At the top of this page, there’s a button that grants complete access to the CompTIA Server+ practice test. Right beneath it, you’ll discover a detailed practice test awaiting your exploration. Engaging with these tests will enable you to pinpoint your strengths, identify areas for improvement, and strategically direct your study efforts. To further bolster your preparation, especially in areas needing more focus, we’ve crafted specialized quizzes. 

These quizzes are meticulously designed to concentrate on specific elements of the CompTIA Server+ exam, thus facilitating a more targeted and effective study approach.

CompTIA Server+ Domain Exams

The CompTIA Server+ exam, specifically the SK0-005 version, covers a range of topics essential for server management and troubleshooting. The exam is structured into four main domains, each contributing a different percentage towards the exam:

CompTIA Server+ Server Hardware Installation and Management Practice Exam 

  • Exam percentage: 18%
  • Focus: This domain focuses on the skills needed for installing, configuring, and maintaining server hardware.

Welcome to your CompTIA Server+ Domain 1: Server Hardware Installation and Management

CompTIA Server+ Server Administration Practice Exam 

  • Exam percentage: 30%
  • Focus: This domain includes managing and maintaining servers, ensuring they operate efficiently and effectively.

Welcome to your CompTIA Server+ Domain 2: Server Administration

CompTIA Server+ Security and Disaster Recovery Practice Exam 

  • Exam percentage: 24%
  • Focus: This part of the exam deals with implementing and maintaining robust security measures, as well as planning and executing disaster recovery protocols.

Welcome to your CompTIA Server+ Domain 3: Security and Disaster Recovery

CompTIA Server+ Troubleshooting Practice Exam 

  • Exam percentage: 28%
  • Focus: This domain tests the ability to diagnose and resolve server-related issues​​.

Welcome to your CompTIA Server+ Domain 4: Troubleshooting

Exam Domain% of exam# of QuestionsDescription
Server Hardware Installation and Management18%16This domain focuses on the skills needed for installing, configuring, and maintaining server hardware.
Server Administration30%27This domain includes managing and maintaining servers, ensuring they operate efficiently and effectively.
Security and Disaster Recovery24%22This part of the exam deals with implementing and maintaining robust security measures, as well as planning and executing disaster recovery protocols.
Troubleshooting28%25This domain tests the ability to diagnose and resolve server-related issues.

The exam consists of 90 questions, which are a mix of multiple choice and performance-based types. Candidates are given 90 minutes to complete the exam. The passing score is 750 on a scale of 100-900. It is recommended that candidates have the CompTIA A+ certification or equivalent knowledge, along with 24 months of hands-on experience working in a server environment. The exam is available in English and Japanese​​.

Additional Information:

  • Certification Validity: The CompTIA Server+ certification is considered good for life and does not need to be renewed.
  • Job Roles: Earning this certification can help you land roles such as Network Administrator and Systems Administrator.
  • Learning Methods: CompTIA offers various training options including self-paced learning, live online training, custom training, and interactive labs.

CompTIA Server+ Exam Breakdown

The CompTIA Server+ Exam (Exam Code SK0-005) is a certification designed to validate the hands-on skills of IT professionals who install, manage, and troubleshoot servers in various environments, including data centers, on-premises, and hybrid settings. Here’s a breakdown of what the CompTIA Server+ covers and the resources available:

CompTIA Server+ Overview:

  • Essential Technologies: It covers essential hardware and software technologies, including high availability, cloud computing, and scripting.
  • Performance-Based Certification: The exam includes performance-based questions requiring multi-step knowledge demonstration.
  • Flexible Learning Methods: Offers various training options like self-paced learning, live online training, custom training, and interactive labs.

Skills Covered:

  • Server Hardware Installation and Management: Focuses on physical hardware and storage.
  • Server Administration: Involves the management of physical hardware and storage.
  • Security and Disaster Recovery: Teaches physical and network data security techniques along with disaster recovery and backup techniques.
  • Troubleshooting: Involves solving system hardware, software, connectivity, storage, and security issues.

How To Become CompTIA Server+ Certified

To become CompTIA Server+ certified, you’ll need to pass the SK0-005 exam, which assesses your ability to securely install, deploy, manage, and troubleshoot servers in various environments. Here’s a step-by-step guide, including resources:

  • Understand the Exam: The SK0-005 exam focuses on server hardware installation and management, server administration, security, disaster recovery, and troubleshooting​​.
  • Prerequisites: Although not mandatory, it’s recommended to have two years of hands-on experience in a server environment and CompTIA A+ certification or equivalent knowledge​​.
  • Study Materials: Utilize the official CompTIA study guides and the CertMaster Learn™ for Server+, a comprehensive eLearning solution developed exclusively by CompTIA​​.
  • Training Courses: Enroll in instructor-led training courses that cover server hardware technologies, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and disaster-recovery techniques. These are available in various formats, including online, self-paced, and classroom settings​​.
  • Hands-On Practice: Gaining practical experience is crucial. Work in a server environment to apply your knowledge and skills.
  • Schedule the Exam: Once you’re prepared, schedule your exam through the CompTIA website.
  • Continuous Learning: After passing, consider continuous learning to keep your skills updated and relevant.
  • Certification Renewal: The CompTIA Server+ certification is considered good for life and does not need to be renewed.

Job Market Outlook and Demographics

The CompTIA Server+ job market appears to be quite active. According to the information from, there are currently 3,543 job listings related to CompTIA Server+. These positions vary widely in terms of location, type, and salary. For instance:

  • Site Manager – Network Administrator in Dugway, UT, offers an estimated salary of USD 65.8K – 83.3K a year.
  • Technical Support at Anderson Brothers Bank in Mullins, SC, offers an estimated USD 35.5K – 44.9K a year.
  • Senior Systems Engineer in Dallas, TX, offers from USD 125,000 a year.
  • vNOC Ticket Triage (Junior) in Indiana offers USD 18.73 – 28.09 an hour.
  • Senior Help Desk Specialist- Tier 2 in New York, NY, offers USD 76,380 – 90,000 a year.

The job market for CompTIA Server+ and related IT certifications is looking promising as we head into 2024. The demand for skilled IT professionals is driven by the growing integration of technologies like AI, and machine learning, and the expansion of digital operations across various sectors. This demand is evident in the rising number of job postings and continuous hiring trends in the tech industry.

In 2022, the tech industry witnessed significant employment growth, with an addition of 175,700 jobs, marking a 46% increase compared to the previous year and a substantial 92% increase over 2019. This trend continued into 2023, with tech companies adding 20,700 workers in October alone, highlighting the 23rd consecutive month of job growth in the sector. Industry employment rose by 193,900 in 2022, a 28% hike from the previous year. These figures underscore the robustness of the tech job market and the continuous need for skilled professionals.

When it comes to CompTIA certifications, they are highly recognized and sought after in the IT industry, offering a wide range of job opportunities. For instance, the CompTIA Server+ certification is geared towards IT professionals with 18 to 24 months of experience in server environments, and preparing them for roles such as systems administrator, network administrator, or data center technician. This certification covers essential skills in server administration, including hardware installation and management, server virtualization, security, and disaster recovery.

Additionally, the growing focus on cybersecurity has led to a significant demand for professionals with these skills. CompTIA’s Cyberseek tool indicated over 660,000 cybersecurity-related job openings in the United States between May 2022 and April 2023, a 28% increase from two years prior. This highlights the critical need for IT professionals skilled in cybersecurity, further expanding the job market for those with relevant CompTIA certifications.

Other popular CompTIA certifications, such as Security+, Network+, and Cloud+, also open doors to lucrative and in-demand roles in the IT industry, such as enterprise architects, information security engineers, and cloud engineers. These certifications validate a candidate’s competency in key areas of IT and are widely recognized by employers.

In conclusion, the job market for CompTIA Server+ and other CompTIA certifications is strong and growing, with a wide range of opportunities available for certified professionals. The industry’s expansion and the integration of emerging technologies continue to drive demand for skilled IT personnel, making this an opportune time for individuals looking to pursue or advance their careers in technology​​​​​​​​​​​.

Our Experience Teaching CompTIA Server+ Candidates To Pass The Exam

The development of our CompTIA Server+ practice tests at Career Employer has been a remarkable journey, marked by a series of successes and challenges. This process has been shaped by the diverse range of topics covered in the exam and the unique needs of our students. Every aspect of our methodology has been carefully crafted to ensure that each student is well-prepared to pass the exam. Our commitment to providing a comprehensive learning experience is reflected in the breadth and variety of our practice materials, demonstrating our dedication to student success.

As a lecturer teaching the CompTIA Server+ certification, employing a variety of teaching techniques is essential to address the diverse learning styles and needs of students. Here are some effective techniques:

  • Interactive Lectures: Instead of purely delivering content, interactive lectures involve students through questions, discussions, and real-time feedback. This approach keeps students engaged and allows for immediate clarification of complex topics.
  • Hands-On Labs and Simulations: Given the technical nature of the Server+ certification, practical labs are crucial. These sessions provide hands-on experience with server hardware, software, and network configurations, helping students understand real-world applications of theoretical knowledge.
  • Case Studies and Real-World Scenarios: Incorporating case studies of real-world server management scenarios helps students understand the practical implications of their learning. This approach also enhances problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Group Projects and Collaborative Learning: Encouraging group work fosters teamwork and communication skills. Students can work on projects that simulate real-world server management tasks, promoting collaborative learning and peer-to-peer education.
  • Flipped Classroom Model: In this model, students are assigned reading or video materials as homework, and class time is dedicated to discussions, problem-solving, and practical exercises. This approach allows students to learn at their own pace and use class time more effectively.
  • Use of Multimedia and Technology: Integrating multimedia elements like videos, animations, and interactive software can make complex server concepts more understandable and engaging.
  • Regular Quizzes and Assessments: Frequent quizzes and assessments help in gauging student understanding and retention of the material. This also prepares them for the certification exam format.
  • Guest Lectures and Industry Experts: Inviting guest lecturers or industry experts can provide students with insights into the current trends and real-world applications in server management.
  • Discussion Forums and Online Resources: Utilizing online forums and resources allows students to engage with the material outside of class hours. It also provides a platform for students to ask questions and share knowledge.
  • Personalized Feedback and Support: Offering personalized feedback on assignments and tests helps students understand their strengths and areas for improvement. Additionally, providing support and guidance, especially for students struggling with certain topics, is crucial.
  • Encouraging Certification Preparation: Apart from the regular curriculum, guiding students on how to prepare for the CompTIA Server+ exam, including time management and exam strategies, is beneficial.
  • Continuous Learning and Adaptation: Finally, as a lecturer, it’s important to stay updated with the latest developments in server technology and pedagogy, and continuously adapt teaching methods to meet the evolving needs of students.

Each of these techniques can contribute to a more effective and engaging learning experience, helping students not only pass their certification exams but also prepare for successful careers in server management and IT.

At Career Employer, our dedicated team has meticulously crafted the CompTIA Server+ certification practice test, drawing upon their vast knowledge and experience in the field of CompTIA Server+ exam preparation. Their expertise has been instrumental in guiding over 1000 server management and troubleshooting technicians to successfully pass the official CompTIA Server+ certification exam. 

This team is made up of highly skilled server management and troubleshooting technicians, each with more than ten years of specialized experience in the servers, ensuring that our practice materials are both expertly informed and highly effective.

Effective Study Strategies and Methods

For effectively preparing for the CompTIA Server+ exam, a strategic approach combining various resources and methods is advisable. Here’s a summary of some effective strategies and resources:

  • Understanding Exam Objectives: Begin by downloading and thoroughly understanding the exam objectives from CompTIA. This will give you a clear understanding of the topics and their relative importance in the exam. The CompTIA Server+ exam covers domains like Server Hardware Installation and Management, Server Administration, Security and Disaster Recovery, and Troubleshooting.
  • Choosing Between Technical Training and Self-study: Decide whether you prefer instructor-led training or self-study. Technical training can be provided by CompTIA Authorized Partner Program centers, while self-study can be done using official CompTIA training products.
  • Using Official CompTIA Content: Utilize the Official CompTIA Server+ SK0-005 Certification Study Guide. This guide is clearly written, flexible, and focused on exam success. It includes lessons and topics aligned with real-world scenarios.
  • Hands-on Skills Practice: Engage in practical labs to solidify your understanding. CompTIA Labs for Server+ offers opportunities to practice tasks in a virtual environment. This helps in gaining practical experience, especially if you have limited on-the-job experience.
  • Practice Exams: Use practice exams to familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions that will appear in the actual exam. CertMaster Practice offers a full timed practice test experience, which includes scenario-based multiple choice and performance-based questions.
  • Utilizing eLearning Tools: If you prefer interactive learning, CompTIA CertMaster Learn provides a comprehensive solution with videos, practice questions, and a personalized learning plan.
  • Consider Your Learning Style: Reflect on whether you learn best through self-study or need the structured environment of instructor-led training. There are various options for both, including online courses, workforce development programs, training centers, and traditional college courses.

Each of these methods and resources offers unique benefits, and you may find a combination of several to be the most effective for your study needs. Remember, thorough preparation and a strategic approach tailored to your learning style are key to succeeding in the CompTIA Server+ exam.


Fee TypeDescriptionCost
Exam FeeCost varies by country. E.g., USA: USD 358, UK: £212, EU: €323.Varies
Training and Study MaterialsOptions include Voucher, Basic Bundle, Exam Prep Bundle, eLearning Bundle.Ranges from USD 348 to 999
Post-Exam Fees (CE Fees)Annual fees for certification maintenance. USD 50 per year, 150 for three years.USD 150 (over 3 years)

The cost of the CompTIA Server+ certification encompasses several fees:

  • Exam Fee: The cost of the CompTIA Server+ exam varies by country. For instance, in the USA it’s $358, while in the UK it’s £212, and in the EU, it’s €323. Other countries have different fees listed in their respective currencies​​.
  • Training and Study Materials: There are various options for training and study materials with different costs:
    • Voucher: $348.00
    • Basic Bundle: $449.00, includes an exam voucher, retake, and an eBook.
    • Exam Prep Bundle: $559.00, includes all the Basic Bundle elements plus CompTIA CertMaster Practice.
    • eLearning Bundle: $999.00, includes an exam voucher, retake, eBook, and CompTIA Integrated CertMaster Learn + Labs​​.
  • Post-Exam Fees (Continuing Education Fees): The annual CE fees for various CompTIA certifications, including Server+, are USD 50 per year, totaling USD 150 for a three-year renewal period. These fees are necessary for maintaining your certification over time and are paid based on your renewal period dates, not the calendar year. However, if you pass the latest release of the CompTIA exam, earn a higher-level CompTIA certification, or complete a CompTIA CertMaster CE Course, you might not need to pay these CE fees​​.

Please note that prices can vary based on promotions, bundles, and changes over time, so it’s always a good idea to check the official CompTIA website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.

Reliable Study Materials and Resources

To prepare for the CompTIA Server+ certification exam, here are some top resources you can utilize:

  • Official CompTIA Study Guide and Training Options: The official CompTIA website offers a study guide for the Server+ SK0-005 exam, which is complemented by training options like CertMaster Labs for hands-on practice and CertMaster Practice for exam preparation​​​​. You can also explore other training developed by CompTIA, including eLearning, virtual labs, study guides, and instructor-led training​​. The official study guide is rigorously evaluated by third-party subject matter experts and teaches essential skills and information required for the exam​​.
  • Exam Objectives and Free Material: CompTIA encourages candidates to use the exam objectives document to help prepare for the Server+ certification exam, ensuring they cover all necessary topics​​. Additionally, websites like ExamTopics provide free questions and answers for the SK0-004 Exam, which can be useful for practice​​.
  • Third-party Training and Courses: Several third-party platforms offer courses and training materials for the CompTIA Server+ exam. For example, Whizlabs provides a preparation guide and course covering various aspects of managing physical and virtual servers​​. NICCS offers a Server+ Certification course that helps you prepare for the exam by providing skills and knowledge on advanced hardware issues​​. TrainingCamp has a comprehensive review boot camp that merges entry-level server principles with exam preparation​​. Skillsoft and CBT Nuggets offer online courses designed specifically to prepare learners for the Server+ exam, focusing on server hardware installation, management, security, and disaster recovery​​​​.
  • Books and Self-Paced Guides: The “CompTIA Server+ Study Guide: Exam SK0-005” by Troy McMillan, available on Amazon, is a hands-on guide for preparing for the exam, offering a comprehensive blueprint for success​​.
  • YouTube Resources: Some individuals have passed the CompTIA Server+ exam and share their experiences and study materials on YouTube. These can provide insights and tips on how to approach the exam effectively​​.
  • Server+ Course: This is a comprehensive course covering all aspects of the Server+ certification. The entire course is 28 hours and 15 minutes long. You can plan your study schedule accordingly, perhaps by studying an hour per day to complete the whole course within a month. Additionally, it’s recommended to print out the Server+ objectives as a study guide.
  • CompTIA Server+ Exam Objectives: It’s crucial to understand what you’ll be tested on. Here’s a link to the official CompTIA Server+ exam objectives document. 
  • CompTIA Server+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide (Exam SK0-004): This book is available on Amazon and provides a comprehensive guide to the Server+ exam. 
  • LinkedIn Learning Cert Prep Course by Ed Liberman: This course is specifically designed for the CompTIA Server+ SK0-004 certification and has been found useful by those who have passed the exam.
  • Medium Article – 7 Best CompTIA Server+ Certification Resources: This article on Medium provides a collection of the best online resources to prepare for the CompTIA Server+ certification, including courses and practice tests from Udemy, Pluralsight, and more.
  • CompTIA Official Study Guide: CompTIA often provides official study guides and materials that can be very helpful. 
  • YouTube: There are many free resources and study guides available on YouTube. A specific recommendation is a video titled “Best Resources to Pass the CompTIA Server+ in 2021”. 

These resources, ranging from official study guides to third-party training courses and free materials, provide a comprehensive set of tools to help you prepare for the CompTIA Server+ certification exam. It’s advisable to use a combination of these resources to ensure a well-rounded preparation.

Tips for Exam Day

Preparing for the CompTIA Server+ exam involves a combination of strategic studying and exam-day tactics. Here are some key tips to help you succeed:

  • Rest Well: Ensure you get a good night’s sleep before the exam to be alert and focused.
  • Time Management: During the exam, manage your time wisely. Aim to spend an average of one minute per question, as there are typically around 90 questions in 90 minutes.
  • Review and Revise: In the days leading up to the exam, focus on reviewing your notes and key concepts. Pay special attention to areas where you feel less confident.
  • Seek Guidance and Mentorship: If possible, seek advice from experienced server administrators for real-world insights and tips.
  • Relax Before the Exam: It’s important to be relaxed and not overwhelmed on the day before the exam.
  • YouTube Tutorials: Utilize YouTube tutorials and walkthroughs for a visual understanding of complex server administration topics.
  • IT Books: Explore books on server administration and related topics from respected authors and publishers in the IT field​​​​.

Remember, these tips and resources are a starting point. It’s crucial to review the official CompTIA materials and understand the exam objectives thoroughly.

Post-Exam: Next Steps

After completing your CompTIA Server+ exam, here are some strategies and next steps you can consider:

  • Immediate Results and Records: Your exam score will be displayed on your screen immediately after you complete the exam and the exit survey. If you’ve passed, you’ll receive a congratulatory email from CompTIA Certmetrics with instructions on accessing your record. Ensure you keep records of your exam registration number and the email address used to register for the exam, as you’ll need these to log into your certification account.
  • Score Report: Candidates testing in-person at a test center will receive their score report immediately, which provides details on areas of strength and those needing improvement. If you tested online, you would only see your score, but you can download your score report by logging into your Pearson VUE account.
  • If You Didn’t Pass: Don’t be discouraged. It’s not the end of your certification journey. Keep your score report to understand your performance areas. Focus your studies on the areas needing improvement, use resources like CompTIA CertMaster to address knowledge gaps, and when ready, purchase a voucher and schedule your exam retake.
  • Further Preparation and Resources: Consider various study methods such as technical training, eLearning, hands-on skills practice, and practice exams. Resources like CompTIA’s blog on How to Study for CompTIA Server+ can provide valuable insights.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with the CompTIA Performance Exam details and understand the exam development, launch, and retirement process to stay updated on the latest versions and requirements.
  • Further Assistance: If you have any questions or need additional information, you can visit CompTIA’s Help pages or contact their customer service team.
  • Review Exam Performance: If your exam results provide a breakdown of your performance in different areas, study this closely to understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Participate in Forums: Engage in forums such as the CompTIA Instructors Network and other certification forums. Share your experience, ask for advice on what to do next, and learn from others’ experiences.
  • Continuing Education: The IT field is always evolving. Look for advanced certifications or courses that can deepen your knowledge or specialize in areas of interest.
  • Practical Experience: Apply what you’ve learned by seeking out practical experience. This could be in your current job, through internships, or by setting up your own lab environment to experiment and learn.
  • Networking: Connect with professionals in the field through social media, local meetups, or professional organizations. Networking can provide opportunities for mentorship, job opportunities, and ongoing learning.
  • Stay Updated: Keep up with the latest trends and updates in server technology. Follow blogs, subscribe to newsletters, and join relevant online communities.
  • Prepare for Re-certification: If you didn’t pass, plan your study schedule for a retake. If you passed, remember that CompTIA certifications are valid for three years, so plan ahead for your re-certification.

Remember, the journey to certification is often as important as the certification itself. Take the time to review, understand, and improve, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your CompTIA Server+ certification.


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