Housing For Interns and Internships

If you thought applying and interviewing for an internship was difficult, that may just be the beginning.

Summer, traditional, interns typically state that finding appropriate and affordable housing for internships is just as difficult.

With stiff competition from more traditional renters, as well as the increase in rental prices, finding housing for your internship is no easy feat.

If your internship is in a different city than the one you currently reside in, you will want to start looking and securing housing as-soon-as-possible.

Large, established, and well-known companies who hire summer interns will see an influx of students coming to their city, all looking for reasonable accommodations.

You don’t want to procrastinate and leave this important topic to the last-minute.

As most landlords and rental companies look to rent out their units, apartments, and homes to more traditional renters, it is extremely difficult for interns to find housing.

Across the country, short-term and temporary housing shortages

One of the best resources for housing for interns is Intern Housing.

Intern Housing works directly with large and small employers to find housing for interns.

The site is only accessible to interns who have been accepted to companies that work with them.

Intern Housing looks to place interns with private owner listings, property managers, and shared housing solutions.

As Intern Housing works directly with large and small employers, the site is completely free to interns.

The employer will sponsor the cost of the access and will be able to provide a login and password to the intern once they have been accepted to the program.

If your employer does not have a connection with Intern Housing, it may still be worthwhile to connect with them to see if they have any resources for finding temporary housing solutions.

Most employers are acutely aware of the difficulties in securing proper housing accommodations and will typically have some resources which could be beneficial to incoming interns.

Alternatively, you may try to reach out to your college or university to see if they have any resources.

Most colleges and universities work with employers who hire interns and will have resources for interns looking for short-term housing solutions.

You may also consider utilizing short-term rental portals for your search.

Airbnb, typically known for renting out for short periods of time is a great resource.

You may be able to work out an accommodation situation with a landlord to rent out their space for a specified period of time.

This is also great for the landlord as they are able to secure a longer rental period than they may be accustomed to.

In addition, you may want to checkout Craigslist in your target cities location.

Craigslist is a great resource for finding short-term housing and sublets, which allow you to rent out a room or a home.

However, if going the Craigslist route, we definitely recommend taking some precautions to not get scammed.

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