Hello readers! Welcome again to another informative article that will take you one step closer to obtaining your CPA license.

The Uniform CPA Examination Application Process is complicated, and NTS- Notice to Schedule is a crucial part of the exam journey; if you do not do it right, it will cost you your time and extra money.

By the end of this article, you will be aware of the importance of the CPA NTS exam and everything related to it. 

Here is what this article will cover:

About NTS- Things you need to know
Importance of NTS
Scheduling for the CPA Exam with NTS
Expiration of NTS

So, let us delve head straight into the informative pool that will make the CPA exam application process seamless.

About NTS- Things You Need to Know

As awareness about CPA- Certified Public Accountant and associated lucrative opportunities are surfacing amongst the public, many people want to have a go at it. 

But, not many of them are aware of the process for the CPA exam conducted by AICPA- American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

You will only get to sit in the exam if you have succumbed to the CPA examination services and the application process. 

After your CPA Exam application is processed and you have paid the application fee, you will get your NTS in approximately ten business days.

The NTS contains the information about the CPA exam sections that you are approved to take.

NASBA – National Association of State Boards of Accountancy issues an NTS that you receive via email.

Therefore, you are required to create a NASBA Single Sign-On account following the instruction provided by NASBA in the email. 

Then, all you have to do is sign into the NASBA Candidate’s Portal and print your NTS. 

Importance of NTS

NTS is your key pass to sit for any section of the CPA exam. 

When you get your email from NASBA the CPA central, it is crucial to verify and cross-check every detail of information on your NTS, before or after you print.

We recommend you do it before the printout to save your time. 

All the information on your NTS should be similar to the other documents like your name, spelling, date of birth, section ID, etc. 

If any information mismatches or is incorrect, instantly get in touch with your Board of Accountancy because you will not be allowed to sit in the exam at the Prometric testing center with wrong information on your NTS.

It is recommended to print a minimum of two NTS copies- keep one in your car and one in your wallet or the pouch you will carry to the testing center – to be on the safer side.

If you lose your NTS on the exam day, you will be doomed.

NTS contains the “Launch Code” or the password for the section of the CPA exam you appear for.

All the exam candidates will be required to enter this code to log in to their exams. 

Scheduling for the CPA Exam with NTS

As soon as you have your NTS, with all the right information, meeting the eligibility criteria for the exam, schedule your appointment.

NASBA recommends scheduling your exam at least six weeks before the actual test date.

You may ask why?

Making your exam appointment at the earliest puts you in a favorable position to get your choice’s date, time, and location. 

However, even if you somehow register late for the application or it takes time to get processed, you will still have to schedule the exam at least five days before.  

Be mindful when scheduling for the sections of your CPA exam that you are going to take.

Go through the testing window and education requirements to not compromise the credit or exam score of your previous passed CPA examination sections. 

You have to take the CPA exam before the NTS expires- yes, it has an expiration date.

You do not have to schedule for all the sections at one time. However, if you plan to appear for two sections on the same day, it is essential to ensure that the timings do not overlap, so schedule accordingly.

If you are planning for rescheduling or canceling your exam, you have to notify the Prometric 30 days prior to the exam date as there may be an additional exam fee or no refund of the actual fee after a month period. 

If you reschedule the exam or cancel between five to 30 days of the exam appointment, the Prometric will ask for a part of the fee. If you have a change of mind at the last minute – not at least five days before, you will be obliged to pay the complete testing fee for the section you are rescheduling in the CPA exam.

Moreover, if you want to reschedule the exam date, do it before the NTS expires or else, you will have to start all over again with the application process- yes, the application fee too.

The Cancellation or rescheduling does not extend the NTS date.

Suppose the exam appointment is rescheduled or canceled due to any Covid-19 related consequences – site closures, area restrictions, or testing positive for the virus. 

In that case, you will not be entitled to any penalty or additional fees.

Instead, you can contact the Prometric Testing Center and ask for free rescheduling or even a refund, ensuring that it all aligns with your NTS validity, 

To inquire more about the fee structure, you can check out the Candidate Bulletin

Expiration of NTS

The validity for NT, set by the Boards of Accountancy, is six months, including some time beyond the testing window. 

As already explained, you have to appear for all the exam sections listed on your NTS before the expiration date. The entire application fee will be forfeited if you fail to take the exam sections in the defined allotted time.  

Nevertheless, do not mistake taking the exam if you are not ready, even if the NTS will expire.

One important thing to note here is that, for the same CPA exam section, you can only have one open NTS. You have to appear for that exam or receive the exam score for the section to mark the NTS close and then apply again. 


You can get all the relevant information about NTS and the CPA examination process on NASBA’s website, Prometric website, or AICPA’s website. 

As much as you have to prepare for the CPA exam, you are responsible for getting the application process right. No NTS, no CPA exam – so do things the right way.


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