Prepare for an Internship Phone Interview

Prepare for an Internship Phone Interview 2023

0%Post ContentPrepare for an Internship Phone Interview Phone interviews are, inherently, much different than an in-person interview. Whereas in-person interviews are geared more towards the role and an individual’s qualifications for it, phone interviews are typically meant to act as a screening to ensure a potential match. Phone interviews are the first step in the …

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Understanding Summer Internships

Understanding Summer Internships 2023

0%Post ContentUnderstanding Summer Internships Internships are one of the most crucial work experiences you can receive while still in school. Whether you’re a high school student, in college as an undergraduate, or pursuing a graduate degree, an internship will help you pursue your career interests and concentration. In fact, a recent study indicated that nearly …

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Difference Between Internship vs. Practicum

Difference Between Internship vs Practicum 2023

0%Post ContentDifference Between Internship vs Practicum Many college and university students are typically required to complete certain extracurricular work experiences in order to fulfill their degree obligations. These experiences can include either an internship, an externship, student teaching, or a practicum. However, understanding the differences between internship vs practicum can help students prepare for the …

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Housing for Internships

Housing for Internships 2023

0%Housing For Interns and Internships If you thought applying and interviewing for an internship was difficult, that may just be the beginning. Summer, traditional, interns typically state that finding appropriate and affordable housing for internships is just as difficult. With stiff competition from more traditional renters, as well as the increase in rental prices, finding …

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What is an Off-Cycle Internship?

What is an Off-Cycle Internship 2023

0%Off-cycle internships, as compared to their traditional internship counterparts, are internships that take place outside the normal internship cycle. Whereas most internships take place during the summer months, an off-cycle internship would take place during the non-summer months. For colleges and universities that operate on a trimester schedule, these off-cycle internships can be extremely attractive …

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