This page presents a user-friendly layout, prominently featuring a button at the top that provides full access to the Praxis Mathematics 5165 practice test. Immediately below, you’ll discover a detailed and thoughtfully constructed practice test ready for your engagement. These tests are meticulously designed to highlight your areas of proficiency while simultaneously identifying improvement opportunities, thereby enabling you to tailor your study plan with precision.

To enhance your preparation further, particularly in sections demanding more attention, we’ve meticulously developed specialized quizzes. Each quiz is intentionally focused on distinct aspects of the Praxis Mathematics 5165 exam, providing you with a targeted and effective study experience. This approach ensures a comprehensive and focused pathway to mastering the exam.

Praxis Mathematics (5165) Domain Exams

The Praxis Mathematics 5165 exam is a subject assessment test for those preparing to teach mathematics at the secondary level. The exam is designed to measure your knowledge and abilities in fundamental mathematics content. It’s broken down into several key domains, each with its own set of topics, percentage of the exam, and approximate number of questions. 

Here’s the breakdown of the different areas of the Praxis Mathematics 5165 exam:

Domain 1: Number and Quantity and Algebra

  • Percentage of exam: 30%
  • Number of questions: 20
  • Focus: This section focuses on understanding number systems, number theory, the basics of algebra, and algebraic structures. Key topics include properties of integers, rational, real, and complex number systems, equations and inequalities, and polynomials.

Welcome to your Praxis Mathematics 5165 Domain 1: Number and Quantity and Algebra

Domain 2: Functions and Calculus

  • Percentage of exam: 30%
  • Number of questions: 20
  • Focus: This domain covers various types of functions and their properties, as well as the fundamentals of calculus. Important topics include understanding and analyzing functions, limits, derivatives, and integrals, and their applications.

Welcome to your Praxis Mathematics 5165 Domain 2: Functions and Calculus

Domain 3: Geometry

  • Percentage of exam: 20%
  • Number of questions: 13
  • Focus: This section tests your knowledge of shapes, sizes, relative positions, and properties of space. Focus areas include axiomatic systems, coordinate and transformational geometry, and three-dimensional geometry.

Welcome to your Praxis Mathematics 5165 Domain 3: Geometry

Domain 4: Statistics and Probability

  • Percentage of exam: 20%
  • Number of questions: 13
  • Focus: This part of the exam assesses your understanding of data, statistical methods, and the principles of probability. Key concepts include descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, and probability models.

Welcome to your Praxis Mathematics 5165 Domain 4: Statistics and Probability

Exam Domain% of Exam# of QuestionsKey Topics
Number & Quantity and Algebra30%20Properties of integers, rational, real, and complex number systems, equations and inequalities, polynomials
Functions and Calculus30%20Understanding and analyzing functions, limits, derivatives, integrals, and their applications
Geometry20%13Axiomatic systems, coordinate and transformational geometry, three-dimensional geometry
Statistics & Probability20%13Descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, probability models

Additional Important Details:

  • Format: The test consists of selected-response (multiple-choice) questions, and you may be asked to select one or more answers, enter a number in an answer box, or fill in a table or graph.
  • Duration: You’ll have 150 minutes to complete the test.
  • Score: The score is based on the number of correct answers. There’s no penalty for guessing, so it’s to your advantage to answer every question, even if you’re unsure of some answers.

Praxis Mathematics 5165 Exam Breakdown

The Praxis Mathematics 5165 Exam is a standardized test that is part of the Praxis series, administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). It’s specifically designed for individuals who are preparing to become math teachers at the secondary school level. The test aims to assess the knowledge and skills necessary to teach mathematics effectively.

Breakdown of the Praxis Mathematics 5165 Exam:

  • Test Format and Structure:
    • The exam is computer-based.
    • It consists of selected-response (multiple-choice) and numeric-entry questions.
    • The duration of the test is 150 minutes.

Content Categories:

  • The test content is divided into several categories, each representing a specific area of knowledge in mathematics:
    • Number and Quantity: Includes topics like rational numbers, complex numbers, and number systems.
    • Algebra and Functions: Focuses on understanding structures like algebraic expressions, equations, functions, and their properties.
    • Calculus: Covers limits, derivatives, integrals, and the fundamental theorem of calculus.
    • Geometry, Probability, and Statistics: Encompasses geometric shapes and structures, theorems, probability models, and data interpretation.
    • Discrete Mathematics: Involves topics like graph theory, combinatorics, algorithms, and networks.
  • Registration and Test-Taking Format: Candidates need to register for the exam through an online account with ETS. During registration, you’ll choose whether to take the test remotely or at a testing center, select a test location (for in-person tests), and pick a test date. The exam fee is $130​​.
  • Test Day Requirements: For in-person testing, arrive at the testing center 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. You’ll need to show your admission ticket and two forms of valid identification, one of which must be a government-issued photo ID. Personal items are not allowed in the testing area. For remote testing, you’ll need a non-touchscreen laptop or desktop computer with a webcam, speakers, and microphone. The remote proctor will verify your testing area and identification before starting the exam​​.
  • Scoring: The Praxis Mathematics score is based on the number of questions answered correctly (raw score), which is then converted to a scaled score. The passing score generally is 159, though it may vary slightly depending on the state where you take the exam. Official score reports are typically available about five weeks after the test date​​.

How to Become Praxis Mathematics 5165 Certified

To become certified for the Praxis Mathematics 5165, you would generally need to follow these steps:

  • Understand the Test Format and Content: The Praxis Mathematics 5165 exam consists of 66 selected-response questions and covers a range of mathematics topics. You should familiarize yourself with the types of questions that may appear on the exam, including drag-and-drop, single-selection multiple-choice, drop-down, numeric entry, sentence selection, and hot spot questions​​.
  • Meet the Score Requirement: Different states have different score requirements for passing the Praxis 5165 exam. For instance, in Connecticut, you need to score at least 159 on the Praxis Mathematics 5165 exam to earn your Secondary Education/Mathematics certification. Be aware of the specific requirements in your state and prepare accordingly​​.
  • Understand State-specific Requirements: Each state and licensing organization sets its own certification requirements and passing score thresholds for the Praxis exams. You’ll need to consult your state’s specific requirements to understand the exact process for becoming certified. This information can usually be found on official state education department websites or by contacting your state’s education department directly​​.
  • Prepare for the Exam: Utilize resources and preparation materials to study for the exam. There are many resources available, including study guides, practice tests, and preparation courses. For instance, Passage Preparation offers a range of courses and resources tailored for aspiring educators preparing for teacher licensure assessments like the Praxis Mathematics 5165​​.
  • Register for and Take the Exam: Once you feel prepared, you will need to register for the exam through the official Praxis website and select a test date and location that is convenient for you. Ensure you understand the registration process, fees, and any deadlines.
  • Receive and Submit Your Scores: After taking the exam, you will receive your scores. If you meet or exceed the required score for your state, you will need to submit these scores as part of your certification application to your state’s education department.

Registration and Additional Information

  • Cost: The exam costs $130.
  • Identification: In most cases, only one form of primary ID is required.
  • Test Dates and Locations: The tests are available year-round by appointment. You can find a testing site near you through the official website.
  • Scoring: Praxis passing scores vary by state. Check your state requirements for passing scores on the official website​​.

Each state may have additional or varying requirements, so it’s crucial to consult your state’s specific guidelines for the most accurate and detailed information.

Our Experience Teaching Praxis Mathematics 5165 Candidates To Pass The Exam

At Career Employer, the development of the Praxis Mathematics 5165 practice tests has been a journey marked by both excitement and profound learning, intertwining moments of triumph with valuable insights. Our approach was meticulously sculpted, drawing from the broad spectrum of subjects encompassed by the exam and the distinct requirements of our learners.

Every facet of our strategy received meticulous scrutiny, to comprehensively equip each student for triumph in the exam. This dedication shines through in the rich variety and depth of our practice resources, mirroring our commitment to delivering an educational experience that is not only extensive but also profoundly enriching.

Teaching for the Praxis Mathematics 5165 certification can be a challenging yet rewarding experience from a lecturer’s perspective. This certification exam is designed to assess the knowledge and competencies necessary for a beginning teacher of secondary school mathematics. As a lecturer, one must ensure that the curriculum not only covers the content outlined by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) but also teaches the problem-solving and analytical skills necessary to succeed in the exam and in the field of mathematics education.

Key aspects from a lecturer’s perspective include:

  • Curriculum Planning and Structure: Understanding the Praxis 5165 test structure is crucial. The test is divided into sections including Number and Quantity, Algebra and Functions, Geometry, Statistics and Probability, and Calculus. A well-structured course should offer comprehensive coverage of these topics, ensuring that students are well-prepared for each section.
  • Resource Utilization: A lecturer must be adept at integrating various resources to enhance learning. This includes textbooks, online resources, and practice tests. Some valuable resources include:
    • The official ETS website provides test specifications, practice questions, and study guides.
    • Online platforms like Khan Academy or Coursera offer specific courses targeting Praxis Mathematics content.
    • Mathematics forums and online communities can provide insights and additional problem-solving techniques.
  • Interactive and Engaging Teaching Methods: Engaging students through interactive methods such as group work, discussions, and problem-solving sessions can enhance understanding and retention of mathematical concepts. Utilizing technology, like mathematical software or online simulations, can also make learning more dynamic.
  • Assessment and Feedback: Regular assessment through quizzes, assignments, and mock tests is vital. More importantly, providing constructive feedback helps students identify their strengths and areas for improvement, fostering a growth mindset.
  • Personalized Support and Guidance: Recognizing that students have different learning paces and styles, offering personalized guidance, additional problem-solving sessions, or one-on-one meetings can be incredibly beneficial.
  • Professional Development and Networking: Lecturers themselves should stay updated with the latest educational strategies and content updates. Engaging in professional development opportunities and networking with fellow educators can provide fresh insights and strategies for teaching.

Remember, while these resources are helpful, the most successful teaching strategies are often those that are adaptive to student needs and responsive to their feedback. It’s about creating an environment where students are not just prepared for a test, but are also inspired to appreciate and engage with mathematics at a deeper level.

The Praxis Mathematics 5165 certification practice test offered by Career Employer is a reflection of the relentless dedication and profound expertise of our specialized team, renowned for their proficiency in preparing candidates for the Praxis Mathematics 5165 exam. Their invaluable guidance has been pivotal in leading over 1000 secondary school Math tutors to successfully conquer the official Praxis Math certification exam.

Our ensemble includes elite Math educators, each boasting over ten years of focused experience in the field of general secondary school Math. This pooled wealth of knowledge serves as the foundation of our triumphant training program, guaranteeing that every tutor emerges thoroughly prepared and instilled with confidence in their mathematical capabilities.

Effective Study Strategies and Methods

The Praxis Mathematics 5165 exam is designed to measure the knowledge and competencies necessary for a beginning secondary school mathematics teacher. The test covers a wide range of topics across the secondary mathematics curriculum, including Number & Quantity and Algebra, Functions and Calculus, Geometry, and Statistics & Probability. 

Here are some effective study strategies and resources to help you prepare for the exam:

  • Understand the Test Structure and Content: Familiarize yourself with the test format, the types of questions you’ll encounter, and the content categories. The test consists of 66 selected-response questions and is delivered on a computer. Approximately 25% of the questions assess content applied to a Task of Teaching Mathematics, situating mathematics content questions in tasks critical for teaching.
  • Utilize the Praxis® Mathematics Study Companion: This comprehensive guide provides a detailed overview of the test content, sample questions and answers, and strategies for understanding different question types. It’s a valuable resource for understanding the depth and breadth of the topics covered. Praxis® Mathematics Study Companion
  • Practice with an On-Screen Graphing Calculator: The test provides an on-screen graphing calculator. Familiarize yourself with its functionality, as it will be helpful for some questions. Practice performing calculations, graphing and analyzing functions, finding numerical solutions to equations, and generating a table of values for a function. Praxis Calculator Use
  • Engage in Discussion and Application: The test includes discussion questions designed to help you apply your knowledge of fundamental concepts to the classroom or real-world situations. Engage with these questions, discuss possible answers with a teacher or mentor, and think about how you would apply these concepts in a teaching scenario.
  • Explore Additional Resources:

By combining these resources and strategies, you can effectively prepare for the Praxis Mathematics 5165 exam. Remember, consistent practice, understanding the test format, and applying mathematical concepts to teaching scenarios are key to success.


Fee TypeAmount
Exam Fee$130
Rescheduling Fee$40
Test Preparation Subscription (90-Day)$19.95
Study Guide and Test PrepVaries

The cost associated with the Praxis Mathematics 5165 board certification exam includes various fees for the exam itself, preparation materials, and any potential rescheduling fees. Here is a breakdown of the fees based on the information gathered:

  • Exam Fee: The fee for scheduling the Praxis Mathematics 5165 exam at a testing center is $130​​.
  • Rescheduling Fee: If you need to reschedule the exam, it will cost an additional $40​​.
  • Test Preparation Subscription: There is a digital product for a 90-day subscription for the Mathematics (5165) interactive practice test created by ETS test developers, which costs $19.95​​.
  • Study Guide and Test Prep: 240 Tutoring offers a comprehensive study guide and test prep for the Praxis Mathematics Content Knowledge (5165) exam. While the exact price is not listed, this service includes diagnostic tests, instructional content, flashcards, quizzes, and full-length practice tests. This guide is test-aligned and designed to cover all the standards and competencies for the exam​​.
  • Exam Day Costs: You should also consider any personal costs on the day of the exam, such as transportation or accommodation if the testing center is not in your local area.
  • Post-Exam Fees: Depending on the state and the institution, there might be additional fees for receiving and processing your certification after passing the exam. It’s advisable to check with the specific state board or institution for detailed information.

Please note that the prices are subject to change, and there might be additional costs depending on your specific situation (e.g., purchasing additional study materials, repeated exams in case of not passing). It’s recommended to visit the official ETS website and the websites of preparation material providers for the most current information.

Reliable Study Materials and Resources

To effectively prepare for the Praxis Mathematics 5165 certification exam, you have a variety of valuable online resources at your disposal:

  • 240 Tutoring: Offers a comprehensive practice test for the Praxis Mathematics: Content Knowledge exam. The practice test is designed to mimic the format and question types of the real exam, helping you identify specific areas for improvement.
  • Mometrix: Provides detailed information about the Praxis Mathematics exam format, scoring, and testing procedures for both in-person and remote settings.
  • Khan Academy: Offers extensive resources for Praxis Core Math preparation, including lessons and worked examples on various topics like algebra, geometry, and statistics.
  • Praxis2Math: A platform run by a veteran math teacher providing practice tests and materials specifically for the Praxis Mathematics 5165 exam at an affordable price.
  • Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin: Offers a Praxis 5165 Math Exam Preparation Series, a course designed to support current teachers aiming to become licensed high school Mathematics teachers. The course covers the six mathematical domains of the exam and can be attended in person or virtually.
  • ETS (Educational Testing Service): The official provider of the Praxis tests, offering a range of test prep materials, including study companions, interactive practice tests, and study plans.
  • Exam Edge – Praxis Mathematics (5165) Practice Tests & Test PreDescription: Provides comprehensive Math 5165 Praxis practice tests to help you prepare effectively for the exam.
  • Passage Preparation – Praxis® Mathematics (5165): A dedicated course to prepare you for success on the Praxis Mathematics (5165) assessment, focusing on the rigorous aspects of licensure assessments.

These resources offer a blend of practice tests, study guides, instructional videos, flashcards, and quizzes, ensuring a comprehensive preparation approach. It’s recommended to explore each of these resources and choose the ones that best fit your learning style and preparation needs.

Tips for Exam Day

For the Praxis Mathematics 5165 exam, here are some comprehensive tips and resources to help you prepare and perform your best on the exam day:

Preparation Tips:

  • Understand the Test Format: The Praxis 5165 consists of 66 selected-response questions to be completed within 180 minutes. Familiarize yourself with the question types and the exam structure. The exam covers four main content areas: Number and Quantity & Algebra, Functions and Calculus, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability​​.
  • Use Reputable Study Materials: Resources like 240 Tutoring and Mometrix offer study guides, practice questions, and flashcards specifically designed for the Praxis 5165. These materials are aligned with the exam content and can help build your understanding and confidence​​​​.
  • Take Practice Tests: Practice tests are a crucial part of your preparation. They help you familiarize yourself with the exam format and types of questions you’ll encounter. Websites like 240 Tutoring offer free practice tests and a score report with a personalized study plan based on your performance. Use these resources to identify your strengths and weaknesses and focus your study accordingly​​.
  • Engage in Active Recall and Spaced Repetition: Using flashcards can be a great way to memorize and retain complex concepts. This method promotes active recall and spaced repetition, which are proven strategies for improving memory and retention​​.

Exam Day Tips:

  • Read Choices Carefully: For questions requiring you to select one or more answers, read all choices before selecting. Pay attention to phrases like “Which of the following does NOT…” as they are asking for the one incorrect option. Double-check your answers if you have extra time​​.
  • Guess if Unsure: Since there’s no penalty for incorrect answers, it’s better to guess than to leave a question blank. Eliminate wrong options and then make an educated guess. This strategy can help you pick up additional points​​.
  • Manage Your Time: Although you can answer questions in any order, it’s crucial to keep track of time. Mark questions you’re unsure about so you can revisit them later if you have time​​.
  • Utilize Scratch Paper: Don’t hesitate to use the scratch paper provided for calculations or jotting down thoughts. It can be particularly helpful for complex problems or when you need to review your work for mistakes​​.
  • Stay Calm and Focused: Remember that the Praxis is a pass/fail test. You don’t need to answer every question correctly to pass. Focus on giving your best without getting overly stressed about the outcome​​.
  • Test Day Logistics: Arrive at the testing center 30 minutes early with the necessary identification and admission ticket. Personal items won’t be allowed in the testing area, so be prepared to store them in a locker. If you’re taking the exam remotely, ensure your computer setup meets the specified requirements and that your testing area is approved by the proctor​​.

By following these preparation and exam day tips and utilizing the resources mentioned, you’ll be in a strong position to perform well on the Praxis Mathematics 5165 exam. Remember, consistent preparation and a positive mindset are key to your success.

Post-Exam: Next Steps

After taking the Praxis Mathematics 5165 exam, individuals often seek advice and share their experiences on various online platforms. Here’s a summary of the discussions and advice found on a Reddit thread specifically about the Praxis 5165 exam:

  • Waiting for Results: The Praxis 5165 is a relatively new test, and it’s common for test-takers to wait nearly a month to receive their official score report. This waiting period can be quite stressful, especially since some test-takers have reported not receiving a raw score immediately after the exam but instead getting vague numbers separated by topic category.
  • Forum Discussions: One of the recommended steps after the exam is to engage in forum discussions. Websites like have forums where individuals can discuss the exam questions (without sharing the exact questions, as ETS may take legal action against such disclosures). These forums can be a valuable resource for preparing for a retake or for understanding the areas where one needs improvement.
  • Understanding the Test’s Complexity: The Praxis 5165 is known to be a challenging test. It’s mentioned that even individuals with a strong background in mathematics find it tough. The test is designed to be comprehensive, and the questions are developed by experienced educators and professionals.
  • Persistence and Preparation: If you didn’t pass the test on your first attempt, don’t be discouraged. The advice is to keep trying and to utilize various resources for preparation. This might include studying from multiple books, engaging with online forums and communities, or even seeking help from a doctoral student or a professor in mathematics.
  • Awareness of Test Policies: It’s important to be aware of the test policies. For instance, there are multiple versions of the test, and ETS allows you to take the test only once a month. Also, strict measures are in place to prevent cheating, and any suspicion of cheating can have serious consequences.
  • Utilizing Resources: For those looking to retake the test or to strengthen their preparation, resources like offer comprehensive test prep materials specifically for the Praxis Mathematics (5165) test.

Remember, the end of the exam is not the end of the journey. It’s an opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow in your professional path.


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