Using the button above you can take the full NCIDQ IDFX practice test. Below you can find full practice tests for the NCIDQ IDPX and NCIDQ PRAC exams.

After you have taken the full NCIDQ Practice Exams, you will clearer idea of which domains you are strong in and those that you are weak in. Use the domain quizzes provided below to focus on the NCIDQ Practice questions from your weakest areas.

NCIDQ Professional (IDPX) Practice Test

IDPX (Interior Design Professional Exam) Detailed Breakdown

The IDPX portion is a more advanced assessment, lasting four hours and containing 175 questions, with 150 being scored and 25 pretest questions.

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NCIDQ Practical (PRAC) Practice Test

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NCIDQ Professional (IDPX) Domain Exams

IDPX: Project Assessment and Sustainability

The Project Assessment and Sustainability section of the IDPX exam, accounting for 15% of the total score, evaluates a candidate’s ability to assess design projects for functionality and sustainability. It assesses their capacity to consider environmental and ethical factors in interior design decisions.

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IDPX: Project Process Roles and Coordination

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