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Being the fifth article in our Series 6 study hub, we’ll give you our top picks of Series 6 exam prep courses.

We’ll break down what makes each exceptional, plus the areas they need to improve.

The best Series 6 study materials providers in our list include:

Securities Institute of America
Securities Training Corporation
Kaplan Financial Education

Without wasting time, let’s get started.

Securities Institute of America

Securities Institute of America (SIA) is one of the biggest players in the FINRA Series exam prep course providers.

It could be because of its partnership with John Wiley & Sons or perhaps its excellent exam prep materials, or both.

SIA has one of the most affordable packages with a wide range of study materials that uniquely work together to help you prepare for the Series 6 exam.

Its popular package, Complete Self-Study Solution, costs $159.

This plan comes with:

  • A physical textbook and an ebook
  • Test bank with 1,500 questions
  • 10 hours of video lectures
  • Checkpoint and green light exams
  • Cheatsheets
  • Green light money back pass guarantee
  • Phone and email support

You can opt for this test prep package or the smaller study packages with limited study materials, although still very comprehensive.

All the study resources are available for six months from the purchase date.

The Securities Institute of America has just enough Series 6 study materials you need for the exam.

For instance, the 1,500 practice questions may seem like too much, but they are just enough to solidify the knowledge you’ve covered in your test preparation.

As if that’s not enough, SIA test-takers can customize the online exams to suit their needs.

Further, the 12 video lectures allow you to pay attention to the video content with optimum concentration without feeling overwhelmed by the content.

What makes SIA stand out is its green light money-back pass guarantee.

If a student passes the green light exam five days before the actual exam and fails the Series 6 exam, SIA refunds the full amount of the Series 6 exam prep package.

The pass guarantee cuts across all three packages.

What impressed us further was that learners don’t need to purchase the study packages straight up.

Test-takers can sign up for free and access video classes, practice exams, and a five-part exam prep course.

If they find the materials helpful, they can purchase a study plan of their choice, but they are not obligated to.

On the flip side, we were disappointed that despite its mobile-friendly interface, SIA doesn’t have a mobile app.

Even worse, there’s no live content.

However, test takers can purchase on-demand lecture training videos.


  • Effective study materials that work together. The textbook, video classes, and practice exams are all designed to work together and help learners reinforce exam content.
  • You can save money by purchasing individual study materials rather than the whole package.
  • Instead of a stand-alone Series 6 study package, you can purchase a bundled plan that comes with either Series 63 or SIE exam study guide.


  • SIA doesn’t have a mobile app
  • It doesn’t offer a traditional classroom experience. Hence, it’s ideal for individuals interested in self-study only.

Because it’s all-inclusive with fairly priced packages that come with comprehensive study materials, we give SIA 5 stars.

Securities Training Corporation

The Securities Training Corporation (STCUSA) is known for its quality exam prep programs.

STCUSA is always on its toes, updating its exam preparation tools.

And its Series 6 study material doesn’t disappoint.

It has the best reputation as thousands of corporates collaborate with it to prepare their employees for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Series exams.

STCUSA has the best Series 6 exam prep course broken down into three packages.

The basic plan, Series 6 Top-Off Standard, goes for $130.65.

This study package is ideal for self-starters who prefer self-paced learning.

The plan has:

  • Printed and online study manual
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Access to instructor hotline
  • Final exams
  • Crunch time facts
  • Access for six months

The second plan has all the study resources in the first plan, plus on-demand lectures, progress exams, flashcards, a green light exam, and a pass guarantee.

This package is $182.88.

The top tier plan, Premier Plus, takes the Series 6 exam prep to the next level.

You’ll not only have access to all the study materials we’ve mentioned but also in-person or live virtual classes.

You can also resort to recorded live virtual classes.

STCUSA premium plan costs $261.25.

What stands out about these study packages is how STCUSA has considered all the learning styles.

If you are better off studying alone, its basic plan is your best bet.

If you need additional materials to better grasp the tougher concepts, tier two is your go-to study package.

Learners who study best through one-on-one interaction will find the last tier an excellent choice.

Here is why that’s important: first-time test-takers need all the help they can get.

And considering how different people learn, this arrangement makes the most sense.

That’s not the only thing that makes the Securities Training Corporation great.

STCUSA has a BOOST program specifically designed for learners retaking the Series 6 exam.

This short course allows exam-takers to focus on the specific areas they want to improve at only $99.

It comes with an online question bank, video lectures, flashcards, and a 4-6 weeks study calendar.

Honestly speaking, this program makes STCUSA the best Series 6 exam prep course provider for those retaking the exam.


  • In-person classes are the climax of the STCUSA Series 6 study materials. The classes are conducted by experienced trainers who give learners insights beyond what’s written in the study manual.
  • There’s a weekly Q&A session where learners can interact with trainers to ask questions or seek clarification on hard-to-understand concepts.
  • 24/7 instructor hotline support is available for all three options.


  • The pass guarantee is only for the last two tiers. The basic plan doesn’t have a pass guarantee.
  • If you fail the actual exam after passing the green light exam, you can retake the prep course. There’s no money-back guarantee.
  • STCUSA has a great mobile app, but the only downside is that it’s available for Apple devices only.
  • The traditional class option is locked in its top-tier study package, which is the most expensive among the three.

STCUSA boosts a success rate of 95%, which is quite impressive if you ask us.

We give Securities Training Corporation 5 stars because it offers diverse learning options, including those retaking the exam.


ExamFX is yet another excellent player in the Series 6 test prep field.

It’s renowned for the best value in exam prep study materials offerings.

ExamFX offers a rare combination of reasonable pricing and comprehensive study packages.

Its standard Series 6 test prep course is a full suite that comes with:

  • Online exam simulations
  • Interactive learning portal
  • Instructor support
  • Readiness exam
  • 90 days access

This self-study package costs $89.95.

You can opt for the Video Study Package, which includes the materials in the standard plan plus on-demand video lectures and online Series 6 flashcards.

The Video Study Package costs $129.95.

Even better, you can add $40 and go for the Live Online Package that comes with live online training.

But if you live in Illinois, Colorado, or Arizona, you can choose dates convenient for you on the company’s website and attend 2-days in-person training.

ExamFX uses adaptive learning technology for the online exam simulation.

That is to say, the online exam simulation tracks your test-taking and identifies areas you need to improve.

The test questions that the system generates are geared towards honing your weakest areas.

That way, you can review these areas and study more effectively.

With around 1,200 questions in the question bank, you’ll have a constant stream of new questions to try.

The only drawback is that you may find repetition of the same questions as you continue.

Despite that, you can take as many questions as you want.

ExamFX’s money-back guarantee assures learners who pass the green light exam three days to the actual exam a full refund if they fail.

The one thing that exceeded our expectations is the full access that learners have to instructors.

These instructors have access to learners’ profiles.

They can quickly check candidates’ areas of weakness and advice accordingly.

Having said that, let’s focus on the pros and cons of ExamFX.


  • Money back guarantee is an assurance that ExamFX trusts its program
  • Access to instructor support for all the three packages
  • A mobile app that can be accessed from wherever allows learning on the go


  • We did not like the limited access to the course materials. learners only have 3 months to use the Series 6 materials. So, try the other options if you prefer to take your time when preparing for a qualification exam.

ExamFX boosts a passing rate of 92%.

Its mobile app and instructor support make it an excellent pick for learners who study better with the help of a trainer.

We give ExamFX 4 stars because of the limited time frame to access the materials and the lack of physical study materials.

Kaplan Financial Education

Kaplan is yet another established name in the Securities exam industry.

It has a long track record of successfully preparing learners for the FINRA qualification exams.

Kaplan’s Series 6 top-off exam course materials cater to different learning styles.

The three packages start from $79 and go up to $159.

The Basic Self-Study Package has five study tools.

You’ll have access to:

  • A study calendar
  • SecuritiesPro Qbank
  • Performance tracker
  • Practice exams
  • License exam manual

This basic plan is $79, and it’s ideal for self-starters who prefer to study independently.

The second plan, The Essential Self-Study Package, is $99 and offers checkpoint exams, midterm exams, and a video library on top of the study materials in the basic plan.

The last package, The Premium Instruction Package, has 10 study tools, which include the course materials in tiers one and two, plus a mastery exam and instructorlink.

Further, learners can choose the Premium Instruction Live Online Package at $159 or the Premium Instruction On-demand package at $129.

The Premium Instruction Package comes with in-person training sessions in select cities.

Check the Kaplan website for a full list of cities where you can attend the in-person classes.

The training lessons run for two days.

The training sessions are conducted by experienced trainers who’ve mastered FINRA Series exams.

You can be sure to be pointed in the right direction.

You’ll also have the chance to ask questions and seek clarification.

All three packages have five months’ access, which you can extend for another five months by paying an additional $49.

What makes Kaplans’s Series 6 course great?

The fact that you can buy the study course bundled up or purchase the individual materials separately.

You can purchase the SecuritiesPro Qbank, the license exam manual, or the on-demand video library separately.

Kaplan surpasses many test prep providers when preparing first-time test takers for the actual exam.

Its SecuritiesPro Qbank comes with unlimited exams to help you identify and work on your knowledge gaps.

The checkpoint exam in the second and third tiers helps you track progress and points out your weakness.

You can polish your learning further using the Series 6 practice exam.

And it doesn’t stop there.

There’s also the mastery exam that tries and tests your exam readiness.

Kaplan practice tests are designed to help hone the areas you are weak and close any knowledge gaps in preparation for the real exam.

Kaplan Financial Series 6 course has a pass rate of 90%, lower than the other exam prep course providers we’ve covered.

The one area that Kaplan should improve is the lack of a mobile app to aid offline studies.

Further, there’s no money-back guarantee.


  • Diverse study packages that cater to different learning styles
  • A robust question bank with an unlimited number of questions
  • Expert instructors who understand the Series 6 study materials


  • No money-back guarantee
  • No mobile app

Kaplan Financial gets 4 stars because of the wide range of study packages, experienced Series 6 tutors, and more than enough practice questions.


Knopmanmarks is yet another Series 6 online course you can use to prepare for the Series 6 exam.

Knopmanmarks is known for its high pass rate, 95%, and lectures.

Their Series 6 study materials ensure you pass the exam the first time.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that you have one year of access to the study resources from the time you enroll.

Knopmanmarks has one study package.

The package has:

  • Benchmark and diagnostic exams
  • Online question bank
  • Textbook and ebook
  • Digital flashcards
  • iOS mobile app to study offline
  • Downloadable supplements
  • Access to the training center
  • Client success team support.

This plan goes for $175.

Knopmanmarks has strong instructor support.

If you purchase its plan, the instructors will walk with you from the start of your test prep to the very end.

You can also contact them whenever you need help.

This makes Knopmanmarks ideal for first-time test-takers who need that additional help to cover the exam content.

Further, the data-driven practice exams and diagnostic benchmark exams measure candidates’ exam readiness, making it easier for one to know when they are ready for the actual exam.


  • Knopmanmarks has an iOS mobile app that makes studying offline easy. The only downside here is that android users are not catered to.
  • Learners access the program for a long period, a whole year.
  • The personalized instructor support helps students keep tabs on their performance, work on areas of weakness and manage their study time effectively.


  • Knopmanmarks doesn’t have a money-back guarantee
  • It has one study package. There are no several options to choose from.
  • No in-person training

From our findings, we give Knopmanmarks 3 stars.

Although it has excellent study materials and a long access period, the study packages are limited. 

There’s no in-person training and no money-back guarantee.

These are areas it should improve on.

And there you have it!

Our top picks when it comes to Series 6 study materials.

There are several options in the industry.

Yours is to comb through the many options and find the one that matches your learning style and pocket.

Once you’ve settled for the course materials, start your studies early.

Make sure you cover the study manual.

Review the Series 6 study guide and make the most of the Series 6 flashcards.

Further, taking the Series 6 exam practice questions is an excellent way to establish your progress and work on your knowledge gaps.

We hope this guide will help you choose the right exam prep course and better prepare you for the Investment Company and Variable Contracts Products Representative Qualification Examination.

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