While the majority of consumers are gravitating towards the use of credit and debit cards for their purchases, nearly 10% of Americans indicate that they continue to use cash.

Cash will remain a main source of payment, especially in the food, construction, and retail sectors.

Moreover, cash handling experience is paramount in the financial and banking industries, where employees are expected to handle several thousand dollars’ worth per day.

The importance of cash handling experience cannot be overstated.

It is a skill that indicates trust, skill, and honesty.

When working in a field where the primary payment solution is cash based, having cash handling experience on your resume can make you a more attractive candidate.

Cash handling experience can vary by sector and industry.

Generally, it is used to denote the process of receiving and providing physical cash at a place of business.

Within the banking and financial industries this experience is included within the teller experience.

Bank tellers are expected to receive, deposit, and withdraw several thousand dollars’ worth of cash daily.

Within the retail industry, cash handling experience is a main indicator of trust and honesty.

Many patrons will opt to pay for their meal with cash.

The expectation here is that the cash will be deposited accurately, and the customer will receive their change.

As the restaurant industry is typically fast paced and chaotic, there are cracks within the system where the transference of physical cash can be lost.

By indicating on your resume and to an employer that you have cash handling experience, you raise your level of trust and honesty with the interviewer.

Without proper checks-and-balances in place, a business that is heavily reliant on cash payments can lose, misplace, or have stolen a significant portion of their revenue.

Businesses need to keep an accurate trail of where the cash is, where it is being deposited, and by whom.

Employing staff that are honest and trustworthy help to keep this process flowing smoothly and without a hitch.

As cash has no physical paper trail, it can oftentimes be difficult to manage.

Businesses should look to establish systems, guidelines, and processes to ensure that all cash is fully accounted for and handled correctly.

All cash receivables should be deposited into a secure payment system as soon as received and should be accounted for via proper receipt-based systems.

Cash Handling Experience At An Interview

Many retail, restaurant, and banking positions will require some level of cash handling experience.

While this does not need to be professional experience, it is preferred.

This experience, whether personal or professional, can come from volunteer experience, association with a religious organization, or via a former job position.

The interviewer is looking to gain a sense of your former cash handling experience.

They want to understand whether or not you handled cash as part of your last work experience and if-so, to what extent.

When asked about your cash handling experience, you should look to provide the interviewer with direct experience that shows how you handled cash payments and receivables.

How To Answer – Do You Have Cash Handling Experience?

No Cash Handling Experience

I do not have any direct, professional experience with cash handling.

However, I frequently make payments via cash and am comfortable with both paying and receiving cash throughout my day.

In addition, I am an honest, reliable, and trustworthy individual who is keen on learning the cash handling process at [COMPANY NAME] and can be proven to handle both large and small sums.

Moderate Cash Handling Experience

I have a couple of years of both personal and professional cash handling experience.

This both includes my handling of cash sums at my local Church where I am a volunteer and through my most recent employer, where I am expected to receive and provide cash as a payment solution.

I have been trusted by my managers in this role and have never had any problems or errors in my years’ working there.

Advanced Cash Handling Experience

I have extensive cash handling experience throughout the years.

In addition to volunteer work where I interact with cash payments, I have cash handling experience via my professional experience.

I have been entrusted by many managers to handle cash payments and have been promoted to overseeing all cash payment activity for my most recent employer.

I have a history of handling cash payments appropriately and have never been accused of misconduct.


Cash handling experience is an important skill and level of experience to have on your resume.

It indicates a level of trust and honesty.

In addition, having cash handling experience can help you to establish yourself as an individual who is quick and efficient and capable of handling multiple items at once.

When interviewing for a position that requests this experience level, be honest about your experience and speak to your honesty and trustworthiness as an individual.

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