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Introduction to Kaplan Series 63 Exam

The financial securities industry is a lucrative one, but it also has a narrow entryway.

There are several exams that one must pass to get accredited, which can be challenging.

One such exam is the Series 63 exam, which is essential and has a high passing requirement.

About the Series 63 Exam

The Series 63 exam is known as the Uniform Securities State Law Examination.

FINRA conducts it on behalf of the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA).

The exam comprises 60 multiple-choice questions, out of which 43 have to be answered correctly.

With a passing score of 72%, the test is quite challenging.

Earlier, it was known as the Uniform Securities Agent State Law Exam.

The name might have changed, but the format hasn’t.

Applicants are given 75 minutes to attempt all 60 questions, which cover the key concepts of Uniform Securities.

In addition, there are 36 questions about the State Securities Act and its related rules and regulations, and there are 24 questions about Ethical Practices and Fiduciary Obligations. 

Therefore, thorough learning and preparation are crucial for passing the Series 63 exam.

Thus, making students search for study materials and exam prep guides to help them crack the test in the first attempt.

There are several types of Series 63 study guides from several institutions, including Kaplan Financial Education.

If you pass the exam, you can obtain the Series 63 securities license.

This license is mandatory in several states of the U.S. except for Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Ohio, and Washington D.C.

In addition, before the Series 63 exam, you must have the Series 7 license, which is obtained by attempting the Series 7 exam.

The Series 63 license will make you a Uniform Securities Agent, making you eligible to represent brokers and dealers in any state.

This license is succeeded by the Series 65 and Series 66 licenses.

However, if you are looking to attempt the Series 66 exam, you only need to pass the Series 7 exam to appear for it. 

If you ask anyone how much study time they dedicated for the NASAA Series 63 exam, they respond with 30-40 hours.

Ideally, you should spread out these hours over 10-12 days, as it would give you sufficient time to rest, revise, and retain all the information correctly.

The crucial thing is that the exam is only 75 minutes long, which means you have about a minute and 15 seconds for each question.

Therefore, you need to keep a stopwatch when you attempt any practice tests or practice questions. 

Although the exam is considered quite challenging, a Wall Street Journal study shows a pass rate of more than 80%, which means that a majority of applicants pass when they attempt it the first time.

About Kaplan

Kaplan Financial Education is an institution that develops and designs study material, test prep courses, practice exams, and helpful resources for licensing exams.

Moreover, it creates Professional Designations and Master’s Programs to help people excel in their careers.

Kaplan has helped millions of professionals pass their qualification exams for nearly eight decades.

Thus, making it a highly trusted study tool provider and institution for financial exam preparation.

Kaplan Financial Education has a dedicated range of study materials for Securities Licensing exam prep, along with online courses, OnDemand resources, and live online solutions.

In addition, they offer you a complete and comprehensive self-study package to help you ace your certification and qualification exams and become a licensed professional.

Kaplan Series 63 Review

Now that you’ve got a more in-depth knowledge of the Series 63 exam and Kaplan Financial Education, let’s move to the matter at hand.

This section will review the Kaplan Series 63 study tools and materials that help professionals attain their Series 63 license.

Kaplan is considered one of the best institutions for licensing exam preparation.

A major reason for this is because its self-study packages are highly affordable. It also adopts a flexible learning style that helps applicants easily retain vital concepts covered in the exam.

Study Tools for Kaplan Series 63

With Kaplan, you have the freedom of purchasing any of the individual Series 63 study materials on their own, which also gives you five months’ free access to all of their study materials.

Then, you can renew the subscription for another five months by paying $49.

These study tools include the License Exam Manual (LEM), LEM Audiobook, SecuritiesPro QBank, Practice, Mastery Exam Package, and QuickSheet.

These resources are priced between $19 and $29 each, and you can buy them individually if you think you don’t want all of them.

On the other hand, you can opt for one of the three study bundles that the institution provides for complete learning and test prep.

Let’s have a look at those bundles one by one.

Basic Self-Study Package

Kaplan’s Basic Self-Study Package is specially designed for individuals that don’t need the help of an online class or instructor to prepare for the exam.

Instead, it gives them the ability to create their study calendar according to their exam date and study time. 

What it Offers

It also contains the License Exam Manual to help them get a feel of the exam structure.

Moreover, the package comes with the SecuritiesPro QBank, which consists of practice questions to help them polish a concept properly.

It also allows students to prepare personalized exams and gives them unlimited exam attempts.

This package also features a Performance Tracker that applicants can use to monitor their exam preparation.

Once they feel that they have fully prepared, they can attempt the Practice Exam.

It closely emulates the actual structure of the FINRA Series 63 examination, including its time duration, number of questions, concepts, complexity, etc.

After you have completed the exam, you can view your strengths and weaknesses on the performance tracker.

Cost of the Basic Package

All of the facilities from this package are available online, and you can download the SecuritiesPro QBank application on your device as well.

In addition, this package is priced at $59, making it the most affordable and cost-effective study tool you can find for exam prep.

Essential Self-Study Package

This Self-Study Package offers you the convenience of a flexible schedule.

It also has a study calendar that you can tailor according to your daily routine and study time.

In addition, it has all of the helpful components that you find in the Basic package, including the License Exam Manual, QBank, Performance Tracker, and Practice Exam. 

What it Offers

Apart from these, you will get a complete Video Library, which consists of additional study material on all key concepts that you need to cover.

This video library helps you brush up on topics that you have trouble understanding. 

Apart from the Practice Exam, it gives you Checkpoint Exams, which are placed at the end of each unit in the License Exam Manual and test your understanding of the unit.

These exams can only be attempted once and provide answers and explanations for each question.

Cost of the Essential Package

The Essential Self-Study Package is suited towards people who require some guidance to prepare for the exam.

It is priced at $99, and considering the features that it provides, it is a good deal as compared to other sources that provide study guides or exam help.

Premium Instruction Package

The Premium Instruction Package is the most advanced provided by Kaplan for exam preparation.

Like the previous two packages, this one also has a study calendar, License Exam Manual, and Performance Tracker to help you learn better.

Moreover, you can also find the QBank, Practice Exam, Checkpoint Exams, and Video Library in this instruction package.

What it Offers

This package is different because it offers you better guidance and resources to help you prepare for the Series 63 exam.

Apart from the features mentioned earlier, it also provides you Class Notes, which are printed books with the study material that matches the instructor’s lectures.

These notes help you identify key concepts for the exam and also help in last-minute revision. 

Along with the Practice Exam, you also get access to a Mastery Exam, which has more complex and unique practice questions to help you prepare better.

You can also make use of the Performance Tracker to gauge your progress while giving this exam.

Another helpful feature is called InstructorLink, and it connects you to a Kaplan instructor.

You can ask them any queries or questions you may have.

The Premium Instruction Package allows you to get better support and assistance while studying.

It also gives you two sub-packages to choose from – Premium Instruction Live Online Package and Premium Instruction OnDemand Package.

The Live Online variant allows you to learn with a scheduled live class online, and you can re-watch the class anytime later. 

The OnDemand package offers comprehensive video lectures from experienced instructors, enabling you to prepare with a flexible schedule.

Cost of the Premium Package

Both options of the Premium Instruction Package cost $129 each, and they offer you an ocean of resources for holistic and effective exam preparation.

What to Expect from Kaplan Series 63 Study Materials


As you can see, these packages are comprehensive and cover the entire spectrum of Series 63 exam prep.

Moreover, they are also highly affordable, and it is difficult for you to find any other resource that costs less than this.

If you already have the study material and need to brush up on concepts, you can opt for the Series 63 OnDemand online classes for $69.

They offer you a complete picture of the exam content, and you also get access to Class Notes with them.

Regular Content Updates

One of the best things about Kaplan is that it also provides regular content updates.

It also means that even if the exam format or structure changes, your program will instantly update the latest course content and study materials.

This way, you won’t have to worry about outdated content or not finding out about the changes.

Wide Access to Resources

The video lectures and class notes provided by Kaplan give you a thorough introduction to the concepts that are in the exam.

In addition, the Series 63 practice questions and exams are also updated in real-time, giving you access to new questions frequently. 

You can make use of the SecuritiesPro QBank to attempt questions relevant to each topic, and the Practice and Mastery Exams help you monitor and time your progress.

This way, you can efficiently address all your weaknesses and brush up on concepts you don’t fully understand.


Kaplan’s study resources are more geared towards self-study, so they might not be as helpful for people who require more assistance from instructors.

Moreover, it doesn’t hold regular live classes, and its Live and OnDemand online courses only take place twice every month.

Thus, although it gives students the chance to review the concepts and study material whenever they need it, some people might not fully grasp the concepts.

Most of the exam preparation institutions provide students with study flashcards, but Kaplan doesn’t do so.

Therefore, students who rely on flashcards can make their own by using the key concepts highlighted in the LEM.

In addition, the Performance Tracker is a handy feature that allows them to keep an eye on their progress in real-time and identify their weak areas. 

Last but not least, Kaplan doesn’t have any contact center or support number, so students can only get in touch with their instructors through email, provided they have bought the Premium Instruction Package.

Final Thoughts

The study solutions provided by Kaplan Financial Education for the Series 63 exam are highly comprehensive and dynamic.

Moreover, they provide you with guidance from some of the best and most experienced instructors.

Overall, Kaplan provides applicants with a well-balanced and comprehensive set of resources. 

However, Kaplan is more suited for people who can manage with self-study.

Nevertheless, it continues to be ranked among the top Series 63 study materials, along with ExamFX, Securities Training Corporation (STC), Past Perfect, and several other famous names.




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