How To List Self-Employed On Resume

We get asked by a number of individuals each week whether or not they should list their self-employed experience on their resume.

In short, yes, you should absolutely list your self-employed experience on your resume.

However, doing so may be a bit more difficult, which is why we’re going to discuss how to list self-employed on resume.

As compared to more traditional employment or one under a small or large business, stating you are self-employed on your resume can be difficult.

When working for a small or large business, you are provided with a title, a position, and a list of responsibilities which you must complete.

However, as someone who is self-employed, you are essentially a jack of all trades and wear multiple hats.

Figuring out which title, position, skills, and experiences to place on your resume can be a daunting and difficult task.

Follow our steps below for how to list being self-employed on your resume and you’ll be done in no-time!

Job Title

Perhaps the most difficult part of resume writing when adding in a period of being self-employed is the job title.

Many job seekers are confused and unsure of what their title is and whether or not they should list themselves as the founder, president, or CEO.

Our advice is to only list yourself as the founder, president, or CEO if you have a team of individuals working with you in your company or business.

Typically, having the term founder, president, or CEO indicates a level of delegation abilities.

If you are a one-person operation, I would opt to not include that title.

Rather, you should list your title as the role that you most-heavily followed and completed.

So, if you started a blog and were the main writer and editor, feel free to list those two positions as your job title.

A Company Name

Whether you were working under an official business name or not, you should list the business name you were associated with.

This will provide more authenticity to your resume and your work.

Working under a business name is more professional and will be useful to segment your work experiences.

A Summary Of Your Services

As you were self-employed and likely handling many aspects of the business, you may also opt to place a summary section beneath the company name and job title.

Indicating that you started or founded the company and listing the services provided will give the employer a better sense of the company mission and offerings.

This summary section shouldn’t take too much space in your resume and should be succinct.

A Summary Of Your Services – Purpose

While not required, you may also consider listing or describing the purpose of starting the company within the summary of your services.

This purpose statement will help you to explain your reasoning for starting the business and what problem you looked to solve.

Bullet Points

In addition to the above, you will want to maintain the same or a similar format as your traditional work experiences.

Beneath the company name, job title, and summary, you should have a few bullet points which describe the exact work you were involved in.

These should include major accomplishments and wins and any projects you worked on with clients.

Sample Self-Employed Resume

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