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Today, we want to share what sets this prep tool and course apart.

The comparison will look into the key features between the two and highlight where they differ.

In short, we’ll conduct a head-to-head comparison, summarize the differences in a table and wrap the discussion up with a winner.

Here is an overview of the features we’ll walk you through:

  • Course content
  • Question bank
  • Pricing and study packages
  • Platforms’ ease of use, among others.

Let’s jump into it.

Head-to-Head Comparison of Saunders vs UWorld

A full Comparison of Saunders vs UWorld

While Saunders, formerly known as Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, is an NCLEX prep book, UWorld is a prep course provider that offers study materials in several fields, including nursing, accounting, medical, and finance.

In this article, we want to give you a side-by-side comparison of what sets these two apart when it comes to NCLEX review materials.

Let’s get started with the first item on our list, course content.

Course Content

Saunders has several editions, and the latest one is the 9th edition.

The book is commonly referred to as the best NCLEX exam review book.


It delves deep into the NCLEX-RN exam content.

The book has over fifteen sections, with several chapters covering the course content taught in nursing school.

The Saunders book reviews the mental health problems of the adult client, professional standards in nursing, maternity nursing, the foundation of care, and pediatric nursing, to mention a few.

The very first chapter walks learners through test-taking strategies and gives an overview of the NCLEX-RN exam.

There are cool features like pyramid alert boxes and pyramid points icons that provide key points that might come in the actual exam.

The book goes hand in hand with the Evolve website, which has additional study resources.

You can listen to the Saunders audio review summaries on acid-base balance, pharmacology, fluids and electrolytes on the website.

Further, there are a total of 5,700 practice questions both on the website and the book.

Given the number of questions, Saunders is committed to ensuring that learners have more than enough tests to practice.

The answer choices have well-explained rationales that help test-takers uncover the reasons behind the correct and incorrect answers.

On the flip side, the UWorld NCLEX review has three study materials: practice questions, self-assessment tests, and flashcards.

Its Qbank has over 2,350 questions, just enough for learners to master the NCLEX exam structure and setting.

And like Saunders Comprehensive Review book, UWorld practice questions answer choices have rationales.

As a matter of fact, UWorld has the best rationales in the industry.

The flashcards are an excellent addition.

As you review the answer choices explanations, you can copy key points and paste them into the card for review later.

UWorld self-assessments are timed tests with 100 questions that replicate the NCLEX exam questions.

The practice exams are meant to show whether you are ready for the NCLEX.

Finally, there’s the performance tracker that breaks down your test-taking.

You’ll get an overview of your performance so that you can work on the knowledge gap.

Additionally, you’ll see your performance vs your peers.

With these insights, you can develop a strategy to work through the practice question and raise your scores.

Verdict: When it comes to Saunders vs UWorld course content, it’s a tie. Why? Saunders book majorly focuses on content review, and it’s the best in this domain. UWorld is solely dedicated to practice questions where it’s leading in the industry.

Pricing and Course Options

The Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination 9th edition goes for $59.99 on Amazon.

The book is used together with additional study resources on Evolve website.

The book covers all the topics covered in the exam, plus NCLEX test-taking strategies.

There are titbits of information on the pyramid icons highlighting key nursing concepts and tips to help remember important information.

Further, mnemonics are used throughout the text to enhance memorization and learning.

The book has 5,700 practice questions.

You’ll definitely get a bang for your buck with all the resources in the prep book. 

On the other hand, UWorld has four study packages.

The company offers 30-Day, 60-Day, 90-Day, and 180-Day Access periods.

The four plans have one thing in common: 2,000+ questions in the Qbank.

The cost varies because the access duration comes with additional materials.

While the 30-day access costs $139 and only has the Qbank, the 60-day access costs $169 and includes one self-assessment test.

The 90-day access option will give you two self-assessment tests and goes for $219.

The premium plan gives 180 days of access to the study materials.

Apart from the Qbank, you’ll get two self-assessment exams, a one-time reset option, and NGN exam questions.

Verdict: Saunders takes the lead in affordability. UWorld wins in the study package options provided.

Qbank and Practice Tests

The latest edition of Saunders book includes the next-generation NCLEX question.

There are 5,700 practice questions, where 1,000 are on the Evolve website.

These questions come with rationales to help you wrap your head around the NCLEX-RN exam questions.

Saunders includes all alternate format questions, as in the NCLEX exam.

You’ll come across select all that apply, multiple response, fill-in-the-blank, prioritization, video, hot spot, and audio questions.

The goal is to help test-takers work on their critical thinking, decision-making, and prioritization skills before the examination.

Further, the NCLEX-style questions expose learners to exactly what they’ll encounter on the actual exam.

Another excellent feature is the ability to customize the practice tests in the client needs area, cognitive level, content area, integrated process, alternate format, priority concepts, health problems, and strategy.

Taking the practice exam in different categories allows you to cover every angle of the exam.

You can test your information retention repeatedly using the different categories.

Ultimately, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of the NCLEX exam and what’s expected of you.

You are required to take a pre-test consisting of 75 questions at the beginning of your studies.

This test acts as a benchmark.

From your performance, the website will generate a study plan.

In the end, you’ll take a post-test with the same number of questions as the pre-test and find out whether you’ve closed the knowledge gap.

At the end of each practice exam, the platform will give you feedback on your performance.

In contrast, UWorld has over 2,350 questions.

You’ll find NGN questions and traditional questions with alternate format questions.

UWorld is renowned for its detailed rationales that go deeper into the details of incorrect and correct answers.

Since UWorld main study resource is the Qbank, it doubles up as the content review material, hence the reason for the thorough explanations.

The test prep company also offers self-assessment tests.

You can have one or two, depending on your study package.

This timed exam mimics the NCLEX-style questions.

At the end of the exam, you’ll get a breakdown of your performance, detailing the categories and topics in the exam and how you performed in each question.

Further, you’ll get feedback on the time spent on each topic.

With this information, you’ll have a clear picture of where to improve.

Verdict: It’s a tie. While UWorld is known for its outstanding rationales, Saunders has gone above and beyond to integrate the right tools into the practice questions for the best results.

Video Lessons

Both UWorld and Saunders book don’t have video lessons.

Saunders textbook supplements the information in the test with additional materials on the Evolve website.

The one study tool close to video lessons is the three audio reviews covering acid-base balance, pharmacology, and fluids and electrolytes.

Verdict: Saunders book takes the lead. Although it doesn’t have a video lesson, it takes care of auditory learners.

Live Instruction Classes

As for Saunders vs UWorld live classes comparison, it’s a draw.

They both don’t offer live sessions.

Money-Back Guarantee

Neither UWorld nor Saunders offers a money-back guarantee for first-time test-takers.

You honestly have to give your best to pass on the first attempt

Otherwise, in the case of UWorld, you’ll have to purchase a study package.

As for Saunders, you’ll simply review the book again.

Verdict: Although both don’t have a money-back guarantee, you are better off with Saunders because you won’t have to purchase the book again.

Student Support

You can reach the UWorld support team through email or a contact form on the website.

You can also contact them on their social media channels.

Saunders Comprehensive review doesn’t provide contact information.

Verdict: UWorld wins here. We couldn’t find student support info for Saunders.

Ease of Use of the Platform

The UWorld platform is neatly laid out.

You can easily find the information on the study packages, costs, and all the study tools that come with each package in a minute.

The prep course dashboard is easy-to-navigate with a user-friendly interface.

Plus, when it comes to the self-assessment exam, you’ll experience the NCLEX dashboard firsthand since UWorld resembles it.

Saunders book is well written.

From the sides, you can see the different colors used to index the book sections to make reference easy.

Plus, instead of plain white pages, the pages have sections of different colors to break the monotony and bring the pages to life.

Verdict: UWorld takes the lead. The platform is straightforward and easy to use. Plus, they’ve gone a step further to give students a peek into what NCLEX looks like.

Saunders vs UWorld Comparison Table

Saunders vs UWorld Comparison Table
UWorldSaunders (9th Edition)
Practice exams1-2 depending on the study packageNone
Package prices$59.99$139-$329
Money-back guaranteeNoNo
Student support YesNone
Live classes hoursNoneNone

Between Saunders and UWorld, Which One Win?

Between Saunders and UWorld, Which One Win

There’s a lot that goes into becoming a registered nurse.

And these two study resources can be excellent preparation tools.

From our analysis, UWorld takes the lead when it comes to course options, ease of use of the platform, and student support.

Saunders Comprehensive Review book tops in pricing.

The two tie in Qbank and course content.

UWorld and Saunders complement each other.

Most test-takers use Saunders for content review and UWorld for practice questions.

That’s why it’s difficult to declare a winner between the two since both are powerhouses in different domains.

Good luck as you prepare for the NCLEX.

We hope you find this comparison article helpful.

Saunders vs UWorld FAQs

Saunders vs UWorld FAQs

Is Saunders good for NCLEX?

Yes. Saunders is the perfect prep book for NCLEX. The book simplifies the different topics tested in the exam. You get a summary of key points in every chapter. Also, the sections have NCLEX-style questions to prepare learners. Plus, you can get additional questions on the Evolve website.

Is Saunders harder than NCLEX?

Saunders’ questions difficulty is the same as, if not easier than NCLEX exam.
Unlike Kaplan and UWorld questions that tend to be difficult so that learners can find the NCLEX easier, Saunders doesn’t focus on hard questions. It has 5,700 practice questions to give learners ample practice tests.

What is better than UWorld?

Kaplan outdoes UWorld in prep course materials except for the rationale explanations. Kaplan has comprehensive study materials, including three full-length CAT exams, video content for over 300 topics, 18 hours of live sessions, and an ebook. Further, it covers the test-taking strategy in-depth using the decision tree strategy.

Is Archer or UWorld better for NCLEX?

It depends on the study materials you are looking for. If you want to focus on practice questions with extensive rationale, go for UWorld. Suppose you need additional study materials for content review. ArcherReview is the perfect fit. You’ll have access to other study resources apart from practice questions.

What is the best NCLEX prep book?

The best prep book for nursing students is Saunders Comprehensive Review. The book covers the exam content in an easy-to-understand way. Further, you’ll get practice questions that you can customize to make the most of the tests. Again, you’ll have access to their website for additional materials.

What is the difference between Saunders and UWorld?

Saunders is a prep book, while UWorld is a prep course provider. UWorld’s main focus is helping nursing students to pass NCLEX on the first try. Saunders focuses on the exam’s content, ensuring learners have foundational knowledge tested in the exam. Saunders is cheaper than UWorld.





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