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Introduction to Financial Advisor Websites

The most successful Financial Advisors understand the importance of an outstanding website design.

It creates the first impression about your services to prospective clients.

As an advisory firm, your web design must stand out from your competitors.

Features of Best Website Designs

You’re probably wondering right now what makes a Financial Advisor website different from any other?

Below we’ll discuss some of the features common to the best-rated Financial Advisor websites:

Provision of relevant pieces of information

An ideal website must provide relevant pieces of information about a niche to its visitors.

The best Investment Advisors who understand this fact spend a fortune to set up their websites.

A potential client shouldn’t call your customer care unit because of the incomplete business information on your website.

It should contain detailed information about the business.

Don’t beat about the bush; clearly state the major points at a go.

Communication of Unique Selling Point

If your website doesn’t communicate what gives you an edge over your competitors, it’s safe to conclude that your digital marketing strategy is zero.

Web design isn’t just for aesthetic purposes but mainly for lead generation.

Let your visitors know how you stand out from the crowd; sell your areas of expertise to them with ease.

If what’s on your website is pedestrian information they can get elsewhere, then there’s no convincing reason why they should patronize you.

What makes you unique from other top financial advisory companies?

State it well; blow your trumpet!

They are solution-driven

A value proposition is an indispensable feature of a great business website.

Our team discovered that good financial websites are solutions-driven.

Their contents are rich and demonstrate expertise.

It makes prospective clients see them as the ideal team to provide solutions to their investment concerns.

It’s easy to build trust with expertly written content.

Through the content, you’ll prove to visitors that you can help them meet their needs.

Creation of call-to-actions (CTAs)

Best finance websites don’t miss the opportunity of converting leads.

When you create good content but fail to encourage readers to take a particular action, you’ve only wasted your effort.

Call-to-action is when you ask a reader to do a specific thing—subscribe to your email list, hire you for their financial needs, or buy your products.

Top financial sites strategically embed contact information at the end of every article so that prospective clients can contact them.

If this piece of information is missing from your website, then you’re not maximizing your gains.

Top Financial Advisor Websites

To make this discourse more practical and engaging, below is a highlight of some top financial websites that stand out from the rest:

The Wise Investor Group (WIG)

The WIG has a very responsive website.

The images on the site were carefully chosen to serve both value and aesthetic purposes.

This site vividly portrays the over-flogged importance of imagery in website design.

The images enhance the overall message on the site.

Furthermore, there’s a “Recognitions” segment on the website that helps to bolster the credibility of the wealth management firm.

The arrays of recognitions from trusted brands displayed on the homepage will further convince prospects to patronize them.

Advisor websites without testimonials or social proofs of competence don’t depict professionalism.

Such websites don’t prove their capability of meeting clients’ needs.

The WIG also has a podcast tagged “The Wise Investor Show,” broadcast every Sunday.

The firm has been consistent with this show and has covered numerous topics in their subject area.

The podcast is also conversational and sheds light on some grey areas for clients.

Guide Financial Planning (GFP)

First, the color scheme of this website is exceptional, alluring, and enticing.

Right from their homepage, you’ll feel the uniqueness of the firm, even if you’re a first-time visitor.

Visitors are welcomed to the site with the video of the GFP founder, Ben Wacek, CFP, conversing with some select clients.

This act vividly portrays that the firm is customer-centric.

It shows that the CEO cares about his clients and can go to any length to meet their needs.

It is a trick used by top Financial Advisor companies to win the heart of new clients.

In addition, the anchor statement on the homepage, “Money is confusing. We’ll help you figure it out. From a biblical perspective,” shows the firm’s uniqueness.

It’s a marketing strategy to lure Christian prospects to the financial services of the brand.

Financial Advisor websites should be about values that team members offer their clients.

Stash Wealth

Apart from the outstanding functionality of this website, the consistent use of the black and gold color scheme stands it out from the crowd.

This financial advisory site uses a perfect combination of diction, graphics, and content text to interface with visitors.

Like other top financial planning firms, Stash Wealth displays testimonials and reviews on its site to establish credibility.

Top Financial Advisor firms always have results to show.

Timothy Financial Counsel (TFC)

The simplicity of this website makes it one of the best.

Finance websites shouldn’t be complex or cumbersome for visitors to navigate.

For the TFC website, the homepage has an interactive hero image.

The color palette depicts professionalism.

Best Financial Advisors take note of minute details on their website because they understand its implications on their business growth.

Braun-Bostich & Associates 

This site is part of our best financial websites list because it has a specialized landing page for all the financial services offered by the firm.

The site should have a portal for “financial partners” to show that the advisory firm isn’t a one-person affair.

Like other best wealth management websites, Braun-Bostich & Associates has a contact form conspicuously displayed to make it easy for visitors to interact with them.

Visitors can get the phone number of the firm’s management under the “contact us” menu bar.

Oxford Financial Planners

As noted earlier, exemplary websites for Financial Advisors must have CTAs.

This is one of the working marketing strategies of Oxford Financial Planners: “Build Your Investment Plan” CTA is strategically displayed on the home screen.

The website has multi-layered investment guidelines to help visitors make the most informed decisions.

In addition, it also has SEO-friendly contents, specifically with the word “investment” used strategically in different places.

One of the great attributes of the best financial websites design is that they’re SEO-friendly.

How to Create a Website as a Financial Advisor

As an Advisor, you may want to learn from these top firms we discussed in the last section.

Gather as many tips from their stunning websites as possible to create a website for yourself.

However, the best financial planners don’t build a website by themselves.

Instead, they’ll hire trusted hands to help them build a professional and responsive website.

But if ever you are skilled in the art of web design, there are so many templates out there that you can customize to create a well-tailored website for your brand.

How to Turn Your Site Visitors into Clients

Social media for Financial Advisors is one of the best means of boosting your business.

The best Investment Advisers are always focused on building trust by ensuring that every visitor has a good impression of their services.

They clearly state their financial services, pricing, points of uniqueness, and the benefits of transacting business with them.

Furthermore, they use proven solutions such as Riskalyze to embed creative tools on their website to give visitors a memorable experience.

Financial Adviser firms that diligently pursue excellence and implement all the afore-mentioned strategies find it easy to turn their visitors into clients.

Once visitors find your website interesting, informative, and useful to answer their questions, they’ll be confident to approach you for your services.

And ultimately, you must have a call to action – this is what triggers visitors to become clients.


We believe you’ve learned the features common to the best Stock Advisor websites.

If you’re ready to be a top Financial Advisor, you must invest heavily in the design of your website to reflect the standards of those discussed here.

You now know how a professional website should look like; you only have to implement the ideas shared in this article.

Your website must also be linked to every social media page to generate traffic. 

The best Financial Advisors will keep working on their websites to give their visitors a seamless experience on each visit.




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Guide Financial Planning


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