Greeting! Welcome to our informative guide on Archer NCLEX Review.

We all know that NCLEX is a high-stakes exam.

While you can do it straight from nursing school, a good number of nursing students require coaching to prepare and pass the exam.

NCLEX ArcherReview is one of the best NCLEX prep course providers you should check out.

Now, to help you break down their curriculum, offerings, and prices, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and provided an insightful guide to the ArcherReview NCLEX course.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the following:

  • Overview of the NCLEX ArcherReview
  • ArcherReview curriculum overview and effectiveness
  • ArcherReview course pricing options
  • ArcherReview pros and cons

Let’s get started right away.

Overview of NCLEX ArcherReview

Overview of NCLEX ArcherReview

NCLEX ArcherReview was formed in 2008.

The company asserts that its mission is to provide exceptional education and interactive tools to help nursing students ace the NCLEX at a fraction of the price competitors charge.

ArcherReview believes that NCLEX test prep shouldn’t cost learners a fortune.

Hence the reason behind their affordable offerings, which we’ll get into in a few.

The platform offers a comprehensive program that fits different study styles and time frames.

Each offering has 3-4 study packages with the same study materials but different access periods.

The prices are equally affordable.

The least expensive study plan is less than $100, while the most expensive one is well above $350.

You’ll see the exact price point of the study packages in a bit when discussing the course material pricing options.

Compared to UWorld or Kaplan, NCLEX Review is more affordable.

Its SUPERPASS COMBO plan comes with a pass guarantee.

However, with a pass rate of 97% for those who’ve covered the ArcherReview study materials in eternity, it’s almost impossible to fail.

And even if you fail, you can be sure to get a full refund and access to the study materials plus a question bank until you pass the exam.

ArcherReview Curriculum Overview and Effectiveness

ArcherReview Curriculum Overview and Effectiveness

The NCLEX ArcherReview is impressive, to say the least.

The platform offers prep course materials for NCLEX-PN, NCLEX RN, and USMLE exams.

According to the website, the study resources are written by board-certified experts from reputable academic hospitals.

So what exactly is the ArcherReview NCLEX curriculum about?

The platform offers different study modes depending on learning styles.

You’ll find live classes, on-demand lecture series, self-paced video lectures, Archer Qbank, and an array of other high-quality study resources.

Their curriculum particularly stands out because it’s geared towards improving clinical decision-making skills and critical thinking.

Further, the curriculum is designed to boost learners’ clinical knowledge through a series of video lectures, hundreds of practice questions, and clinical case simulations.

In particular, the high-yield NCLEX question style helps learners familiarize themselves with NCLEX.

Even more outstanding is the innovative technology and computer adaptive testing (CAT) to ensure practice tests mimic the NCLEX exam.

You can create several assessments from the pool of 2,800+ questions to test your exam readiness.

Even more important is that you can customize the practice exams based on the topics you want to polish.

What’s more?

NCLEX ArcherReview learners can track their progress using the performance graph.

You can check your progress on the dashboard and find out the areas you need to pull up your socks.

Additionally, you can compare your performance vis-à-vis other learners per question or overall performance.

Surface to say that NCLEX ArcherReview considered their client needs to tailor a course that best meets their expectations.

The tried and tested strategy to make the most of the NCLEX ArcherReview is mastering the course content, depending on the package you’ve settled for.

This can be Rapid Prep, SUPERPASS combo, or Intense Prep.

Once you’ve gone through the course content, it’s time to test just how much you retained through the practice questions.

Now, the ArcherReview question bank has over 2,800+ questions.

You can reinforce the lessons you’ve learned by tailoring practice tests.

The good news is that the qbank has an extensive rationale you can learn from, although it’s not as detailed as UWorld’s.

The rationale allows you to learn while quizzing yourself.

It’s perfect for reinforcing multiple concepts.

So, go through the rationale to find out why your answer is right or wrong.

This will help with information retention.

You’ll be able to understand core concepts better.

Another functionality we would like to highlight here is that you can switch from tutor mode to timed mode.

With tutor mode, you’ll see the rationale immediately after you’ve answered a question.

On the other hand, timed/test mode mimics the actual exam.

That means you won’t access the rationale.

Apart from the practice tests, there are multiple assessments.

While the practice questions help you know your level of understanding, the multiple assessments are the key to determining whether you are ready for the actual exam.

You can space the assessment tests in two weeks intervals.

With every test, ensure your score improves.

More importantly, ensure your score shows high or very high passing chances.

If you follow these steps and get a high score on four assessment tests, ArcherReview projects a 99% pass rate.

In the unfortunate event that you fail, the company will guide you on NCLEX testing strategies to increase your chances of passing.

Please note that you’ll only receive guidance if it is your first time using the Archer Qbank.

ArcherReview Course Pricing Options

ArcherReview offers three sets of options when it comes to studying packages.

The packages vary depending on the study materials and access period.

The first set is the NCLEX RN Rapid Review Combo On-Demand + Qbank.

This set comes in four tiers.

All three tiers have the same study resources.

  • Self-paced full-length crash course videos
  • 2,800+ questions and rationales
  • Self-paced topic-wise webinars
  • computer adaptive testing (CAT) mode
  • 180+ NGN questions
  • Multiple mock NCLEX – CAT tests
  • High-yield NCLEX topics
  • Printable notes

The only difference is the access duration, which also influences the cost.

The first tier goes for $89 and gives you 60-day-access periods.

Tier two is 90 days of access, which costs $109.

You can settle for 180-day access, which will cost you $169.

And the last tier, which gives you one-year access to all these NCLEX prep materials, is $199.

The second offering is the NCLEX RN Rapid Review Live + OnDemand + Qbank.

This offering is also known as SUPERPASS COMBO and comes with a pass guarantee.

Here there are three tiers.

Each tier has the same study materials.

The only difference is the access duration.

So, what are the materials in this offering?

Apart from the study tools in NCLEX RN Rapid Review Combo On-Demand + Qbank, you’ll also have the Next 2-Day Live Webinar reservation.

Another difference is the access period for the study materials in the three tiers.

  • Qbank validity 90 days + On-demand validity for 90 days is $159
  • Qbank validity 180 days + On-demand validity 180 days is $199
  • Qbank validity 180 days + On-demand validity 60 days is $139

As you may have noticed, the difference here is how much time you’ll have for the different study resources provided, plus the 2-day live webinar sessions.

The three tiers have different access periods for the Qbank and readiness assessment, self-paced access to live review crash course videos, and self-paced access to high-yield topic-wise webinars.

Lastly, we have the premium package known as the Instant PREP.

This is the most expensive plan offered by NCLEX ArcherReview, selling at $399.

Purchasing this plan gives you three months’ access to the prep course materials.

You’ll have a wide range of high-quality resources, including:

  • 50+ hours of on-demand video lectures
  • Exclusive live lectures twice per week for two months
  • Weekly small group feedback sessions
  • Weekly small group tutoring sessions to address challenging topics like selecting all that apply questions, prioritization, and delegation
  • A structured schedule outlining the practice questions to do, activities to complete, and lectures to watch.
  • Activity booklet, which includes skeleton notes, case studies, and workshops

Although it’s the most expensive offering, it offers the best study tools for learners who do well with structured learning and need extra guidance.

With this option, learners interact with tutors and fellow coursemates.

They can ask questions and get responses on the spot.

Further, small group sessions involve sharing test-taking strategies, which is crucial to passing the NCLEX exam.

Finally, you can opt for a private tutor.

Just like the name suggests, this is where you schedule a study session with a tutor for personalized training in the areas you are weak in.

Private tutor perks include a personalized study plan that considers your availability.

You’ll also be taken through the tips and strategies for taking SATA questions.

Further, there’s an interactive small group session where you’ll be guided depending on your strengths and weakness and also discuss challenging topics with a tutor and your peers.

Lastly, booking a private tutor gives you an individualized assessment.

You can see your performance in real time, the areas you need to improve, and an approximation of when you are ready for the exam.

Generally, the private tutor option is about offering you a tailor-made program using the SUREPASS COMBO program to help you meet your study goals faster.

In a nutshell, NCLEX ArcherReview offers affordable study materials with advanced functionality.

The options are also many. 

You can’t miss a package that fits your budget with the resources you need.

The Platform’s Ease of Use

Archer review NCLEX Platform’s Ease of Use

The ArcherReview platform is easy to use.

You can navigate the different offerings and find the study packages with ease.

The course materials are clearly outlined, together with the prices.

Further, ArcherReview has a mobile app for Android and iOS users, making learning easy for learners constantly on the move.

Chances of passing NCLEX using Archer Review: 4/5

Price: 5/5

Ease of use of the platform: 5/5

Mobile app: 5/5

Question bank: 5/5

Student support: 5/5

Our overall rating for the NCLEX ArcherReview is 4.8 stars.

This is because Archer offers study options that factor in learners on a low budget.

The study materials are comprehensive, even for the least-priced study package.

The only disadvantage is the short access period for some study packages.

Further, computer adaptive testing gives learners the feel of the actual exam.

Archer NCLEX Pros and Cons

Archer NCLEX Pros and Cons

Let’s now focus on the advantages and disadvantages of Archer.


  • Without a doubt, NCLEX ArcherReview does an excellent job at regularly updating its content to ensure it aligns with the latest NCLEX exam format, content coverage, and structure.
  • The question bank is large, with over 2,800 questions. Even better, the questions are updated weekly, so you are continuously challenged with new questions. The high-yield questions are in multiple formats: single choice, ordered sequence, fill-in-the-blanks, audio and image questions, and SATA, which makes up a huge percentage as most NCLEX exam questions are in this format.
  • Money-back guarantee is a plus. Learners who complete the Qbank questions and fail the main exam are eligible for a full refund. All you need to do is email the support team your NCLEX results. You can also request a refund if you are not satisfied with the course material.


  • The rationale for the practice questions is not as detailed as for its competitors, like UWorld. The information is scanty, with little use of illustrations and images. It would be great if NCLEX ArcherReview gave more detail on the rationale instead of saying the questions are straight to the point and therefore don’t need much explanation.
  • The grammatical and spelling errors, although not a big deal, are not impressive. Perhaps a content review session will help weed out the errors.

Evolution of the Archer NCLEX

Evolution of the Archer NCLEX

When ArcherReview started, they offered 15 day free trial for test takers.

This was a trial-and-error phase where the company wanted to iron out and streamline the study materials.

After the free trial, learners could subscribe for two months at $15.

The three months subscription was around $25, and the yearly subscription was $79.

Since the NCLEX prep course was at its inception, the study materials contained many grammatical and spelling errors.

Despite the shortcomings, ArcherReview consistently updated its study tools to ensure it was up to par.

The company has since added more questions in the Qbank.

Further, the materials have been edited and updated to reflect the NCLEX content.

Additionally, ArcherReview has moved from the scanty rationale.

Currently, the program rationale is more detailed than it was during its inception, although it has not improved as much.

As the company advances, we hope ArcherReview can give more explanation in the rationales and leverage images and diagrams.

Again, a consistent review of the study materials will help remove errors and ensure the materials are crisp.


MethAodology of archer NCLEX review

We reviewed the resources provided by ArcherReview for the NCLEX exam to determine how effective they are for nursing exam preparation.

We reviewed the curriculum, product features, pricing options, and platform ease of use and gave star ratings depending on how well the feature matched client needs.

Using this approach, we concluded that ArcherReview is ideal for learners seeking to wrap their heads around the National Council Licensure Examination content.


Conclusion on NCLEX Archer Review

When it comes to your dream of becoming a registered nurse, you only have one option: pass the NCLEX exam.

One way of doing that is getting a great prep course to help you cover the exam content and hopefully pass.

ArcherReview offers a wide range of study packages to help you ace the NCLEX-RN on the first attempt.

With a pass rate of 97%, Archer is doing an impressive job, helping nursing students live their dream of becoming registered nurses.

The platform also has other study resources for medical students.

Archer Review NCLEX Review FAQs

Archer Review NCLEX Review FAQs

Is Archer a good NCLEX review?

Yes. The NCLEX ArcherReview has comprehensive study packages at affordable prices. The Qbank is also enormous, with over 2,800 questions. The question bank uses CAT, meaning it replicates the NCLEX. Further, the questions come with a rationale. You’ll get an explanation of why your answer is right or wrong.

What is the pass rate for Archer?

Test-takers with an average of 50-55% in the Archer Qbank boost an average of 97% pass rate in the actual exam.
These are test-takers who complete the 2,800 questions in the Qbank and review all the content provided by Archer. That means only 3% fail.

How do I study for the Archer NCLEX?

First, go through the study materials in the package you’ve bought and master the content. Have an in-depth understanding of the core concepts. Second, take the question bank. Ensure you also review the detailed rationale for every question you take. Finally, test your exam readiness by taking the assessment tests.

Which NCLEX-RN review is the best?

There are several. Here is the list of the best.
– UWorld
– Saunders comprehensive review
– ArcherReview
– Hurst Review
– Nurse Plus Academy
– The Princeton Review
These providers have some of the most comprehensive NCLEX prep test offerings.

How many questions are on the Archer NCLEX?

Archer question bank has 2,800 questions. ArcherReview recommends that learners take all the questions in the bank to increase their chances of passing. First-time test-takers who fail the exam even after taking the Qbank questions will have a free extension to use the product.

What are the best resources for Archer?

ArcherReview provides the following resources for test-takers.
– Question bank
– Crash course videos
– Next-generation NCLEX questions
– Printable handout
– Live webinars
– Live lectures
The resources you get depend on the study package you’ve purchased. Each study package has several of these materials.

What does Archer offer?

ArcherReview offers one of the most affordable NCLEX prep course study materials.
The specialized courses come with a question bank, video lectures, and live classes to help nursing students prepare for one of the most important exams in their life, NCLEX.






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