Does GPA Matter After School?

As more-and-more students begin to transition from their undergraduate and graduate classes into the workforce, the question of whether or not GPA matters begins to hang over their head.

A student’s grade point average or GPA is the leading indicator on a student’s academic proficiency and capabilities.

It can determine which college or university they are accepted into and what type of scholarships they can apply to.

In fact, a student’s academic career is so closely tied to their GPA that it can also determine their eligibility for certain internships.

Having a low grade point average can be problematic.

Not only can a low GPA preclude a student from certain internships, but it can also affect their scholarship and grant eligibility.

Low GPA’s can also be particularly difficult to discuss during interviews and can be a disqualifying factor if too low.

When it comes to whether or not GPA’s matter, it is more of a discussion of when.

A student’s GPA can play a major factor and role in determining eligibility for employment, but this is all dependent on the type of employment and when the application is submitted.

We should note though, that a student’s GPA is not indicative of future success.

Academic grades and grade point averages are not good indicators of career-oriented qualities such-as creativity, leadership, and teamwork skills.

In addition, academic success is not a good assessment on social, emotional, or political intelligence.

Is GPA Important For Internships?

The most crucial time that a GPA will be reviewed and used as a means to determine employment eligibility is during an internship.

Many internships require that student have at least a 3.0 GPA and maintain that threshold throughout the internship.

The simplest reason for this is that these internships are typically flooded with college applicants.

The simplest and easiest way to filter the flood of applicants is to set a bar that is equal and equitable for all.

However, if there are no GPA requirements, we always recommend leaving off or removing your GPA from your resume.

Unless your GPA is absolutely stellar and well-above a 3.5, it is better to not include.

This is because it may become a topic of conversation and if you do not have a stellar GPA, it may be difficult to explain why.

Is GPA Important After College?

The honest, most straightforward answer is no, your GPA matters very little after college.

Once you have acquired your first full-time position, your next employer will likely care even less about your undergraduate or graduate GPA.

As you begin to climb in the ranks in the corporate world, the value of your GPA will be less-and-less.

In the corporate world, you will be judged, promoted, and ranked based on your performance at your role.

If you are successful at your role, you are more likely to be promoted.

Full stop.

The only thing that matters is how you perform at your job and how you perform compared to your colleagues and peers.

Should I Focus On My GPA?

While your GPA may not matter much after your academic career, you should still continue to focus on maintaining a high GPA.

This is because your GPA can lead to additional opportunities in your academic career.

With a high GPA, you may be invited to internship opportunities, as well as opportunities to be a professor’s assistant or to academic panels.

These opportunities can potentially lead to full-time opportunities and can open your career trajectory.

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