Email After An Exploratory Interview

Anyone, regardless of position, company, wealth, or status should be thanked after taking time from their day to meet with you.

This is especially true when meeting with interviewers after an exploratory interview.

You should send an email after an exploratory interview, thanking the interviewer’s for their time and their patience in meeting with you.

We discuss exploratory interviews here and go in-depth on their importance.

If you feel the interview went well, you will want to keep in regular contact and continue to foster and grow that relationship.

While a position may not yet be open or available, companies are constantly expanding, reorganizing, and pivoting as needed.

If a position does open or become available, you will want the interviewer to think of you first and to reach out to you to apply.

The absolute best way to top off a great exploratory interview is to send a follow-up thank you email.

This email should be sent within 24-hours to the interviewer(s).

If you were interviewed by multiple people, you will want to send out individual emails to each, taking a moment to thank them personally for their insight, advice, and time.

You can use the following template when reaching out to your interviewer(s).

Just be sure to customize and correct between the parenthesis as needed.

Subject: Thank You – Exploratory Interview

Email Body:

Dear Mr./Ms. (Interviewer’s full name),

I truly appreciate your taking the time out of your busy day to meet with me for the exploratory interview.

I am grateful for the insight, advice, and recommendations you provided regarding both (Company) and the career trajectory of someone in the (career field) industry.

It was truly enlightening to see the perspective from someone with (# of) years of experience in the field and I am truly more inspired because of-it.

Please, do not hesitate to let me know if there are any questions you may have.

I would love to connect on LinkedIn and look forward to future correspondences.

Thank you,

(Your full name)

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