Does Concentrix Hire Felons 2023


Does Concentrix Hire Felons?

Concentrix is a business services company and is a subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation.  They are headquartered in Fremont, California and were founded in 1983.  Concentrix has over 140 locations worldwide and they focus on ten separate industries, including automotive, banking, financial services, consumer electronics, energy and public sector, healthcare services, insurance, media and communications, retail and eCommerce, technology, and travel.

Concentrix looks to provide administrative systems for life and health insurance products.  In addition, they provide companies and businesses with tools for front-office engagement and processes and operations enhancements.  These process enhancements and efficiencies are done via analytics, consulting for transformation, and market optimization tools to enhance end-to-end costumer life cycles.


As a part of SYNNEX Corporation, Concentrix has a large and well-known market share.  SYNNEX Corporation is a publicly traded company which specializes in information technology and its supply chain services.  They primarily provide these services to original equipment manufacturers, software publishers, and reseller customers.

From our in-depth research and discussions with Concentrix, they currently do not hire individuals with a felony conviction.  This includes individuals who have been charged with a misdemeanor violation within the past five years.  In addition, Concentrix utilizes the eVerify system to determine work eligibility and criminal record history.

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