventions, and vocabulary.
    • Writing, Speaking, and Listening: Evaluates the ability to produce and analyze written and spoken texts.
    • English Language Arts Instruction: Examines understanding of instructional strategies and techniques for teaching English.
  3. Question Types:
    • Selected-Response Questions: These questions test knowledge, skills, and abilities about the content categories.
    • Constructed-Response Questions: Typically, these are essay questions that require test-takers to demonstrate their ability to write effectively and to analyze and interpret literature and informational texts.
  4. Scoring:
    • Scores are based on the number of questions answered correctly. There is no penalty for incorrect answers.
    • The constructed-response section is scored based on the quality and relevance of the response.

How to Become Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 Certified

To become certified in Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis (5039), you need to follow a series of steps and prepare adequately for the examination. Here’s a step-by-step guide along with the resource links:

  1. Understand the Exam Structure and Content: The Praxis 5039 exam consists of 132 selected-response questions and two constructed-response questions, which you need to complete in a 3-hour time frame. The exam covers three content categories: Writing, Speaking, and Listening (41% of the exam); Language Use and Vocabulary (19% of the exam); and Reading (40% of the exam)​​.
  2. Study and Prepare:
    • Utilize comprehensive study tools and resources. Mometrix Test Preparation provides a detailed Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis (5039) practice test, covering the exam’s subject areas​​.
    • Familiarize yourself with the key concepts for each content category. For example, in the Reading category, understand the specifics of literature, informational texts, and listening, including literary genres, figurative language, and common strategies for reading instruction​​.
  3. Practice Efficiently:
    • Answer all selected response questions carefully and review your answers before moving on to ensure accuracy​​.
    • Access free practice tests like the one from 240 Tutoring’s Diagnostic Practice Test, which offers a free score breakdown to help you focus on the areas you need to study more​​.
    • Consider investing in paid practice tests for more comprehensive preparation. For example, 240 Tutoring’s Online Study Guide and Practice Test includes over 520 practice questions and 104 pages of content, along with a money-back guarantee that you will pass​​.
  4. Register for the Exam:
    • You can register for the Praxis exam online, by mail, or by phone. Online registration is the most straightforward method. Log into your ETS Praxis account, select “Register for a Praxis Test,” review your information, choose your state, agency, and test administration, select your score recipients, and pay for your test. Remember to print your admission ticket as a precaution, even if it may not be required at your testing site​​.
    • For phone registration, call 1-800-772-9476 (note that an additional fee applies)​​.
    • If registering by mail, complete a test authorization voucher form. After processing, you’ll receive a voucher number and directions on how to register​​.
  5. Take the Exam: Arrive at the testing center on your selected day with all necessary materials, including your admission ticket.
  6. Pass the Exam and Meet State Requirements: After passing the exam, ensure you meet all other specific requirements for your state to be certified to teach English Language Arts at the secondary level.
  7. Apply for Certification:
    • Once you pass the test, you’ll need to apply for certification in your state. This usually involves submitting your Praxis scores, completing an application, and paying any applicable fees.
    • Resource: Refer to your state’s Department of Education website for specific instructions.

Our Experience Teaching Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 Candidates To Pass The Exam

At Career Employer, developing the Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 practice tests has been an invigorating journey, brimming with successes and invaluable learning. We meticulously tailored our strategy to encompass the exam’s extensive subject matter and to address the distinct requirements of our students. Every facet of our approach was designed with meticulous attention to detail, to comprehensively prepare each student to excel in the exam.

The breadth and diversity of our practice materials reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering a holistic educational experience, underscoring our dedication to academic excellence.

Teaching the Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis (5039) certification can be a rewarding yet challenging task. From a lecturer’s perspective, it involves not just understanding the content deeply but also being able to effectively convey that knowledge to students. 

Here’s a comprehensive approach:

  1. Understanding the Test Structure and Content:
    • The test is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to teach English Language Arts at the secondary level.
    • It covers reading and understanding text, language, and research skills for writing, as the skills and knowledge required for teaching writing.
  2. Developing a Curriculum:
    • Content Knowledge: Ensure that the curriculum thoroughly covers the content areas tested in the Praxis 5039. This includes literature, informational texts, rhetoric and composition, and language studies.
    • Skill Development: Focus on developing students’ analytical and critical thinking skills. They should be able to analyze literary and informational texts, understand linguistic and grammatical concepts, and apply these skills in writing and teaching.
  3. Resource Accumulation and Curation:
    • Gather resources that are aligned with the test content. This includes textbooks, scholarly articles, teaching guides, and practice tests.
    • Online resources can be particularly helpful. Websites like Khan Academy, Purdue OWL, and JSTOR can provide valuable material.
  4. Incorporating Technology:
    • Utilize educational technology tools to make learning interactive and engaging. Tools like Quizlet for flashcards, Google Classroom for assignments, and Turnitin for plagiarism checking can be very useful.
    • Encourage students to use apps for grammar and writing practice.
  5. Practice and Feedback:
    • Regular practice tests are crucial. They help students familiarize themselves with the test format and time constraints.
    • Provide detailed feedback on practice essays and analyses. This helps students understand their weaknesses and improve.
  6. Fostering a Supportive Learning Environment:
    • Encourage discussions and debates on various texts and topics. This not only helps in better understanding but also in developing critical thinking and analytical skills.
    • Be approachable and open to questions. A supportive environment can significantly enhance learning and retention.
  7. Continuous Learning and Adaptation:
    • Stay updated with the latest teaching strategies and changes in the Praxis exam pattern or content.
    • Attend workshops or webinars, and be part of educator communities to exchange knowledge and resources.

The Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 certification practice test offered by Career Employer represents the zenith of commitment and expertise from our team, which includes professionals deeply versed in Praxis English Language Arts exam preparation. Their extensive knowledge has been pivotal in guiding over 1000 aspiring English Language Arts school teachers to successfully achieve their official Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 certification.

Our ensemble includes highly competent instructors of English Language Art, Content, and Analysis school teachers, each boasting more than ten years of dedicated experience in teaching English Language Arts, Content, and Analysis at the elementary level. This rich pool of knowledge and proficiency forms the bedrock of our comprehensive and robust training program. We ensure that participants in our practice tests receive unparalleled preparation, equipping them to surpass expectations in the certification exam.

Effective Study Strategies and Methods

To effectively prepare for the Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 exam, you can consider the following strategies and resources:

  • Understand the Question Formats: Familiarize yourself with the types of questions you might encounter, such as multiple-answer questions. Pay attention to keywords in questions, like “EXCEPT,” to ensure you understand what’s being asked. Avoid rushing and carefully read all answer choices before selecting the most accurate one​​.
  • Study Literary Periods: If you need to brush up on literary periods, review the introductions in literature textbooks, such as the Norton Anthology of Literature. Create a literary timeline and note cards with key works, authors, and historical events for practice​​.
  • Utilize Online Resources: Use online resources like practice tests, vocabulary flashcards, and study guides. Websites like Test Prep Review offer free Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis practice tests and 240 Tutoring provides a comprehensive study guide with diagnostic tests, instructional content, quizzes, and practice tests​​​​.
  • Adopt a Structured Study Plan: Start with a diagnostic test to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Then, create a structured study plan, focusing on different content areas each day to avoid burnout and maintain engagement​​.
  • Understand Scoring: Familiarize yourself with the scoring system, including the difference between “raw” and “unofficial” scores. Use this understanding to gauge your readiness for the actual exam and focus on the areas where you need more practice​​.
  • Consider Professional Study Guides: Explore professional study guides like those offered by Kathleen Jasper, which provide a comprehensive review and practice materials tailored to the Praxis English Language Arts 5038 and 5039 exams​​.

Study Strategies:

  • Understand the Test Structure and Content: Familiarize yourself with the test’s format, the types of questions asked, and the content areas covered. The test measures knowledge and competencies in three main areas: Reading, Language Use and Vocabulary, and Writing, Speaking, and Listening.
  • Review Major Works and Authors: Know major works and authors of the United States, British, the World (including non-Western), and Young Adult literature. Understanding the historical, cultural, and literary contexts of these works is crucial.
  • Master Literary Elements and Techniques: Understand how literary elements like characterization, setting, tone, and figurative language contribute to the meaning of a text. Be able to analyze poetic devices and structure.
  • Develop Strong Reading Strategies: Employ reading strategies like making predictions, making connections, and summarizing to support comprehension. Be familiar with research-based strategies for reading instruction.
  • Enhance Language Use and Vocabulary: Understand the conventions of standard English grammar, usage, syntax, and mechanics. Know how to use affixes, context, and syntax to determine word meaning.
  • Practice Writing, Speaking, and Listening: Be aware of the distinct characteristics of various modes of writing (e.g., informative, argumentative). Understand the components of effective speech and presentation delivery.
  • Utilize Practice Tests and Study Guides: Engage with practice tests to familiarize yourself with the question format and to identify areas where you need further study. Use study guides to structure your review.

By integrating these strategies and resources into your study plan, you can enhance your preparation for the Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 exam. Remember, consistent practice and a well-structured approach are key to success.


Study GuideDigital study guide with comprehensive review, practice test questions, and test tips.$29.99
Practice TestsPractice tests and study tools (free resources available, official test may have a cost).Varies
Registration FeeFee for registering for the exam (varies by test and location).Varies
Phone Registration SurchargeAdditional charge for registering by phone.$35
Rescheduling/CancellationRescheduling or cancelling at least 3 days before test date may be eligible for a 50% refund.50% Refundable
Fee WaiverAvailable for eligible individuals (covers test fees for up to three Praxis Core tests or one Praxis Subject Test).Waiver Available

Here’s a breakdown of the costs associated with the Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis (5039) board certification exam:

  • Study Guide: The digital study guide for the Praxis 5039 English Language Arts Content and Analysis exam is priced at $29.99. It includes a comprehensive review of the three content categories assessed on the exam, practice test questions with detailed answer explanations, test tips and strategies, and more​​.
  • Practice Tests: While some free practice tests are available online, such as those provided by 240 Tutoring, which also offers a range of study tools including instructional content videos, flashcards, quizzes, and more​​, it is essential to note that these are not official practice tests. The official practice tests may have an associated cost that can vary. It’s best to check the ETS website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Registration Fee: The fee for registering for the Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis (5039) exam varies by test and location. Unfortunately, the specific fee for this test wasn’t directly available in the sources, but typically, Praxis Subject Test fees can range from USD 120 to 160.
  • Additional Fees:
    • Phone Registration Surcharge: If you choose to register by phone, there is an additional $35 surcharge​​.
    • Rescheduling, Canceling, and Refunds: If you need to reschedule or cancel your test, you must do so at least 3 days before your test date (not including the day of your test) to avoid forfeiting your fee. If you cancel at least 3 days before your test date, you may be eligible for a 50% refund of your test fees​​.
  • Fee Waivers: Fee waivers are available if you meet certain eligibility criteria, such as receiving financial aid, being enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program, having an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $3,000 or less on your FAFSA, and being required to take a Praxis test by an authorized score recipient. The waiver can cover the test fees for up to three Praxis Core tests or one Praxis Subject Test per testing year, subject to availability and on a first-come, first-served basis​​.

Please note that the prices and policies mentioned may change, and it’s advisable to confirm the details from the official sources or the testing center before making any decisions. 

Reliable Study Materials and Resources

Preparing for the Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 certification exam requires a comprehensive approach, utilizing a variety of resources.

Here are some of the best online resources you can use, including websites, forums, YouTube channels, and digital books:

  • ETS Official Website: The official ETS website provides specific materials for the Praxis 5039 exam, including study guides, practice tests, and test-taking strategies.
  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers comprehensive lessons in English Language Arts that can be beneficial for foundational knowledge and skills.
  • Quizlet: Quizlet has user-generated study sets specifically for the Praxis 5039 exam, which can be useful for memorizing key concepts and terms.
  • Teachers Test Prep: Offers online prep courses, practice tests, and free study guides specifically for the Praxis exams.
  • Mometrix Test Preparation: Provides comprehensive study guides and practice questions tailored for the Praxis 5039 exam.
  • YouTube Channels: Various educators and test preparation channels on YouTube offer free tutorials, tips, and review sessions for the Praxis exams.
  • Reddit and Other Forums: Forums like Reddit may have specific threads where candidates share their experiences, study tips, and resources for the Praxis 5039 exam.
  • Digital Books and E-Resources: Platforms like Amazon, Google Books, or your local library’s digital collection may offer e-books specifically tailored for Praxis 5039 exam preparation.

Other resources:

  • TestPrepReview: Offers a comprehensive practice test for the Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis (5039), covering the three main content areas of the exam. It’s a valuable tool for candidates to familiarize themselves with the exam format and question types.
  • Construction and Industry Test Directory: Provides a list of various certification exams, including those related to teaching certification, which may be useful for candidates looking for additional resources and practice materials.
  • Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Test Directory: Offers a collection of tests in different domains. Although not directly related to the Praxis 5039 Exam, it’s part of a larger repository of resources for professional exams.
  • K-12 Test Directory: Lists various practice tests and resources that might be helpful for those preparing for teaching-related certification exams.

Remember, while these resources are helpful, it’s also important to develop a consistent study schedule, practice with real exam questions, and understand the test format and types of questions you will encounter.

Tips for Exam Day

On the day of your Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 exam, it’s essential to stay calm and focused. Here are some exam-day tips to help you perform your best:

  • Read Carefully: Read all the options before answering a question, ensuring you don’t miss out on the best answer. Pay close attention to questions where you need to select multiple answers. Watch for words in all-caps such as EXCEPT, and align each choice against the question to ensure it addresses the core of the question​​.
  • Be Prepared for Different Question Types: Understand that the test will have different types of questions, including those requiring multiple answers. Make sure you know the format so you’re not caught off guard​​.
  • Effective Time Management: Allocate your time wisely during the exam. Spend the right amount of time on each question and be aware of the clock without letting it pressure you too much.
  • Trust Your Preparation: You’ve put in the effort to study, so trust your preparation. Avoid second-guessing yourself on every question which can lead to unnecessary stress.
  • Review Your Answers: If time permits, review your answers, especially in sections of the test where you felt less confident.
  • Stay Calm and Positive: Anxiety can be a big hurdle. Stay calm, take deep breaths, and maintain a positive mindset. Remember, you’ve prepared for this.
  • Understand the Scoring: Be aware of how the test is scored. Know the difference between raw scores and unofficial scores to gauge your performance effectively during practice tests. This understanding can also help in managing expectations of your performance during the actual test​​.
  • Use Test-Taking Strategies: Employ standard test-taking strategies like eliminating wrong answers to narrow down your choices, and making educated guesses when you’re not sure of the answer.
  • Physical and Mental Preparation:
    • Get a good night’s sleep before the exam day.
    • Eat a healthy meal before the test to ensure you have the energy and concentration for the duration of the exam.
    • Arrive at the test center early to avoid any last-minute stress.

Remember, the key is to stay focused, manage your time wisely, and trust the knowledge and preparation you have put into this. 

Post-Exam: Next Steps

After taking the Praxis English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 exam, it’s crucial to transition from preparation to reflection and planning for the future. Here are some strategies and next steps to consider, drawing insights from online forums and reputable educational websites:

  1. Reflect on Your Experience: Take some time to reflect on the exam experience. What sections did you find challenging? Which parts were easier than expected? This self-reflection is essential for your professional growth and can be useful if you need to retake the exam.
  2. Review Your Results: Once your results are available, analyze them thoroughly. Understand your strengths and areas for improvement. If you didn’t achieve the passing score, focus on the sections where you scored lower.
  3. Engage in Targeted Study: Based on your results, engage in targeted study or seek resources for the specific content areas where you need improvement. Websites like Mometrix and offer practice tests and study guides tailored for the Praxis 5039 exam.
  4. Participate in Online Forums and Study Groups: Join online forums or study groups where you can discuss the exam with peers who have also taken it. Websites like Quizlet ( and Teaching Solutions have forums and study materials where candidates share their experiences and resources.
  5. Plan for a Retake if Necessary: If you need to retake the exam, plan your study schedule accordingly. Allocate more time to the challenging areas and consider using different study materials or approaches.
  6. Apply the Knowledge: Regardless of the outcome, the knowledge and skills you’ve gained while preparing for the Praxis 5039 are valuable. Look for opportunities to apply this knowledge in real-world teaching scenarios or further professional development.
  7. Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated with any changes in the exam format or content by regularly checking the official Praxis website and reputable educational resources.

Remember, the journey of professional development doesn’t end with the exam. It’s a continuous process of learning, applying, and reflecting. Use the experience to grow and enhance your teaching skills and strategies.


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