How to Tell if an Interview is Automated

As we’ve been discussing the rise of automated interviews, we’ve heard from our readers a level of discomfort surrounding them.

A main concern is knowing how to tell if an interview is automated or not.

Fortunately, most employers will indicate whether or not the phone interview is going to be automated or not.

When you submit your application, it will be initially reviewed by a recruiter or a member of the human resources team.

For smaller companies, it may be reviewed immediately by the hiring manager or a member on the hiring manager’s team.

If the employer opts to continue with your application, they will send an email indicating they are interested in continuing the process.

If you receive an email from the employer expressing interest in your application, they will clearly indicate the next steps.

For traditional, non-automated interviews, a recruiter or member from the human resources team will reach out to you to schedule a phone interview.

However, for automated interviews, the email from the employer will indicate that they would like you to conduct an automated interview.

They will either include a link to the interview or you will receive a separate email from the automated interview system, inviting you to conduct the interview.

How to Conduct the Automated Interview

Conducting an automated interview is just as easy as conducting a traditional phone interview.

You will click on the link provided by the employer and will be connected to the systems website.

You will enter your information, including your first and last name and telephone number, and hit the enter button.

Automated interviews can go one of two ways.

The first, is that you will be immediately connected to the system and will begin the interview over an internet connection.

The second, and most common, is that once you hit enter, the system will call the telephone number your provided.

Once you answer the telephone, you will be greeted by the automated system.

This system will introduce themselves and will discuss the process of the call.

Once you hear the first question, you will be given time to answer.

Once you’ve answered the question, the system will ask the next one.

Helpful Tips

While the general flow of an automated interview will remain similar to a traditional one, there are some helpful tips which you should know.

Firstly, don’t forget that your answers will be recorded by the system and listened to by the employer.

The automated interviewing system is not yet technical enough to be able to discern a good, from a bad, answer.

In addition, as the answers you are giving are being recorded, it is best to enunciate and speak clearly.

Don’t mumble or speak in a soft tone.

You should speak naturally but be sure that your words are spoken and heard clearly.

Lastly, if you lose connection during an automated phone interview, then the system will typically call you back.

Try to prepare for this by being in a location where you have a strong telephone signal.

If you do not receive a call back, feel free to email the employer indicating the technical difficulties.

They will be able to reschedule the automated interview for you.

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