At the top of this page, you’ll find a button granting full access to the ASE L2 practice test. Beneath this section, we’ve arranged a series of comprehensive practice exams for the ASE L2. As you progress through these tests, you’ll be able to identify your strengths, pinpoint areas requiring further improvement, and assess your overall proficiency.

To further aid your preparation, we’ve designed specialized quizzes that focus on particular aspects of the ASE L2 exam. These targeted quizzes enable you to concentrate your practice on areas that need more in-depth study, ensuring a well-rounded preparation for the exam.

ASE L2 Domain Exams

The ASE L2 exam, also known as the ASE Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis Specialist Certification Test, is a comprehensive assessment for technicians specializing in the repair and maintenance of diesel engines, particularly their electronic systems. The exam is structured around various domains, each with a specific focus and weight. 

Here’s a breakdown of the key areas of the ASE L2 exam:

ASE L2 General Inspection and Diagnosis Practice Exam 

  • Number of Questions: Approximately 4 questions.
  • Total exam percentage: 10%
  • Focus: This section tests the technician’s ability to conduct general inspections and diagnose problems in diesel engines. It includes the understanding of basic diesel engine operation and the ability to perform visual inspections, and interpret faults codes, and use diagnostic equipment.

Welcome to your ASE L2 Domain 1: General Inspection and Diagnosis

ASE L2 Electronic Engine Controls Diagnosis Practice Exam 

  • Number of Questions: Approximately 18 questions.
  • Total exam percentage: 40%
  • Focus: This domain is centered around diagnosing issues in the electronic control systems of diesel engines. It covers electronic control modules (ECMs), sensors, actuators, and related wiring and connectors.

Welcome to your ASE L2 Domain 2: Electronic Engine Controls Diagnosis

ASE L2 Air Induction Systems Diagnosis Practice Exam 

  • Number of Questions: Approximately 6 questions.
  • Total exam percentage: 13%
  • Focus: This area tests knowledge of air induction and exhaust systems, including turbochargers, intercoolers, and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems. Diagnosing airflow issues and exhaust restrictions are key components.

Welcome to your ASE L2 Domain 3: Air Induction Systems Diagnosis

ASE L2 Fuel Systems Diagnosis Practice Exam 

  • Number of Questions: Approximately 8 questions.
  • Total exam percentage: 18%
  • Focus: This section focuses on the fuel delivery system in diesel engines. It includes diagnosing issues related to fuel injectors, high-pressure pumps, fuel filters, and fuel lines.

Welcome to your ASE L2 Domain 4: Fuel Systems Diagnosis

ASE L2 Emissions Systems Diagnosis Practice Exam 

  • Number of Questions: Approximately 9 questions.
  • Total exam percentage: 19%
  • Focus: This domain covers the diagnosis of emission control systems, including particulate filters, catalytic converters, and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems. Understanding emissions regulations and the ability to diagnose related system failures are crucial.

Welcome to your ASE L2 Domain 5: Emissions Systems Diagnosis

Exam DomainPercentage# of QuestionsDescription
Battery System25%11Diagnosis and repair of hybrid/electric vehicle battery systems, including battery state of health, state of charge, and service procedures.
Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Systems13%6Deals with the ICE as it pertains to hybrid systems, including engine controls and how the ICE integrates with electric drive systems.
Drive Systems20%9Diagnosis and repair of electric drive motor controls and power inverter systems, and understanding how these systems interact with the vehicle’s transmission.
Power Electronics29%13Diagnosis and repair of voltage converters/inverters, along with AC/DC power conversion and control.
Hybrid Supporting Systems13%6Covers auxiliary systems unique to hybrid/electric vehicles, such as regenerative braking, cooling systems for batteries and electronics, and hybrid-specific air conditioning systems.

Additional Important Information:

  • Total Questions: The exam typically consists of 55-65 questions.
  • Exam Duration: The ASE L2 test is usually a two-hour exam.
  • Passing Score: ASE exams use a scaled scoring system; however, a thorough understanding of all domains is necessary for passing.
  • Preparation: It’s essential to have hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of modern diesel engines and their electronic components. ASE offers study guides and practice tests to help candidates prepare.
  • Recertification: ASE certification is valid for five years, after which technicians must retake the exam to maintain their certification.

Studying each domain thoroughly and gaining practical experience in diagnosing and repairing diesel engine systems are key to successfully passing the ASE L2 exam.

ASE L2 Exam Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of the key aspects of the ASE L2 Exam:

  • Target Audience: The exam is intended for technicians who are experienced in diesel engine diagnostics, particularly those who work with electronic control systems. It’s an advanced-level certification, so it’s not for beginners in the field.
  • Content and Structure: The ASE L2 Exam focuses on various aspects of diesel engine diagnostics, including
    • Understanding electronic diesel engine diagnosis, including the use of diagnostic tools and equipment.
    • Knowledge of engine systems and subsystems, such as fuel systems, air induction and exhaust systems, and engine management systems.
    • Ability to interpret and analyze diagnostic codes and data.
    • Skills in troubleshooting and repairing faults in electronic diesel engine systems.
  • Format: The exam typically consists of multiple-choice questions. These questions are designed to test both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in diesel engine diagnostics.
  • Preparation: To prepare for the ASE L2 Exam, candidates often study technical manuals, attend training sessions, and gain hands-on experience. ASE offers study guides and practice tests to help candidates prepare.
  • Prerequisites: To be eligible for the L2 certification, technicians must have passed the ASE A9 (Light Vehicle Diesel Engines) test and have hands-on working experience. The combination of formal training and practical experience is crucial for success.
  • Certification Validity: Once passed, the ASE L2 certification is valid for five years. Technicians need to retest to maintain their certification, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and repair techniques.
  • Professional Recognition: Achieving ASE L2 certification is a mark of expertise and professionalism in the field of diesel engine diagnostics. It can lead to better job opportunities, higher pay, and recognition as an expert in the field.

In summary, the ASE L2 Exam is a comprehensive test for technicians specializing in electronic diesel engine diagnostics, requiring a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. It’s a highly respected certification in the automotive service industry, reflecting a technician’s advanced skill level in this specialized area.

How to be ASE L2 certified

To become ASE L2 certified, which is the Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis Specialist Certification, you need to follow these steps:

  • Understand the ASE Certification Tests: ASE offers 58 certification tests covering various aspects of automotive repair and service. The L2 certification is one of them. It’s important to start by understanding the general information about ASE tests. For more details.
  • Registration: You must register and pay in advance to take ASE tests. You can register for an ASE Certification Test here.
  • Test Series Information: For specific details about the L2 test and other certification tests, you can explore the individual Test Series links provided on the ASE website.
  • Test Preparation and Training: ASE provides resources for test preparation and training. 
  • Finding a Test Center: To take the test, you need to locate a test center near you. You can find a test center here.
  • Maintaining Certification: Remember that achieving Master Technician status requires certification in all required testing areas for that series, and you must keep each certification current to maintain this status.

For more detailed information and resources, you can visit the ASE website. Additionally, other resources like Pocket Prep and Universal Technical Institute guide preparing for ASE L2 and other advanced level certification exams.

Our Experience Teaching ASE  L2 Candidates To Pass The Exam

The development of the ASE L2 practice exams has been a journey filled with both challenges and rewarding experiences. At Career Employer, our role in coaching within the automotive field has been significantly influenced by the breadth of the exam series and the distinct needs of our students. 

Our focus has always been on guiding them towards success in the exam. This process has not only allowed us to tailor our approach to meet the diverse requirements of our learners but has also enriched our understanding and expertise in this specialized area.

Teaching Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Level 2 certification from a lecturer’s perspective involves several key aspects:

  • Understanding the ASE L2 Certification: As a lecturer, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of what the ASE L2 certification entails. This certification is focused on electronic diesel engine diagnosis. It requires knowledge of various systems such as electronic diesel engine controls, air induction and exhaust systems, fuel systems, and more.
  • Curriculum Development: Developing a curriculum that covers all the necessary topics is essential. This includes theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills. The curriculum should align with the ASE L2 test content areas, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the certification exam.
  • Practical and Hands-On Training: Since ASE certifications are heavily focused on practical skills, incorporating hands-on training is vital. This could involve working with actual diesel engines, diagnostic tools, and other relevant equipment. Real-world scenarios and problem-solving exercises are also beneficial.
  • Staying Updated with Industry Standards: The automotive industry is constantly evolving, especially with advancements in diesel engine technology. As a lecturer, staying updated with the latest technologies, tools, and diagnostic methods is important to provide students with current and relevant knowledge.
  • Assessment and Feedback: Regular assessments to gauge student understanding and progress are important. Providing constructive feedback helps students identify areas they need to improve on.
  • Encouraging Critical Thinking: Encouraging students to think critically and troubleshoot effectively is crucial in this field. This involves not just teaching them the how-to’s but also the why’s behind various diesel engine functions and diagnostics.
  • Preparation for the ASE L2 Exam: Specific preparation for the ASE L2 certification exam is a key part of the teaching process. This includes familiarizing students with the format of the exam, time management strategies, and providing practice questions.
  • Professional Development: As a lecturer, engaging in continuous professional development helps in delivering high-quality education. This could involve attending workshops, and seminars, and staying connected with industry professionals.
  • Building Industry Connections: Facilitating connections with the automotive industry can provide students with valuable insights and potential job opportunities. Guest lectures from industry experts or field trips to automotive workshops can be very beneficial.
  • Support and Motivation: Providing support and motivation to students, especially those who might find certain aspects challenging, is important. Encouraging a positive learning environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and expressing difficulties can enhance their learning experience.

The Career Employer team has meticulously designed a practice test specifically for the ASE L2 certification, drawing upon a deep reservoir of knowledge and extensive experience in ASE L2 exam preparation. Our seasoned experts, each with over a decade of specialized experience in the field, have successfully guided over a thousand auto technicians to achieve success in the official ASE L2 certification exam. 

Their invaluable expertise enriches the quality of our practice test. Recognizing the variety in learning styles and needs, we offer multiple versions of the practice exam, ensuring a comprehensive and adaptable preparation tool for aspiring professionals.

Effective Study Strategies / Methods

To effectively prepare for the ASE L2 exam, there are several study strategies and resources you can utilize:

  • Practice Tests and Study Guides: Utilize practice tests and study guides as they provide an excellent way to assess your current knowledge level and identify areas that require further study. You can purchase practice test vouchers from websites like YourMechanic, which offer practice versions that are half the length of the actual test and provide performance feedback​​.
  • Research Third-Party Resources: Numerous third-party websites offer study materials for the ASE L2 exam. It’s important to read testimonials and ensure the credibility of these resources, as ASE does not endorse or review these programs. However, ASE does maintain a list of companies on their website for informational purposes​​.
  • Online Exam Prep Platforms: Websites like PocketPrep offer specialized preparation for ASE exams, including the L2 exam. Such platforms often have a variety of resources, including practice questions and study tips​​.
  • Free Practice and Study Tips: provides effective study tips for ASE exams. They emphasize the importance of starting your preparation early, breaking up study time into smaller segments, and involving multiple senses in the learning process, such as taking notes and using visual aids​​.
  • Specialized Test Prep Material: Motor Age Training offers specific test prep materials for the ASE L2 exam, including books, e-books, and practice tests. These resources are tailored to the specifics of the L2 exam and can be a valuable tool in your study plan​​.
  • Utilizing Online Systems: offers a comprehensive preparation system for the ASE L2 exam, including features like TestSIM™ for exam simulation, TestNOTES™ for taking notes, and Focus FlashCards™ for customized study. This platform provides a holistic approach to preparing for the exam​​.
  • General Preparation Tips: Blogs like PrepScholar offer general tips for ASE certification tests, such as deciding which tests to register for based on your career goals, ensuring you have the proper experience, registering for the exam, and preparing effectively. They suggest focusing on areas where you struggle more, as this is often more effective than studying everything equally​​.

In summary, a combination of practice tests, reputable third-party study materials, online exam prep platforms, and effective study strategies will help you prepare efficiently for the ASE L2 exam. Remember to start early, focus on areas of weakness, and use a variety of study methods to enhance retention and understanding.


The cost of the ASE L2 board certification exam, which is for becoming an Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis Specialist, encompasses several elements, including the exam fee, study materials, and practice tests.

ASE L2 Exam FeeAdvanced Level Test L2 certification cost$94
Study MaterialsFree guides, paid practice tests (price varies)Varies
Third-Party Study MaterialsBooks, e-books, practice tests, DVDsUSD 11.99 – USD 124.95
RecertificationRequired every 5 years, cost cap for multiple tests$175 (max)
Retest FeeCost for retaking each failed test$47 per test
  • Exam Fee: The ASE L2 exam costs $94. This fee is higher than the standard ASE tests due to its advanced nature​​.
  • Study Guides and Practice Tests:
    • The ASE website offers free study guides for each area of expertise, including the L2 exam. Additionally, you can purchase practice test vouchers from the ASE website, with prices ranging from USD 14.95 for one or two vouchers, USD 12.95 each for 3-24 vouchers, and USD 11.95 each for 25 or more vouchers​​.
    • Third-party websites also offer study guides and practice tests. For example, Motor Age Training provides an L2 ASE study guide at USD 29.95 for the book or e-book, USD 99.95 for on-demand access, and USD 124.95 for a DVD and study guide set. They also offer a practice test set for USD 11.99​​.
  • Additional Costs: If you need to retake the test, there will be additional fees. Each retest would cost the same as the initial test fee ($94 for the L2 exam).
  • Preparation Tips: It’s recommended to thoroughly prepare for the test to avoid the need for retakes. Utilizing the study guides and practice tests effectively can help ensure you pass the first time, saving both time and money.

Remember, the ASE certifications are valid for five years, and recertification tests are required to maintain the certification. The cost of recertification tests is generally lower, with a cap on the total cost if multiple tests are taken in a single registration window.

In summary, the total cost for the ASE L2 certification will include the exam fee of $94, plus any additional costs for study materials and practice tests, which can vary based on the resources you choose. It’s advisable to check the latest prices and options on the ASE website and other reputable training providers for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Reliable Study Materials and Resources

To prepare for the ASE L2 certification exam, here are some of the best online resources, including websites, forums, and digital books:

  • ASE Official Website – Study Guides and Practice Tests: The ASE website offers comprehensive study guides and official practice tests for the L2 certification. These resources are crucial for understanding the exam format and the type of questions that will be asked.
  • Pocket Prep – ASE L2 Exam Prep: Pocket Prep provides an exam preparation app with practice questions for the ASE L2 exam. It’s a convenient way to study on-the-go.
  • ASE L2 Study Guide PDF: This is a detailed guide provided by ASE, which includes information about the L2 certification test, study tips, and practice questions.
  • Mechanic Career Now – ASE Test Resources: This website offers various resources for ASE test preparation, including study tips and links to study guides and practice tests.
  • ASE Certification Training HQ: This site provides a range of resources for ASE test preparation, including study guides, practice tests, and tips for passing the exams.
  • Automotive Forums: Online forums such as can be valuable for getting tips and advice from professionals who have already taken the ASE L2 exam.
  • Amazon – ASE Test Prep Books: Amazon has a collection of ASE test preparation books that can be very helpful. These books often include in-depth study material and practice questions.
  • YouTube – ASE Test Prep Channels: Various YouTube channels provide free video tutorials and tips for ASE test preparation.
  • Offers a detailed ASE L2 practice test that includes questions and answers, along with explanations. This resource is particularly useful for understanding the format of the exam and the types of questions you might encounter​​.
  • Motor Age Training: Offers an updated L2 ASE study guide, available in various formats like books, eBooks, and on-demand videos. This guide covers the latest Composite Vehicle (Type 4) that is part of the L2 certification exam, providing detailed information on the subject matter​​.

Each of these resources covers essential aspects of the L2 certification, including general inspection and diagnosis, electronic engine controls, diesel fuel systems, and more. Be sure to explore each one to determine which best suits your learning style and needs.

Tips for Exam Day

To ensure success on the ASE L2 exam day, it’s important to combine both strategic preparation and practical tips. Here are some key recommendations, drawing from various sources including ASE guidelines, Reddit forums, and other expert advice:

Before the Exam Day

  • Thorough Preparation: Use ASE study materials and practice exams. Websites like Pocket Prep offer specialized practice questions.
  • Understand the Exam Structure: Familiarize yourself with the types of questions and the format of the ASE L2 exam. This includes understanding the composite vehicle concept used in the exam.
  • Review Forums: Check out forums like Reddit’s mechanics community for tips and insights from those who have recently taken the exam.

On Exam Day

  • Arrive Early: Ensure you arrive at the test center early to avoid any last-minute stress.
  • Proper Rest and Nutrition: Have a good night’s sleep before the exam and eat a healthy meal to keep your energy levels up.
  • Read Questions Carefully: Take your time to thoroughly read and understand each question. Remember, the ASE exams often test your understanding of concepts rather than rote memorization.
  • Manage Your Time: Keep an eye on the clock but don’t rush. Allocate your time wisely to ensure you can answer all questions.
  • Use the Process of Elimination: If unsure about an answer, use logical reasoning to eliminate the most unlikely options first.
  • Stay Calm and Focused: Anxiety can hinder performance. Stay calm and focused on the task at hand.

Additional Resources

  • ASE Official Website: Visit the ASE website for official materials and guidelines.
  • Reddit and Forums: Engage in communities like Reddit for last-minute tips and moral support.
  • Practice Tests: Utilize online resources for practice tests to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern.

After the Exam

  • Review and Reflect: Regardless of the outcome, take time to review the areas you found challenging for future improvement.
  • Retake if Necessary: Remember, if you don’t pass, you can retake the exam after a waiting period.

By following these tips and utilizing the resources mentioned, you can increase your chances of passing the ASE L2 exam. Remember, thorough preparation combined with a calm and strategic approach on the exam day is key to success.

Post-Exam: Next Steps

After completing the ASE L2 exam, there are several strategies and next steps you can consider to enhance your professional development and prepare for future opportunities:

  • Review and Reflect: Start by reviewing the exam content and your performance. Reflect on the areas where you felt confident and those where you faced challenges. This self-assessment can guide your future learning and improvement.
  • Engage in Continuous Learning: The automotive industry is constantly evolving, so staying updated with the latest technologies and practices is crucial. Consider enrolling in additional courses or workshops that focus on advanced automotive technologies, especially those related to electronic diesel engine diagnosis, which is the core of the ASE L2 certification.
  • Participate in Online Forums and Communities: Engaging with online communities, such as the ASE test taking tips discussion on Reddit, can provide valuable insights from peers and experienced professionals. These platforms are great for sharing experiences, asking questions, and receiving advice on career advancement.
  • Prepare for Recertification: ASE certifications are valid for five years. Planning for recertification is important to maintain your professional status. Stay informed about the recertification process and requirements, as outlined on resources like ASE’s official website.
  • Explore Specialization Opportunities: Depending on your interests and career goals, consider specializing in specific areas within the automotive service field. ASE offers various certifications, and becoming a master technician or pursuing other specialized certifications can open up more advanced career opportunities.
  • Networking and Professional Development: Attend industry conferences, workshops, and seminars. Networking with other professionals can lead to new opportunities and insights into industry trends and best practices.
  • Utilize Study Resources and Practice Tests: Even after passing the exam, resources like ASE L2 Practice Tests can be useful for staying sharp and prepared for recertification. They also help in keeping up-to-date with the exam format and question types.
  • Stay Informed About Industry Trends: Follow industry news, subscribe to relevant magazines, and join professional organizations. This will help you stay informed about the latest trends and technologies in the automotive industry.

Remember, the journey doesn’t end with passing the exam. It’s about continuous growth and adapting to the ever-changing automotive industry. Keep learning, stay engaged with the community, and seize opportunities for professional development.


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