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Nurse Administrator Salary

The Nurse Administrators receive a competitive salary because they have taken the time to add years of experience, additional education, and the growing demand for Administrators in health facilities countrywide.

Apart from the salary, the Nurse Administrator package includes various benefits such as dental, vision, and medical insurance coverage, sick leave, tuition reimbursement for those advancing their education, and paid time off.

However, like with all the other nursing professions, Nurse Administrators’ salaries are based on various factors.

Nurse Administrator Salary Factors 

The Top Paying States for Chief Nurse Officers

In most cases, it is the industries or the kind of health facility where you work.

Most government institutions and hospitals are the highest paying followed closely by the outpatient centers and nursing homes.

Nurse Administrator Salary Factors

The residential care facilities are the ones known to pay the least.  

Still, other factors determine the salary rate and we are going to look at some of them:

Geographical Location

The geographical location determines the salary of most nursing staff, Nursing Administrators included.

Since our focus is on Nurse Administrators, we are going to look at the states that pay the highest salaries for these professionals.

In the United States, the estimated annual salary for Nurse Administrators is $100,428 and the average salary is $78,885 annually.

The estimated additional benefits are $21,543 annually and the benefits include cash bonuses, commissions, profit-sharing, and tips.

The salary rates in these cities are determined by factors such as cost of living which entails the rent, utility, and transport costs.

The cost of living is different in various states and living in a city or rural location will also influence the salary rate in a major way.  

The top Paying U.S States For The  Nurse Administrator Role 

The Nurse Executive salary in most U.S. states is competitive, but there are states that top the list of highest-paying states.  

The five states in the U.S known for the highest Nursing Administration salary rates are as follows:

  • New York- $156,140
  • District Of Columbia – $156,590
  • Hawaii- $139,650
  • Massachusetts- $136,930
  • California- $138,030

The Top Paying Cities For Nurse Administrator Jobs

There are various cities that pay Nurse Administrators salaries that are above the national average.

 Some good examples of cities that top the list of highest paying are  San Francisco, CA which comes first, San Jose, CA which follows closely, and Fremont, CA which comes third.

San Francisco beats the national average by 21% which is equivalent to $17,850.

San Jose, CA is above the National Average by 14.2% or an equivalent of $11,960.

Consider these cities if as a Nurse Administrator, you are seeking an opportunity for economic advancement.

As you consider these high-paying locations with opportunities you might also want to focus on places with a lower cost of living even as you seek the most suitable Nurse Administrator role.

Here are the cities that pay the highest rates and how they beat the national average:


Annual Salary 

Monthly Salary

Weekly Earnings

Hourly Pay

San Fransisco, CA  





San Jose, CA





Fremont, CA





Jackson, WY





Oakland, CA





Sunnyvale, CA















Barnstable Town,MA










Education Level

The Nurse Administration salaries will also be strongly influenced by the level of education of the Nurse Manager.

The candidate’s education level defines their qualifications.

Nurse Administrators who have a Master’s Degree like a Master of Science in Nursing Leadership and Administration and a Certification will likely earn more compared to Nurse Administrators who only hold a Bachelor’s Degree.

A Master’s Degree will not only qualify you for higher-paying job opportunities but will also influence your salary as a Nurse Administrator and in fact positively impact it.

This is why should you have ambitions to become a Nurse Administrator after becoming a Registered Nurse then you can acquire additional education by pursuing an MSN degree.

The Size Of the Organization

The size and type of organization will influence your salary as a Nurse Administrator.

The larger healthcare facilities pay higher salaries for their Medical and Health Services Managers than the smaller healthcare facilities.

The Size Of the Organization

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare facilities with six or fewer doctors have their median salary for their Nurse Administrators at $86,459.

As for the healthcare facilities with 7-25 doctors, the median salary for their Health  Administrators was $115,000.

For those facilities with more than 26 doctors, the median salary for the healthcare Administrators was $150,726.

It is evident that the larger the health facility the higher the salary.

Training & Experience

The training and experience will determine the level of responsibility that comes with the Nurse Administrator’s work.

Most Nurse Managers will undergo training while they are still schooling.

The training equips them with crucial aspects of nursing like patient relations, patient care, and leadership skills which they will use in a healthcare setting.  

The training also equips them with various management aspects like scheduling, budgeting, and staff management.

On-the-job training will also occur, but when a Nurse Administrator already has experience from working elsewhere, the training will be brief, and the responsibilities assigned will be diverse.  

On-the-job training only enlightens the new administrator about the new facility’s policies and procedures.

An already experienced and skilled Nurse Administrator will, of course, find the training a walk-in-the-park, which will automatically influence the employer’s decision on the salary amount.

Nurse Administrators with more experience will earn more than less experienced ones.

The average Nurse Administrators’ salary for the most experienced candidates ranges between $115,553 and $245,774 annually.

The Gender Factor

 Gender is surprisingly a factor that determines the salary for most professionals.

The gender pay gap is not unusual in the health care field, and this is why male Nurse Administrators earn more than their female counterparts.

Still, statistics indicate that most of these Male Professionals have attained a higher level of education which is why their salary reflects this.  

However, some organizations will still offer a higher salary rate to male candidates than female candidates for reasons best known to them without considering that both parties incurred the same costs while studying to become Nurse Administrators.

Increasing Your Nurse Administrator Earning Potential 

Chief Nurse Officer Salary by Years of Experience

As much as your Nurse Administrator Salary is impressively high, even as an entry-level professional, you can still boost your salary.

Any American Organization will recognize certain qualities in candidates and offer them higher salary packages because of those special attributes.  

Increasing Your Nurse Administrator Earning Potential

Candidates with continued education, a rich work experience, leadership, communication, and teamwork skills, expertise in the latest technologies, and natural mentoring skills stand a chance of earning more.

There is no doubt that employers will offer such candidates the top tier of the salary range for Nurse Administrators.

Turn yourself into such a candidate by enrolling yourself in the relevant nursing programs and improving your on-demand skills if you would like to enjoy higher earnings.

Nurse Administrator’s Demand And Future Salary Rates

What is the average Forensic Nurse annual salary?

According to BLS reports, the healthcare industry’s demand for Nurse Administrators will be expected to grow by 32%, equivalent to 139,000 new job opportunities countrywide.

This demand is fueled by the increase in population, which requires more health facilities to be set up and, in turn, more job opportunities for Nurse Administrators to run these facilities.

Nurse Administrator's Demand And Future Salary Rates

By 2030 the Nurse Director’s Salary will be more than it currently is.  

Employers will be willing to pay the best rate for the best Nursing Administration in their health facilities.  


Nurse Administrator Salary

We have looked at the various factors that affect the RN Nurse Administrator’s Salary, such as Geographical location, Nurse Administrator education level, training and experience, gender factor, and the type of employer.

We have looked out how some states and cities pay more than others and how a BSN degree might not be enough but instead how an MSN Nurse Administrator’s salary is higher thanks to the advanced nursing degree.  

We have also looked at how the growing demand for the Nurse Administrator will affect the future Nurse Leader’s salary and why it is wise to embrace this administrative nursing career now because of the increased number of future job opportunities.

There is no doubt that the nursing management salary is higher than what other nursing specialties pay, making it the best career if you are looking for personal economic advancement and a less demanding profession with consistent working hours.


FAQs on Chief Nurse Officer Salary

How much does a Nurse Administrator make in Florida?

Nurse Administrators in Florida make an average salary of $92,157 annually as per a  2022 report by Salary.com. The salary range ranks between $83,314 and $102,149. Factors such as education, additional skills, and years of experience greatly determine salary.

What is the average Nurse Administrator’s Salary in California?

A Nurse Administrator in California earns an average salary of $99,338 with overtime benefits of about $10,500 annually, according to a 2022 Salary.com report. Skill, location, years of experience, and others might determine the salary in California, but most employers will pay compensation within that range.

Do Nurse Administrators have an RN license?  

Nurse Administrators must have a current RN license because they must be Registered Nurses to qualify for this position. They must also hold an advanced degree and have the necessary skills required to manage and supervise other Nurses or run a whole health facility efficiently.

What salary do entry-level Nurse Administrators earn?

Nurse Administrators earn more than Nurse practitioners thanks to their higher number of responsibilities and the additional skills and education they have. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual earnings for entry-level Nurse Administrators is $115,160, with the highest earnings making as much as $189,000.

What is the job outlook for U.S Nurse Administrators?

The job outlook is positive, and the high demand for them countrywide is attributed to the increasing aging population. With the BLS prediction of increased job opportunities by 18% for Nurse Administrators in the coming years, pursuing the relevant education to become one is the best career move now.

How do you improve your salary as a Nurse Administrator?

Boosting your income is possible, and you can do so by acquiring extra qualifications. Continued education and accumulated work experience are great ways to make you attractive to potential employers who will offer you better salary packages. Have the necessary interpersonal skills to run health facilities.

Is becoming a Nurse Administrator worth it?

This career is worth pursuing because the Nurse Administrator job outlook remains positive. There will always be a need for highly-skilled Nurses with advanced skills suitable for managerial and supervisory roles. Registered Nurses with the relevant skills can get Nursing Administration jobs at impressive rates.


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