Detailed course research is crucial to identify whether a CPA Review course is the right course to help you pass your CPA Exam. 

That’s why this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the Gleim CPA Exam Review Course, including its learning methods, course features, advantages and disadvantages, and pricing – so that you’re better informed to decide if it’s the right course for you.

This guide will go over:  

Gleim CPA Exam Review Course Features 
Gleim CPA Exam Review Course Packages
Gleim CPA Exam Review Analysis
Financing Options 

Let’s dive straight into it!

Gleim CPA Exam Review Course Features

It is crucial to consider a course’s features and assess whether it will help you achieve beneficial outcomes for passing the CPA Exam before deciding if it is for you.

We’ve listed Gleim’s most relevant features and provided detailed information about each to make this step more manageable. 

After reviewing these features, think about whether they’ll support your preferred learning method, match your personality and help you get a step further into being an expert in CPA knowledge. 

That being said, let’s take a look at Gleim’s Exam Review Course features.

Gleim Test Bank 

The Gleim CPA Test bank has over 10000 practice questions and over 1300 task-based simulations that CPA exam candidates use to prepare themselves for any exam question. 

The practice exam questions come with detailed answers, so you can rest assured that you will get accurate corrections when going over the questions alone. 

If you take advantage of this large pool of questions, then there should be nothing stopping you from getting a passing score on the exam day.

Interactive Study Planner 

The Gleim Interactive Study Planner makes creating a study plan so much easier. 

As soon as you set up your study guide, all you have to do is stipulate the days you are available to study and when you are sitting in for the actual CPA exam, and it will do the rest.

The Interactive Study planner will organize your calendar for you and the study materials you’ll be needing through each study session, so you can focus more on studying than planning out how to study.

Video Lectures

While Gleim just recently started making video lectures available to their CPA candidates, they’ve now managed to put out over 100 hours of video lectures on the learning platform for their students. 

In fact, in 2022, they advanced their video lecture offering by allowing students to take notes on the same interface while the video lecture plays. 

And best believe there are so many notes to be taken considering, their videos are highly informative with accounting concepts and topics.

Exam Simulator

The exam simulator emulates the actual exam experience by creating exam quizzes in each of the four exam sections that go about the same formatting that the actual exam would take.

Gleim’s exam simulator also allows you to make your customized quizzes so that if you perhaps wanted to undergo test prep in specific topics, you’re able to add practice questions from only your desired topics.

Gleim CPA Review Book

Professional educators and CPA experts authored the CPA Review Book, giving you access to several well-written lessons. 

The lessons are expertly curated in bite-size portions, so information retention is higher. 

You can obtain the book in digital or physical versions according to your preferences.

With that being about all the significant features of the Gleim CPA Exam Review Course, let’s look at the extent to which each feature is accessible to students in their three different review course packages.

Gleim CPA Exam Review Course Packages

The next step to defining whether the Gleim CPA Exam Review Course will help you become a Certified Public Accountant is to look through their different course packages and review each package’s course description, features, and pricing. 

Gleim offers three packages, each offering its own unique set of benefits and each costing differently. 

That being said, let’s take a deeper look into these three packages.

CPA Test Bank

This package is more of a test bank than an actual course in that its only selling point is that it exposes students to some of the most extensive test banks across any CPA Review package out there. 

The mega test bank comprises over 2000 multiple choice questions (MCQ) per exam section, 500 task-based simulations, and a physical Gleim CPA review book. 

Plus, we all know that a good number of practice questions to work with is an excellent way of developing familiarity with the formulation of the actual CPA Exam questions. 

It helps students build their knowledge concerning key topics and concepts. 

If you feel that you’ve already got a good grasp on your CPA knowledge and that you need to engage with some practice questions to tie the final loose ends, then opting to get this package priced at $999 will certainly be good enough.

Traditional CPA Review 

The Traditional CPA Review course offers a whole lot more features in that you’re able to get access to four full-length mock exams and access to personal counselors that will guide you every step of the way while you complete your CPA Review Course. 

Gleim also ensures you get the most extensive test bank in the market consisting of over 10000 multiple choice questions and an additional 1300 task-based simulations. 

In addition, you can expect to get physical and digital books with bite-sized segments, access to Audio Lectures, and their Smart Adapt intelligently guided review, which is the institution’s microlearning platform, created to respond to your specific needs. 

Finally, students can access the Final Review mode right before writing the actual CPA Exam to go over any areas that need more focus. This CPA course costs $1599.

And before we move on to the following package, this course is divided into four CPA exam sections. 

That is, Auditing and Attestation (CPA AUD), Business environments and concepts (CPA BEC), Financial Accounting (CPA FAR), and a Regulation Section (CPA REG). 

Students have the option to purchase an individual section at $459 rather than the entire Traditional CPA Review Course. 

But note that if you need to buy more individual sections for whatever reason, your accumulative cost may exceed the original $1599.

Premium CPA Review 

Lastly, the Premium CPA Review contains more features than all the other CPA Prep courses Gleim offers. 

Priced at $1999, Gleim CPA Premium provides over 10000 multiple choice questions, 1300 task-based simulations, digital and physical books, and audio lectures. 

What makes this package a good pick is that you’re also able to get lessons in video format, and in addition to having access to personal counselors, you get access to private study groups. 

A recent addition to their Premium Review System included digital flashcards as part of their offering. 

Some of you might appreciate this new addition, considering flashcards help make retaining information about terms and concepts so much easier. 

Lastly, accounting experts assist you throughout your course, and you get unlimited access until you pass the guarantee with the Premium package.

Like the Traditional package, the Premium package is broken down into four exam sections, in which you can purchase sections individually. 

If you choose to buy individual sections rather than the entire Premium package, it will cost you $599 per section. 

Now that we understand what each course package entails let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the Gleim Exam Prep course.

Gleim CPA Exam Review Analysis

The third step in deciding if an Exam Prep course is right for you is to review the course’s benefits and some of the course’s letdowns. 

In this segment, we’ll look into the Gleim CPA Exam, review its advantages and disadvantages, and leave it up to you to weigh whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.


  • Massive Test bank: As we’ve mentioned quite often in this article, Gleim’s test bank of exam questions and task-based simulations is the largest in the market

Any CPA Exam candidate should be happy to get such a massive test bank, as there can never be too many questions to go over to ensure you’re ready for the actual CPA Exam.

  • Access to personal counselors: There’s nothing better than getting empowered throughout your course journey with individual counselors that track the progress of your course and help you remain engaged
  • Affordability: Compared to the prices of many CPA Exam Prep courses in the market, like the Becker CPA course, which is about $3400, or the Wiley CPA course, which is about $2500, Gleim’s offering is quite affordable 

Costing nothing more than $2000, you’re able to get a wide array of resources, making it a reasonably good Review course.


  • No Mobile app: With many CPA Exam Review courses now offering students the ability to integrate the computer-based learning platforms with a mobile app, we think it’s about time there was a Gleim mobile app

Unfortunately, Gleim students will have to do a little longer with not having accessibility to study anywhere, anytime.

  • Too detailed: Some students complained about too much detailed information regarding presenting their study material

At the same time, Gleim claims to offer bite-sized lessons, so you might want to take this letdown with a pinch of salt.

With the advantages and disadvantages thoroughly established, let’s check out any financing options for the Gleim CPA Review Course.

Financing Options

If you cannot pay for the entire course cost in one payment, then you might be glad to know that Gleim offers a financing option that helps you break down your payments into installments. 

You can pay over three months, six months, and 12 months; however, note that you will incur some interests when paying in installments. 

Checking your eligibility requires that you head over to their website.


Taking a CPA Exam Review course is one of the best ways to ensure you pass the CPA exam on your first try. 

The Gleim CPA Exam Review Course is one of the reputable courses in the market, and with the resources they offer, you are sure to make studying a less stressful process.

And remember, if you are still undecided on whether this course will help you pass the CPA Exam, Gleim offers a free trial to experience all the features in their course packages without having to pay anything.

Good luck!





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