Hello and welcome to our guide on the best scholarships for nursing students.

By the end of this article, you will have firsthand information about the scholarship opportunities available for nursing programs in the United States.

Including some of the best undergraduate and graduate scholarships that offer financial aid and support for bachelor’s degrees and graduate students.

Specifically, we’ll walk you through:

  • Scholarship program considerations
  • The best undergraduate scholarships for nursing students
  • The best graduate scholarships for nursing students

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Scholarship Program Considerations

Scholarship Program Considerations

Scholarship programs are an excellent source of support for serious nursing students.

If you are still on the fence about applying to a program, consider these before plunging into the challenging but rewarding process.

Dedication to Nursing 

Many of these programs are offered financial aid to those already enrolled in an accredited nursing program.

This means that you should already be a serious nursing student when you apply for a scholarship – you cannot wait around and see if you win the scholarship grant!

This arrangement makes sense; after all, these organizations and foundations are investing in you as the future of the healthcare business.

Because the expectation as a student is so great, you want to make sure that you are entering a nursing scholarship with a serious aspiration to become a nurse.

Need for Financial Assistance

Are you in immediate need of financial assistance to complete your degree at your nursing school?

Many unpredictable things can happen to us during our time in nursing school.

Sudden expenses can pop up when we least expect them, and our budgets could affect our emergency funds.

Thankfully, some scholarships provide comfort in this area, especially when you cannot take on a student loan.

Many programs also offer financial support for BSN program students and graduate nursing programs that can get expensive tuition, fees, and training.

If you are tight on money as a student, applying to one of these programs can help you progress toward graduation.

Rigorous Application Process

While there are many foundation scholarships in the United States, they are equally competitive due to many students looking for funding.

Suppose you are willing to undergo one or several application processes, maintaining a minimum GPA, collecting letters of recommendation, and creating multiple-word essays.

In that case, a scholarship may be the way to go.

There is a lot of time and effort invested in applying to these programs, but you will sometimes have to face the reality of rejection.

It can be taxing physically, mentally, and emotionally to go through all of this while taking your nursing degree program.

Suppose you are already having difficulty keeping up with your higher education.

In that case, it’s not advisable to pursue scholarships with many requirements and high expectations from its awardees.

The Best Undergraduate Scholarships for Nursing Students

The Best Undergraduate Scholarships for Nursing Students

Getting started with your nursing career kicks off with a great undergraduate nursing degree.

Here are some scholarships that include undergraduate – whether associate or bachelor’s – degrees that are available to prospective students.

A Nurse I Am Scholarship Program

The “A Nurse I Am” project was spun off from a documentary series about nurses and has hosted scholarships for nursing students since 2007.

The online application is open to students currently enrolled in an accredited nursing program, meaning they have already started their coursework before applying for the scholarship.

The enrollment is open to full-time and part-time students and located in any of the 50 U.S. states.

For the 2022 scholarship, the project is partnered with Cherokee Uniforms, and they will sponsor ten students with $3,000 scholarships for their nursing education tuition and fees.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Full-time and part-time undergraduate nursing programs

Available Funding: $3,000

Application Period: February 1, 2022, to April 15, 2022

AfterCollege- AACN Scholarship 

AfterCollege is an American career network that built a partnership with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (ACCN) to provide undergraduate scholarships for students.

Some of the available AACN scholarships are only available for AACN members.

Spearheaded by the AACN’s Foundation for Academic Nursing, the scholarship is offered to deserving candidates who want to pursue a nursing career.

To become an eligible participant, you must be a student pursuing a Nursing degree.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Full-time nursing programs

Available Funding: $2,500 for quarterly scholars

Application Period: Deadlines on March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31

American Indian Nurse Scholarship Program

To increase the representation of American Indian healthcare workers in the system, The National Society of Colonial Dames of America in the State of North Carolina (NSCDA) launched this scholarship program in 1927.

Scholarship applicants must be of Native American descent.

The undergraduate students will receive support for their health professional career through a semester stipend for tuition, books, and applicable fees.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Full-time nursing programs

Available Funding: $1,500 per semester

Application Period: Indicate the semester of study in the application form

Barbara Rhomberg Excellence in Nursing Scholarship

Sponsored by the commercial hygiene brand B4 Brands, this undergraduate scholarship focuses on students working on their associate’s or bachelor’s dress in nursing.

A unique quality of this scholarship is that they look for students with non-traditional backgrounds, meaning those who have not been able to pursue their nursing careers in one way or another.

This includes the high school seniors who could not pursue a college degree and students who have had their time in college interrupted and are currently in the military, the workforce, or working as a volunteer.

The story of Barbara Rhomberg was of a woman who went from being a housewife determined to pursue her nursing education – even at an age considered late by nursing standards, she became a well-known figure in Iowa’s healthcare community.

Eligible students must be enrolled in a full-time associate or bachelor’s degree program and were not able to pursue their degree right after high school.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Full-time undergraduate programs

Available Funding: $1,000 per semester

Application Period: April 1, 2022, to April 30, 2022

Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Nursing Scholarships

The DAR is a nonprofit service organization for women who can trace their lineage to persons involved in the revolution for American independence.

They offer scholarships to non-members in different fields.

For nursing, they offer the following student scholarships:

  • Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship
  • District of Columbia Nursing Scholarship (only open for D.C. residents)
  • Mildred Nutting Nursing Scholarship
  • Madeline Pickett (Halbert) Cogswell Nursing Scholarship (only open to DAR members)

Due to the nature of the scholarships, there are different requirements and eligibility rules for each kind.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Accredited nursing programs

Available Funding: $2,000 to $2,500, either one-time or annually

Application Period: Various deadlines

Exceptional Nurse College Scholarship Awards 

ExceptionalNurse.com holds various scholarship awards that look for nurses with disabilities working towards their education and passion for patient care.

Active since 2003, the program has been funding students enrolled in full-time nursing college or university programs while having medically verifiable disabilities.

Various awards generously sponsored by individuals are available on the website, with their specificities and requirements for eligibility.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Accredited nursing programs

Available Funding: From $250 to $500

Application Period: Deadline on June 1

The Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association (FNSNA) General and The Promise of Nursing Scholarship Program

The FNSNA has been an advocate for inviting more promising young professionals into the nursing profession. 

They host two different scholarship programs: The General Scholarship Program and the Promise of Nursing Scholarship Program.

The General Scholarship program runs as expected and focuses on specializations reflecting the sponsor’s criteria – fields such as oncology, emergency nursing, critical care, and others have been supported in the past.

The Promise of Nursing Scholarship is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and tackles the shortage of nurses and talents the country is experiencing.

The sponsored undergraduate programs are being awarded to bright young talents who hope to bring a spark into the profession.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Full-time undergraduate nursing programs

Available Funding: $10,000 per academic year for the General Scholarship Program, $7,500 per academic year for The Promise of Nursing

Application Period: Scholarships for summer 2022 and academic year 2022-23 will be awarded in Spring 2022

Heart of Healthcare Nursing Scholarship

Hosted by BestNursingDegree.com, the Heart of Healthcare Nursing Scholarship is available for students enrolled in CCNE and ACEN-accredited nursing BSN, MSN, or DNP programs.

All applicants are expected to have a good standing in their current program, maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.5 cumulative.

Application to the scholarship entails submitting proof of enrollment and GPA, plus submitting a 2,500-word essay regarding healthcare topics relevant today.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Accredited BSN, MSN, and DNP programs

Available Funding: $1,000

Application Period: Deadline in September

Jane Delano Student Nurse Scholarship 

Jane Delano is part of Red Cross history as the principal organizer of the Red Cross Nursing service that delivers care to numerous recipients in World War I.

The American Red Cross supports her legacy in the Jane Delano Student Nurse scholarship program.

The scholarship is open to undergraduate and graduate nursing students who are also part of the local volunteer service or employed by the American Red Cross.

The program award offers financial help for tuition, educational material like books, and miscellaneous relevant fees.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Accredited undergraduate or graduate programs

Available Funding: $3,000

Application Period: Deadline in May

National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) Scholarship Program

The NAHN is a professional association that advocates the growth and excellence of the community of Latino nurses in the U.S. healthcare industry.

To support NAHN members, they offer scholarships for those enrolled in LVN or LPN, associate, diploma, baccalaureate, and graduate nursing programs.

They also have the Arizona College of Nursing as a partner for funding Latino and Hispanic high school students for their degrees at the sponsoring university.

The scholarship award covers the cost of the entire four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Full-time undergraduate and graduate nursing programs

Available Funding: $5,000 per semester of attendance (up to $45,000)

Application Period: May 1, 2022, to June 15, 2002

National Black Nurses Association Scholarship Programs 

The NBNA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a forum for the representation of African American nurses and advocating for a high standard of public healthcare for all, especially marginalized groups.

The NBNA also provides numerous scholarships to support the education of nurses from all levels – from practical nurses to doctoral degrees.

All applicants must be NBNA members and have completed enrollment for a nursing program (from an associate degree to an advanced degree).

They must also pass criteria and requirements, including proof of the applicant’s notable work in student nurse activities and involvement with the African American community activities.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Associate, undergraduate, and graduate nursing programs

Available Funding: $1,000 to $15,000

Application Period: Deadline on April 15, 2022

Nurse Corps Scholarship Program

The Nurse Corps Scholarship Program is organized and provided by the Bureau of Health Workforce (BHW), part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

This annual program is a competitive nursing school scholarship that caters to those who need financial support for their education.

In exchange for covering the cost of tuition and other applicable fees and course materials and supplies, scholarship recipients are expected to serve a minimum two-year commitment.

This commitment can increase to a four-year program, which also translates to a four-year commitment to working at an assigned Critical Shortage Facility (CSF).

This can be fulfilled either full-time or part-time at an accredited institution that is experiencing a shortage of nurses, which is a trend that the BHW is hoping to address with scholarships and training.

The program invites various healthcare backgrounds to be represented – from psychologists to nurse practitioners, from dietitians to social workers; many can find an opportunity to grow here.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Full-time undergraduate nursing program

Available Funding: Full tuition fees, applicable fees, and other educational requirements

Application Period: March to May annually

Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship

Cascade Healthcare Solutions, a large medical equipment supplier for the healthcare ecosystem, provides the Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship for eligible nursing students.

It is open to both undergraduate students currently enrolled in a program or high school seniors who have been accepted into an eligible program.

The scholarship mainly hinges on an essay contest, which differs from year to year depending on the topic relevant to the current state of health and society.

Aside from the essay, the applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0, be a legal U.S. resident or be a holder of a valid student visa to be considered for the scholarship program.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Full-time undergraduate nursing program

Available Funding: $1,000

Application Period: Annual deadline is in August

The Best Graduate Scholarships for Nursing Students

The Best Graduate Scholarships for Nursing Students

After taking steps to secure your nursing education, there is an opportunity to step up your knowledge and experience.

A graduate degree in nursing can upgrade your skills in time to level up your career.

Many of the scholarships provided are given to those close to their final year of study, so you need to keep this in mind as you send in your applications.

Here are some of the notable graduate scholarships available to eligible professionals.

American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) Scholarship Program

If you are interested in the Nurse Practitioner career, you need to pursue a Master’s Degree in nursing and rigorous training.

The AANP has a scholarship program that makes professional funding support accessible for prospective students.

Eligible participants include registered nurses who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents who have completed at least one semester of their program.

Students applying are also expected to finish their eligible N.P. program between fall 2022 and summer 2023.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Master’s Degree in Nursing – Nurse Practitioner, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing, and other related fields

Available Funding: $2,500 to $5,000

Application Period: February 9 to March 23, 2022

Emergency Nurses Association Scholarship Program

The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) is a professional nursing association advocating for the emerging field of emergency nursing.

The ENA Foundation has scholarship programs to further the nursing education of its members and even hosts some conference scholarships as well.

Aside from financial support, the ENA also provides awardees with educational resources and other learning opportunities.

To be eligible, applicants must be active ENA members who have not received a prior scholarship from the foundation.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Doctoral and Graduate/Master’s

Available Funding: Depends on the program

Application Period: March 1 to April 29, 2022

March of Dimes Graduate Nursing Scholarships

March of Dimes is a nonprofit organization focused on maternity and pediatric health.

The organization has a longstanding connection with the nursing industry, considering the community as a partner for its mission to improve healthcare for mothers and babies.

The scholarship program supports nurses in graduate programs specifically geared towards education and practice in maternal-child healthcare and nursing.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Graduate programs in maternal-child nursing

Available Funding: $5,000 annuallOncology Nursing Foundation Master’s Scholarships y

Application Period: Deadline on March 15, 2022

Oncology Nursing Foundation Master’s Scholarships

The Oncology Nursing Foundation is an organization focused on funding efforts to support the nursing industry in treating cancer patients.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they have a global network to help nurses in their education and research to develop leaders in this specific field.

Their scholarship is awarded to master’s degree students in oncology and cancer care.

Their applications are weighted on several factors, but eligibility requirements include being a registered nurse enrolled in a master’s degree program.

Location: Nationwide

Eligible Programs: Master’s degree

Available Funding: $5,000

Application Period: September to January

Penn Nursing – Penn Medicines/CHOP Scholarship Program

The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing is a prestigious institution recognized for its excellent programs and contribution to the private and public health sectors.

The school ranks third among its competitors in the United States, making it a highly sought-after program that will enhance a nurse’s knowledge and career.

This scholarship is a partnership with Penn Medicine and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Part-time or full-time students in a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and verified employment at Penn Medicine or CHOP are eligible for the program. 

Location: Pennsylvania

Eligible Programs: Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Available Funding: The award covers the tuition costs of a 1-course unit

Application Period: Indicate the semester of study in the application form

TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship

While you might be familiar with headache-busting medication, you should know that the brand has been actively supporting healthcare graduate students with its scholarship fund.

The Future Care Scholarship primarily caters to those with various degrees in healthcare.

It is a one-time award for accredited graduate school programs, and the applicants must have at least one more year of schooling left for their degree.

Location: USA, Puerto Rico, District of Columbia

Eligible Programs: Eligible Master’s degree programs

Available Funding: $5,000 to $10,000

Application Period: May to July annually



There are many reputable scholarship programs for nursing students offered by different institutions throughout the United States.

No matter what universities, institutions, and organizations are behind the scholarship, each program is competitive and has its own set of high expectations from its awardees.

Despite this, scholarships and grants have been crucial to the education and promotion of different nursing fields.

New, fresh talent are encouraged to become seasoned experts in nursing, forging new leaders in the industry’s future.

If you believe you have what it takes to become part of this industry that changes and saves people’s lives, you may be a great fit for a nursing scholarship.


FAQs on ER Nurse Salary

How do I apply for a nursing scholarship?

Applying to nursing scholarships usually involves registering in an application portal at the university, association, or organization’s website. There, you may be able to see all the prerequisites needed for applicants and instructions on how to submit these requirements.

Is it hard to study nursing in the USA?

Nursing school on its own is already challenging for students who are not prepared or dedicated enough for its demanding requirements. Many U.S. institutions are known worldwide for their excellent and competitive programs – if you are enrolled in these, you may find it very difficult.

How much does a nurse earn in the USA?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, R.N.s have an average salary of about $75,330 annually across different states. Of course, depending on the state you are practicing in and the institution that employs you, this rate may vary significantly. 

When do you apply for a nursing scholarship?

Most nursing scholarships require you to be already enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate nursing program. Each scholarship has its timelines, but a rule of thumb is to enroll in a program and apply to scholarships ahead of time for the next semester.

What is the hardest type of scholarship to get?

The most competitive scholarships would be those that waive the full tuition and allow for day-to-day expenses. Many scholarships have conditions, including eligible programs and fulfilling specific minority status requirements to afford education equity.

What are the best resources for nursing students?

Nursing students required to study accredited educational resources can cover these costs by specific scholarships. Aside from the wealth of online resources, some scholarships cover degree-relevant fees and supplies, including textbooks and other educational resources.

How do you survive financially during nursing school?

Aside from the scholarships presented in this article, there are other ways to sustain your expenses and other financial obligations while studying. Some nursing programs can be done part-time, where you will have the time to work and gain some practical experience.



A Nurse I Am


B4 Brands

Bureau of Health Workforce

Cascade Healthcare Solutions


ENA Foundation



March of Dimes




ONS Foundation

Penn Nursing



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