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    LinkedIn Profile Writers in Atlanta

    LinkedIn is one of the premiere job boards on the internet.  With over 14 million job openings on the platform in 2019, LinkedIn is a must-have for any career professional.  That’s also why The Corporate Con/noisseur is providing LinkedIn profile writers in Atlanta!

    With over 500 million global users, LinkedIn is a powerhouse for corporate and career professionals.  So-much-so, LinkedIn was purchased by Microsoft in mid-2013 for a reported $26.2 billion dollars. 

    Proving LinkedIn’s dominance in the professional space, it is more important than ever to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is not only buttoned-up and professional but also optimized for recruiters and potential employers. 

    LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the most popular career services site.  With 97% of recruiters indicating that they have used LinkedIn to evaluate and screen candidates, it is a platform that is absolutely necessary to have in your arsenal.

    In addition, over 122 million people have secured or gotten an interview through the platform.  Don’t let your chances at a career change or upgrade go to waste!  Sign-up with one of our LinkedIn profile writers in Atlanta now to take your career to the next level!

    Benefits of Being on LinkedIn

    There are a plethora of benefits to being on, and active on, LinkedIn.  In addition to the potential interview opportunities, LinkedIn offers a great outlet for connecting and networking with alumni.  This can help you to not only maintain contact with similarly educated colleagues but can also open new doors and opportunities for your career.

    In addition to former colleagues and alumni, LinkedIn is a great way to maintain contact and connections with work acquaintances.  Whereas other social networks, such-as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are geared towards connecting with personal friends and family, LinkedIn is a bit less formal and encourages connecting with a range of colleagues and coworkers.

    Lastly, one of the greatest benefits that LinkedIn offers is the ability to receive recommendations and endorsements from current and former colleagues and coworkers.  These recommendations provide substantial evidence of your hard and soft skills and provide recruiters and hiring managers with added security of your skills.

    LinkedIn Profile Writers in Atlanta

    Our LinkedIn profile writers, based out of Atlanta, will work directly with you to create a profile that is keyword optimized so you show up on more recruiters’ searches.

    LinkedIn profiles that are aligned with your resume and career goals

    Stunning visual and content specific pieces to help you stand out

    Achievement and skill-based to ensure your profile is top-ranked for job opportunities

    LinkedIn Solutions

    Take your career to the next level!  The LinkedIn Solutions provided by The Corporate Con/noisseur will help to create a stunning, visually aesthetic LinkedIn profile that attracts more recruiters and helps you to land your dream job!

    How It Works

    We’ll pair you with a writer who has direct, actionable experience writing for your industry.

    Work one-on-one and directly with your writer to create a LinkedIn profile tailored to your professional and career goals.

    Post your revamped LinkedIn profile and elevate your professional brand online.

    Get Started Today!

    Introductory offer of just $29.

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