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As a Financial Advisor getting high-quality clients is a constant challenge.

That’s why you need to invest in effective lead generation strategies that will ensure a steady flow of high net Financial Advisor leads to your business.

What is a Financial Lead?

A financial lead is a potential client that seeks financial services from finance professionals like a Financial Advisor, Wealth Manager, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), or Investment Banker.

Financial lead generation allows you to interact with new clients and showcase your professional skills and expertise.

Leads also allow you to build a rapport with your current clients who might become long-term customers or refer other people in need of financial services to you.

Why Do You Need Financial Leads?

Acquiring a qualified lead is the first step in your client acquisition journey since leads are the first points of contact between you and potential clients.

From financial planning to wealth management, the Financial Advisor is expected to deliver one or more financial advisory duties.

As a Finance Professional, you make money from retainers, commission, or one-off payments from clients.

Therefore having a large pool of high net worth clients is a big plus in your revenue generation campaign.

Financial leads provide a steady income source and increase your chances of acquiring new clients through word-of-mouth referrals.

It’s vital to provide excellent services to clients and be responsive to all their needs to maintain a healthy revenue flow.

Providing superior customer service will improve your customer loyalty and increase the clients’ trust in you.

Additionally, cultivating a cordial client relationship will help turn your current one-off customers into long-term clients.

Here are a few reasons why financial leads are crucial to you.

  • Your leads help grow your business, maintain your lifestyle, and secure your future.
  • Financial leads provide you with a wealth of business data(web traffic stats, email open rates, sales funnel conversion rates, etc.). This business data allows you to evaluate your marketing campaigns, develop a winning marketing strategy and increase your brand awareness. 
  • Financial leads provide you with an avenue to showcase your professional skills and expertise in investing, retirement planning, insurance, or any other products that your consumers may need boosting customer loyalty.
  • Through lead engagement, you can better understand your potential client’s financial problems and pain points. Lead engagement helps you develop customer-centric products and services that add value to your clients’ lives. 

Leads are vital in the growth of your client base and revenues.

Getting High-quality Leads That Will Convert

It is vital to have a high-performing lead-generating strategy that will bag you high-value leads.

Here are a few of the best lead generation strategies.

Create a business website

A business website helps you get in touch with potential clients looking for your services or products.

Creating a functional and helpful website increases your online traffic.

For your website to have any online impact, make sure it’s full of relevant content.

Write about what you do, the products and services you offer, and how you can help your potential clients. 

Talk about the value you offer and why clients should subscribe to your services. 

Make sure your business website is optimized correctly to reach higher numbers of potential clients.

Your website should be:

  • Clean with no vulgar or controversial content. You should be civil and courteous at all times. 
  • User-friendly with easy-to-use dashboards and interactive interfaces. Use a functional site template and incorporate attractive graphics and warm colors.
  • Responsive on all smartphones and other mobile devices. Most clients access the internet via mobile devices, and having your website functioning smoothly on such devices is a big plus.
  • Your website must be easy to navigate and contain functional icons and widgets. 

Making your website SEO compliant will allow you to rank highly on search engines and reach more potential leads.

Produce regular blogs and educational webinars

Informational content is an effective tool for lead generation as it educates consumers about your products or services. 

Write blog posts about your products and services and how they would help your customers.

By providing value-added information regularly, you will stay on the minds of potential clients and attract a consistent flow of high-quality leads. 

Webinars are another great way for your website visitors to engage with you. 

Webinars are online presentations that allow you to share your knowledge and expertise with potential clients on various topics. 

Webinars are an effective way of educating prospects on what you have to offer at little cost.

Using PR media outlets to promote content

Public relations(PR) is an excellent lead generation tactic.

When you pitch your story to a media outlet and offer value-added information, it convinces prospective clients to use your products and services.

Using PR outlets is an effective way of increasing traffic to your website and generating online leads. 

Target PR outfits that have a large viewership to increase your chances of bagging higher-worth leads.

Social media marketing

If you’re looking to generate high-value leads, social media is an effective tool to use.

According to research, over 80% of financial advisors get new clients from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Social media platforms allow you to interact directly with potential clients and establish a personal connection. 

You can post educational content about your products or services, lead generation offers, or other exciting topics that identify with your target clients. 

Using social media marketing gives you access to a vast pool of potential clients for your business.

Utilizing local SEO

If you operate a brick-and-mortar business, increasing your local SEO ranking will help generate high-quality leads and increase traffic to your store. 

By ranking high on local Google searches, potential clients in your locality seeking products or services that you offer will find and contact you more easily.

Having a high-ranking website will help increase your store’s visibility and drive in more customers.

Local SEO increases your store’s visibility and drives in more qualified leads. 

By increasing your local ranking in search engines, you also increase your brand awareness. 

Contact Marketing

Contact marketing is a process that lets you get in touch with prospective clients at every stage of their buying cycle. 

Update your business information and include your business website, phone number, and email address.

Establishing credibility through social proof

Distributing online reviews from reputable third-party websites such as Yelp and Google is a great way to establish credibility. 

When your clients leave positive reviews on these platforms, it shows that you offer quality products and services and establishes trust among potential clients.

Encourage your clients to leave reviews by providing your contact information, website address, and a link to your review page.

Additionally, ask the customer to leave their contact information so you can verify the authenticity of their review.

Actively seeking positive reviews on third-party platforms will significantly improve your online credibility.

Using a lead generation company

A lead-generating company will manage, organize and maintain lead generation campaigns for you.

These companies generate pre-qualified leads, meaning that such leads are more likely to convert into a sale or event signing.

Generating qualified leads through lead generation firms will save you time, effort, and money in the long run. 

Paid Advertising 

Using paid advertising to drive your lead gen efforts is standard practice in financial circles.

Paid advertising refers to social media marketing, Google AdWords, digital display advertising, and other advertising services that cost money.

In Paid Advertising, you create a social media account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or Google Adwords account and start paying to drive traffic to your lead generation page.

Social media offers an interactive lead generation platform to monitor lead generation and lead conversions in real-time. 

You can customize the lead capture forms, lead nurturing workflows, and metrics to track lead conversions. 

Using free online lead generation tools

Numerous online lead generation tools can help you acquire high-value clients.

Conduct research and determine which lead-generating tools are best suited for your business needs.

Some popular free online lead generation tools include LeadPages, MailChimp, Hubspot, and Google Sheets.

Email lead generation campaigns

An email lead generation campaign is a great strategy that will go straight to your target audience. 

Emails are a professional and personal way to get in touch with your lead list. 

Additionally, emails better target your prospective leads by age, sex, location, industry, and company size.

You can quickly build email lists using features on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. 

To get even more client’s send follow-up emails or drive traffic to lead capture pages by including a link in your email signature.

By reaching out to your leads via email, you considerably increase the chances of converting leads into paying customers.

Networking strategies 

Networking is a powerful way to generate leads. 

When done correctly, networking will allow you to reach high-value leads and convert them faster.

To get the best out of networking, ensure that you’re active in industry events and other peer-to-peer engagements. 

You can network better by:

  • Attending industry events
  • Increasing online presence through social media and blogging
  • Sponsoring local social events
  • Organizing conferences, trade fairs, and other industry-related events
  • Promoting educational seminars, webinars, and live workshops 

By increasing the number of people that know your brand, you increase the number of potential clients that will reach out to you for services.

Which Are The Best Types of Leads For a Financial Advisor?

The best type of lead depends on your financial goals and business strategies. 

You can pursue more outbound leads or more lucrative self-generated leads.

Here are the main types of leads suitable for you as a Financial Advisor:

Inbound leads 

An inbound lead is a potential customer that contacts you for financial advice.

You can generate inbound leads through SEO and SEM strategies, social media marketing, email campaigns, in-person engagements, online events, blogging, and conferences. 

Inbound leads allow you to establish and build long-term trust with prospective clients without too much hassle since the clients approach you for services.

Additionally, Inbound leads allow you to analyze problematic areas of your business that need improvement by tracking and monitoring your conversion rates.

Outbound leads

Outbound leads are potential clients you actively seek using marketing efforts and offering financial services.

You can get outbound leads through direct and effective outreach campaigns that include digital, social media, and email advertising channels.

Standard outbound lead generating tactics include cold calls, referrals, and direct mail. 

Outbound leads are pretty effective because:

  • The process is faster since you’re the one initiating contact and building client relationships. 
  • Outbound leads grant you complete control over the client conversion process.
  • Outbound leads allow you to choose the type of prospect to target. You can land bigger or smaller leads depending on your preference.

Outbound leads improve your conversion rates and give you greater control over the client acquisition process.

Self-generated leads

Self-generating leads refer to the process of pitching your services to current or former clients.

Self-generated leads are perfect for local marketing as they focus on building a familiar customer base in your locality.

Focusing on self-generated leads increases your revenue-generating efforts by limiting your geographical and market scope.

Benefits of self-generated leads include:

  • Lower cost since you don’t spend money on advertising and marketing leads that you either find yourself or generate through your marketing efforts. 
  • It builds a better customer base by focusing on what your target market needs.  

How to Identify Suitable Leads?

All leads are not equal, with some offering better marketing potential than others.

Regardless of which type of lead you prefer, some general guidelines apply to all forms of leads. 

Here are a few guidelines which will help you pick the best type of lead for your business.

Study your products and services

Understanding your products and services will help you create a mental picture of your potential clients.

By knowing your target clients, it becomes easier to locate them.

For example, if you sell and manage 401(k) plans, your ideal prospects will likely consist of small business owners who do not have the time to plan for their retirement.

Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself when determining who your ideal customers are:

  • What products or services do you offer?
  • Who are your best clients, and what do they have in common?
  • What is your perfect customer profile?

Additionally, a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis allows you to determine which markets or industries to focus on and where your business can improve.

Research your target companies

Learn everything there is to know about your target company.

A good rule of thumb is to focus on small businesses that are still big enough to spend on financial services. 

Larger companies attract more aggressive competition and impose stricter requirements that you may find difficult to satisfy.

As a general rule, the smallest company you should try marketing to is one with at least $5 million of annual sales. 

The ideal size is $10 million in revenue.

Your lead list needs to contain all types of businesses because different companies have different needs for professional advice. 

Some require a lot of attention, while others have little work to be done.

Create a general outline of your target company

List down the ideal qualities of your target business(company size, asset valuation, annual turnover, etc.)

This will help you narrow down your search and eliminate unsuitable targets from your lead list, making lead acquisition faster.

Create a geographical profile of your ideal customer

If you live in a region with several business hubs, list the main cities and their suburbs where your potential customers live.

Narrowing down your geographical area will help you focus on leads with a higher conversion potential and save time and money. 

Identify your competitors and study their client profiles

Studying your competition is a great way to understand the needs of your target customers and how you can deliver better services.

List down your competitors and the type of clients they seek.

Studying your competitors will help you create a complete client profile and identify potential customers that may require your services in the future.

Use Google and YouTube to determine where your competitors advertise and what keywords they use in their advertisements and online content.


As a Financial Advisor, prospecting for new clients is a necessary activity that ensures the growth and success of your business.

And even though acquiring new leads is essential, you need to maintain and satisfy your current clients.

Leverage digital marketing, messaging, and other lead generation services to provide high net worth clients to your business.

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