Hello everyone, welcome to this informative article about one of the best CFP prep courses: the Dalton CFP review course.

We know you have a tough choice to make with regards to which prep course you should enroll in for your forthcoming CFP exams.

By the end of this article, we are confident you would have made your choice.

To be more specific, here are a few points that will be extensively discussed in this insightful written piece:

Dalton CFP’s available study materials to students
CFP textbooks
CFP packages that you must choose from

Let’s get right to it!

Dalton CFP: A Brief Overview

If you’re looking for one of the best CFP prep courses with a modern teaching approach and in-depth coverage of the CFP syllabus, then look no further.

Some experts have described this prep course as the best among competitors in terms of a comprehensive CFP education program.

What would you expect from a good CFP prep course? Textbooks? Lots of study materials? Videos? Mock exams?

The Dalton CFP review program has it all, and even more.

More in the sense that you are also getting a shot at their refund policy (under certain terms).

If you do not pass the exam for some reason after putting in all you should toward studying for the exams, you can take their program for free during the next exam opening.

To be honest, the Dalton course is one of the most expensive CFP prep courses, however, considering how flexible their teaching approach is, you’ll realize that the pros far outweigh the cons.

We will discuss these advantages and disadvantages in one of the sections below.

Dalton was founded in 2005 in Alpharetta, Georgia, the program has an incredible pass rate: one that is 20 to 25 percent higher than the national average.

Because students can choose any of the two CFP education packages they offer, many consider the program as one of the best.

You have access to books, video recordings, live reviews, office hours where you can ask further questions, live virtual classes sessions, and plenty of mock questions.

If you truly want to prepare for the CFP exam, the Dalton CFP prep course is one program you should consider enrolling in.

Dalton CFP study materials

Dalton CFP education program offers four study materials available. They are:

  • Pre-study materials
  • Live review class
  • Post-study materials
  • The Testbank

Now let’s discuss what each entails one after the other.

Pre-study materials: This provision is aimed at providing the basic knowledge of the course for students.

It is like an orientation program for both the Dalton review program and the actual CFP certification exam.

Each student is expected to devote between 100 and 125 hours to complete the pre-study materials that include the following:

  • Pre-study books
  • Instructor office hours

The pre-study books comprise five different booklets.

Each of the booklets is like an introduction to the key topics of the CFP exams. Here are the topics covered in the pre-study materials:

  • Retirement & Employee Benefits
  • Fundamentals & Insurance
  • Income Tax
  • Estate
  • Investments

Each pre-study brochure comes with study notes, exam tips, practice questions, past questions, and review questions.

Each student must cover all the pre-study booklets before the start of the class.

This way, the class will proceed because they expect that each student is conversant with the basics.

That is why they are required to devote more than 100 hours to the study.

The instructor’s office hours enable students to ask any questions they have about the pre-study brochures.

The class, which is a virtual session, is usually on the Friday of the month before the review. You can read more about this arrangement on their official website.

Live Review classes: As the name suggests, this is a classroom session by expert financial instructors.

The class session could be virtual, or in-person depending on local arrangements in your state of residence.

During this classroom session, the instructors will do all they can to cover the main topics of the syllabus and the topics that are likely to pop up during the CFP exam.

They will also take you through past questions and tutor you on how to approach answering the questions based on each case study.

Students can choose to either attend this class virtually or in person.

Regardless of which mode a student prefers, they get the same 36 hours of class instruction from the same teachers.

Students can ask questions and listen to the questions of other students.

This rubbing of mind is essential to the circulating of knowledge during this part of the training.

If in-person classes are available in your state of residence, you will still be provided with access to the virtual; class session.

That means if you miss something during the in-person class, you can catch up during the online live class session.

All online classes are recorded for students who for some reason cannot attend either the in-person class or the virtual sessions.

The 36 hours of live-classroom is spread over four consecutive days, which amounts to 9 days in a day.

Information about the current live-class session and their locations (for in-person cases) can be found on Dalton’s official website.

You can also visit the same website to schedule a virtual class session.

Please note that each student is free to choose in which format they wish to attend this live-class session.

During the live session, all students will use the provided exam handbook.

This book guides them through all that will be discussed in class. The book also contains lots of past questions, all the topics in the syllabus, and what to expect in the exam.

The book also contains a summary of each unit as well as for the entire course.

Post review program: This is another loving provision from Dalton, aimed at clearing any remaining doubt in the minds of students.

They can ask any questions that have not been answered during the pre-study and the live session.

Past students have spoken positively about the instructor’s minute remarks and explanations. You too can look forward to this.

All post-review sessions are recorded and made available to each student for personal playback anytime they desire to enjoy it again.

The post-review session will take between 40 to 60 hours of your time.

Now here’s the tricky part, you should not underestimate this session because at times, some points only become clearer through repetition.

The Testbank: This is a mock question organized by Dalton to get you ready for the CFP exam.

On completing the pre-study, live class, and review sessions, each student will attempt this internal exam that is similar to what you will see on your XFP exam day.

It consists of approximately 2000 multiple-choice questions.

The exam is timed and you get instant feedback.

This way, students can gauge their strengths and weaknesses before the exams.

Students can also create customized quizzes based on each topic.

Dalton CFP textbooks

The main textbook offered by Dalton is “Every Money Education”.

This textbook has been well chosen because it contains everything you need in order to pass the CFP exams.

Here are some features of the textbook:

  • The main topics
  • Detailed explanations with case studies
  • Short quizzes
  • Graphs and charts
  • Questions at the end of each chapter
  • Academic reference texts

The authors are seasoned professionals in the financial management industry.

They are also the instructors in each class session you will attend.

They are well equipped to answer any question you may have about the exams.

They have one of the best teaching methods and cover every topic in the curriculum.

All the contents of the book are also available in digital format for students who enjoy reading materials in digital formats.

The digital formats are available on the mobile app, which is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

Other Textbooks


7th Edition ISBN-978-1-946711-39-7

This textbook contains all the basics of financial planning and has been carefully woven into real-life examples with various clients.

The book exposes you to various behaviors of clients and how to handle each situation.

Risk management, investment management, education funding, successful business practice, and other activities that influence the time and the value of money.


7th Edition ISBN-978-1-946711-31-1

Insurance is a complex subject, but getting a good grasp of insurance shouldn’t be too complex.

This textbook covers everything you need to know about risk management in finances.

It provides a valuable guide to you through several types of insurance including health, life, disability, liability, property, long-term care, retirement, and annuities.

The book also explains the concepts of risk retention, risk avoidance, and risk shifting.

It helps to avoid situations (expected and uncovered risk) that can jeopardize life plans.


2nd Edition ISBN-978-1-946711-66-3

As a certified financial planner, you should have a detailed knowledge of how to manage the financial risk that is involved in investing capital, expecting the income to grow in value, and the production of income.

This investment planning textbook explains the concept and strategies that can help you provide valuable insight to clients with background knowledge of asset allocation, portfolio management, securities, and implementation of risk management theories.


14th Edition ISBN-978-1-946711-47-2

Each of this textbook’s authors is not just planning income tax for reputable companies, they have also practiced individual tax.            

They are instructors in Dalton’s CFP prep course, teaching how to plan income tax.

That means you are getting all the best brains in the income tax planning field in just a book.

After studying the book, you will not just be ready to pass the exam but you will also be confident in your ability to understand and interpret the 1040 form.

You will also be able to prepare a tax return.


17th Edition ISBN-978-1-946711-49-6

When someone retires, the way they handle money changes.

As you study this textbook, you will be able to help your clients make their retirements less financially burdensome.

You will get answers to the following questions as your read through this book:

  • How much does a client need for your retirement?
  • How much should a client put in a retirement plan?
  • How can you help a business owner manage the various plans of his employees?
  • When is the best time to apply tax, now or during retirement?


12th Edition ISBN-978-1-946711-33-5

The very essence of estate planning is to control clients’ assets when they are alive and when they pass, ensuring that a client’s money is channeled toward where they want it to be.

This textbook discusses six key documents that every certified financial planner like you need for estate planning. They are:

  • The certainties about death taxes
  • Property ownership documents
  • Interest transfer and taxation
  • Simplification and avoidance of probate


4th Edition ISBN-978-1-946711-68-7

 Financial statements are more than merely recording figures, sometimes, you need to prepare and analyze the statements for your clients.

This book focuses on just that aspect of your financial planning.

It examines real-life scenarios that can help you develop and maintain a sound relationship with your clients when building a financial plan.

Dalton education packages and pricing

The Dalton education program has two packages for students.

The Dalton Review: This package cost $1395. It has fewer study materials, no pass guarantee, and no personalized coaching arrangement.  

However, students still get lots of pre-study, review, and post-study materials.

The Dalton Review Guarantee to pass: The package costs $2195. It has all the study materials that are included in the first review package.

However, the pre-study plan includes a virtual class, live-review class, and live review recording.

You also have access to office hours, digital flashcards, free retakes, a money-back guarantee if you score more than 70% but still don’t pass the exam.

The truth is that no matter what package you choose, with enough preparation, you will come out in flying colors.

The basic things you need to pass the exams are the textbooks, the practice questions, and the recorded videos.

With the basic plan, you are eligible for these study materials.

Benefits of choosing Dalton review courses

Although the Dalton course has some drawbacks like the almost overwhelming study materials, the long hours you’ll spend on pre-study materials, and how expensive it is, here are some advantages of choosing this well-known CFP review course.

  • An allowance for self-study, making it one of the best in terms of flexibility
  • Money-back guarantee (terms and conditions apply)
  • Approximately 2000 multiple choice test bank question
  • In-depth study materials like study aids, videos, live review, and post-study materials
  • Free repeats when you don’t pass
  • Students can attend either in-person or virtual class sessions.
  • Personalized, one-on-one coaching

Considering all these, you’ll realize that the benefits far outweigh any perceived disadvantage of this amazing CFP prep course.


There is no denial; the Dalton study program can help you come out victorious in your forthcoming CFT tests.

This fact is even more obvious when you consider their numerous study materials to make your journey a little bit easier.

Additionally, how did you feel when you found out that with this program, you have a guaranteed pass assurance?

But remember, if all these study materials will be successful, you too must be ready to devote as much time to this education as expected.

Like they always say, proper preparation prevents poor performance!



Dalton Education

The American College of Financial Services


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